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Suppose in my life I was engaged in a pioneering project – maybe something on the cutting edge of one of the sciences.  Suppose I loved the work that I did, and I was making the world a better place and being paid very nicely for it.  Suppose I had an awesome sex life and a high quality family life as well.  Then, suppose someone told me, “The Event and planetary liberation will not happen for another 20 years.”  Suppose I believed it.  Would I become upset?  No.  I would reply, “I look forward to it!  I did a flower of life meditation earlier today and it went very well.  If you’ll excuse me though, I need to carry on with my work.  Have a great day!”Now, suppose in my life I was poor, alone all the time, lived in some kind of dump, and worked at a job I hated that was a source of stagnation just to pay the bills.  Or worse yet, suppose I was homeless, and/or had some horrible, debilitating incurable disease.  Or, suppose I lived in a country that was totalitarian to the point of directly suppressing my potential.  Then, suppose someone told me, “The Event and planetary liberation will not happen for another 20 years.”  Suppose I believed it.  Would I become upset?  Yes.  I would reply, “What the fuck?  Why the hell won’t the Light Forces intervene?  I demand action NOW!  They just sit in their nice, cushy ships letting us all suffer down here endlessly!  I can’t wait another 20 years!  I can’t even wait another day!  We need planetary liberation NOW!  Not another 20 years!  NOW!”

(Planetary liberation will definitely not take another 20 years.  This was just an example.)

Happy people can still want planetary liberation, but it’s not something they are obsessed about and get super upset about when it doesn’t happen in the near future, because they are happy.

I’m not saying unhappy people are inferior, or singling them out here.  I’m simply revealing the relationship between personal fulfillment or lack of personal fulfillment and how planetary liberation is perceived.

Those who are unhappy can strive to improve the quality of their own lives, and thus the lives of those around them, instead of waiting in agony for planetary liberation.  Liberate oneself first any way one can, and then, if’/when one’s ‘cup runeth over,’ help to liberate the rest of the world.  Or, by helping others, oneself can be helped as a positive consequence.

Something to consider.

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  1. Beautiful post, Starry Light, thank you! It reminded me of the years, quite some time ago, when I lived in apprehension, hardly knowing who I am, thinking, each time when I lived through a happy time "Now, it may be hunky-dory, all very nice and cozy, but that's only because bad times will follow". Poor havingness!

    In disbelief that one can be in a state of peace no matter what the conditions are. I guess that's after mastering the sensuous perception, and judgment of it. Maybe with the exception of physical pain and suffering, just like a dis-ease, or hunger. Those are conditions where peace of mind is difficult to achieve unless one is in a state of being, akin to the one beyond the Event.

    For myself, how I'm living through this tumultuous time, all is unfolding as it should be, it seems. I'm very patient when it's about the larger cyclical movements in the Universe. The learning of life and love never stops, and that's what we Dutchies call "the currants in the porridge". I assume that The Event will dawn on us when we keep reading the signs. We're arriving in a change of gear, an intensifying of a gigantic shift, or so it feels to me. Will all of us notice it or feel this shift deeply?

  2. Waiting for "Light Forces in their cushy ships to intervene" is like waiting for the second coming of Jesus in that movement. Its Not going to happen because neither exist. But at least the Jesus movement exist with a deeper Philosophy (as long as your Not following those goofy Evangelicals, or any other's that advocate "the second coming.")
    Philosophy: the love or pursuit of wisdom, the search for basic principles, traditionally 5 branches of Western philosophy. 1. Metaphysics, dealing with first principles of things, such as Cosmology. 2. Logic, the science of pure reasoning, compelling power by which certain causes have certain results (such as the Sun, we know without it everything dies. 3. Ethics, the study of principle of right and wrong in human conduct. 4. Aesthetics, concerning appreciation of Beauty. 5. Epistemology, dealing with the study of the nature of knowledge, its origin, its foundations.

  3. Real liberation is an inside job and no one can be liberated without doing the work. All, must work to reach new levels of greater conscious awareness in order for things to shift.


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