People’s Health Alliance gets international thumbs-up

By HTL’s Roger Guttridge

Exactly two months after its UK launch, the People’s Health Alliance is about to roll out globally after being flooded with enquiries from at least a dozen countries.

The sudden surge of overseas interest was sparked by astrologer Pam Gregory’s interview with PHA spokesperson Katherine Macbean. Pam has half-a-million followers on YouTube, Facebook and her website, and the interview has inspired people across the world to follow PHA’s blueprint for an integrated approach to health.

PHA co-founder Lisa Dunnington said: ‘The response has been incredible.

‘We know from the rapid growth in the UK that our blueprint is what the people want and need, but we’re now being flooded with emails from around the world.

‘In the first three days alone since Pam’s interview was released, we’ve been contacted by many people in 13 countries and the depth of feeling is evident in the words they’ve written.

‘It’s truly heart-warming and humbling to know we have touched so many people.

‘Who cares if the WHO are meeting to consider their next fear strategy, monkey pox?

‘PHA are meeting with like-minded people around the globe to create a world where we have the freedom to choose our health path, through many modalities, education and good nutrition.’

With more than 80 community health hubs already launched or in various stages of development in the UK, PHA-linked groups are now being formed in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and mainland Europe.

PHA UK hub ambassador James Edwards-Thompson said: ‘It is phenomenal how we’ve rocketed into being in just two months.

‘Already we have almost 90 health hub groups around the UK with an average of 109 people in each group.

‘Almost 30 per cent are working from physical premises and most of the others have plans in motion to do the same.

‘A huge focus now is on the provision of emergency care through the Power of the Pound appeal which is raising funds to provide emergency equipment and first aid training at community level around the country.

‘I’m in awe of every single person taking this forward with such love.’

Here’s a link to Pam’s interview with Katherine:

Link to the POP appeal:

Here are a few typical comments from people around the world:

Love your work! Thank you so much for doing this, so needed! Anna Carson, Australia

Thank you so very much for leading the way for all of us to follow. Janice Montague, USA

Thank you for doing a very large part to satisfy society’s need to have power over our own bodies and health, and to have choices that include both allopathic and natural therapies and medicines. Paulette Shalhoub, USA

Thank so much: you are an inspiration! BettJoy Alley, Australia

You are all amazingly inspiring. Sunny Hayes, Australia

I am a holistic practitioner and love everything the PHA is doing. Natascha Steckel, Canada

That you for your leadership and your terrific approach to health care for the future. Mary Lynn, Canada

Thank you for this wonderful initiative – magic! Noreen Conlon, Australia

Your endeavor makes my heart sing! Fran Sanderson, USA

Thank you so much for spearheading this incredibly timely and beautiful initiative. Carol Coughlin, Hawaii

Thank God for creative people coming up with ideas! Julia Van Run, Switzerland

And although you can’t see me right now, I’m dancing with excitement. Julie Payne, New Zealand

Thank you for everything you are doing. I’m excited for US ALL. Heidi Drake, USA

You guys rock! Thanks 🙏for doing what you are doing. Suzanne Beach, New Zealand

It’s such a wonderful initiative and I would love to be involved or connected in some way. Tory Breheny, Australia

Thank you for all you do and creating this! Gisele Pantin, USA



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