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Message for the second half of 2022

Today is half-time of the year 2022! I want to check with my Dakini Oracle what the second half is bringing and will draw one card for each month. These cards show the tendency and energy for the coming month.

July: Solar Return
this card indicates that we need to go very deep within to find a reference point of cosmic origin to integrate the opposites and balance, find stability within ourselves. We need to return to the roots of our SELF and not look outside for problem solutions but understand that we are the part of the hologram that can change the world. So many are waiting for a “savior”, not realizing that nobody can save “me”. Things in the world can and will change, but I am the one who determine how “my” life will change. This is the opportunity to prepare and be response-able for all what is happening.

August: The Past (Dangerous Pussy)
As one of the 3 time cards, it refers to the point where we can transform the past. The picture of the lioness with a cascade of feminine human hair represents the guardian of the secrets of the Tantric initiation – the true power of the feminine aspect of initiation. The deep and mysterious understanding of birth and death, of creation and destruction, which will help to balance our being and reconnect to the soul.
The female energy that has been so much distorted and misused in the past has to be re-discovered within each person who is ready for a higher consciousness. There is no way to move forward into a higher consciousness if the feminine is not healed and integrated. Senge Dolma, the Tibetan aspect of the lion headed saviouress, is the holder of the Tantric teachings.
It is a very important key to understand this.

This is a very important aspect to understand. If not for the destruction of the feminine energy, the wisdom, nurturing and healing that the women stood for, it was possible that a male “medicine” has taken over and destroyed all the values of nature and humans. The planet Earth is a female being and alive. Mother Gaia is the key for our transformation. Once we understand and reintegrate our spirit with our physical form, every thing starts to change. This means that we understand that we are a spiritual being having a human experience. But if our soul/spirit is not fully incarnated, the experience will never be complete!!

September: Wave of Bliss
After integrating the feminine energies, the wave of bliss, the water as a feminine element will wash away the illusion of the shadow and bring back harmony and wisdom. This is a time that more clarity is a gift from the feminine divine aspect that will help to solve problems and personal limitation. In this time many will start to take back their own response-ability and surrender to the higher order of the Divine Self. This will bring a very blissful experience of love and belonging, a sense of new relationship to all that is.

October: Lineage Tree (Burning Bush)
This fire card represents the fiery and passionate nature of celestial compassion. This fire is burning away that what is not real and will reveal the true spirit of the Karmapa, sitting in a lotus flower, the seat of spiritual exaltation. It is said that some reach spontaneous enlightenment if they just see him. The rainbow rays are back in harmony and represent the order of things (not any sexual orientation).
The flames of inner spiritual fire are activated and ready reconnect with true compassionate wisdom and burn away all the illusion and deception. The male aspect can shine again and in its pure form balance the feminine.

November: Survival
Once unity is found within the divine Self and the glamour of the distorted world illusion with false values is gone and shattered, the pollution of the world is clearly visible. The green shoots in the foreground are showing us that the instinct and power of survival is stronger than any thing else. All the dead matter will be transformed.. we could say composted… to bring forth new life and a complete new reality. In the building in the background you can see the smoke coming out of the chimney. We can use the metaphor that this is the “hell” were every thing that does not fit into the new world is being burned and the ashes of the past will enable the new and fertile soil to sprout and create a glorious future. In this month we are called to look closely at what is still old baggage and let go of it t be ready for the next card/month.

December: New Earth rising
It is really fascinating how we can see a clear path in this 6 cards. Since the card represents the rising of a new earth and the upward spiral of evolution (connected with ‘the World’ in the major Arcana in Tarot) it brings the total clarity and comprehension of what earthly life is about. Why are we incorporated in a body and have an experience as a human being? Only in this form we are able to understand the process of evolution and experience.
The earth-bound aspect of this card belongs to those who miss the opportunity to start a new cycle and remain in the lower 3D consciousness. We have to return to a 3D body again and again until we complete the cycle of incarnations and are able to move into a higher consciousness. (Check out my previous blog where I explain the consciousness levels)

This card represents the challenge to radically change the personal view point, change of habits and looking at a wider spectrum of all that is. It is time to create a new life and on a mundane level, it also could mean a move to a different place and to start a new life.

The card also shows the parallel earth and represents the choice we have to make: in which reality do you want to live?

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