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July 12, 2022
6 pm UCT / 7 pm London / 8 pm Paris
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Cosmic connections: galactic astrology reveals links to lives on other planets

By PFC volunteer Roger Guttridge

Thousands of years ago astrologers focused on charts that revealed the energies associated with global events, warring nations and kings and emperors. In the modern era natal astrology came to the fore, enabling any individual with knowledge of their unique birth details to access life-changing insights. Now a third era has dawned as a fast-growing family of galactic astrologers unveil people’s past-life connections with other constellations and star systems such as Arcturus, the Pleiades, Sirius, Orion and many more.

Ireland-based Julia Balaz, a pioneer of galactic astrology, has discovered that over the last few years literally thousands of astrologers around the world have been ‘inspired to start looking at fixed stars’.

‘We are becoming hungrier and hungrier to know more,’ she says. ‘It seems that collectively we are being guided. Our consciousness is being expanded way beyond the solar system so it’s wonderful to see a trend which is enabling us to compare the data and validate our discoveries. We were all researching our connection to stars individually, not knowing that many others were on the same quest. I believe galactic astrology will become widely popular quite rapidly.’

 Julia, who will be the guest speaker at PFC’s Tuesday Ascension Connection Call on July 12 (7pm London time – see below for other time zones), first dipped her toes into galactic astrology through her work with quantum healing hypnosis therapy (QHHT). Like the late Dolores Cannon, the pioneer of QHHT, Julia noticed that extra-terrestrial connections were coming up in sessions again and again.

When many of my QHHT clients regressed to another life, they were describing different planets, different atmospheric conditions and different types of bodies to those we know on Earth,’ says Julia. ‘Because it was happening in so many sessions, and to countless other QHHT practitioners’ clients, I had zero doubt that there is life on other planets and star systems and that we are somehow connected to them.

 I would ask all my clients for their birth details for my own astrology research. After their QHHT session, I would look for the story they had told me about the challenges of their childhood and where they were heading. I was looking for proof about their higher-self guidance that they received to help them shift a limiting perspective and improve their life in many ways. But I was also looking for some proof about these extra-terrestrial connections.

Realising that we can track different star systems based on zodiac degrees, like the Pleiades, Arcturus, Sirius and so on, I started looking for these markers in people’s Astro charts. Over the years, and after almost 2,000 charts, I could see so many intriguing patterns, and in time it became easy to start tapping into these different layers of our souls’ evolutionary story. The astrology is helping us understand different aspects of our psyche, our make-up and how we connect to our past, present and future, not only on Planet Earth but in other star systems too. ‘

Julia started mentioning these discoveries to her clients and facilitating galactic astrology readings, and they wanted to know more. She was guided to start putting everything she knew into a structured format and her online courses were born. This led to contact with other enthusiastic astrologers from around the world and in turn a global sharing of galactic astrology discoveries.

‘We are undoubtedly multi-dimensional beings through our consciousness,’ says Julia. ‘We can compare it to a radio where you tune into another frequency and suddenly you are connecting to a different song. Regression hypnosis is one of the many ways we can turn the dial to a different frequency.

‘Because my QHHT clients were in a deep regressed state, they were able to access different realms of consciousness and higher dimensions of their being. I witnessed this with hundreds of people from all walks of life. A teacher, a lawyer, a farmer would come to me, and they didn’t know about a possible life on other planets. They just wanted to deal with certain issues they had in their current life. But as they regressed, suddenly they expanded their awareness and were accessing higher intelligence, higher guidance, describing their state of being as formless, more like a light being.

‘Those were always the most emotionally transformational sessions for people because suddenly they realised, they were limitless and that they are connected to what feels like Source. They now experientially knew that they are part of divine love that is unconditional. These people did not have such understanding prior to their regression.’

‘We are multi-dimensional, and we are experiencing that, not only through hypnosis, meditation or shamanic guidance, but lately more and more people feel it or know it in their everyday awake state. When you witness this with many hundreds of people and there is a pattern, you stop doubting it. It is a phenomenon that is happening worldwide. Thousands of other practitioners are testifying to this too.’

Julia says that as some people regress, they open to their own galactic soul connections and patterns are revealed. ‘Clients would describe their experience on the planet in Arcturus star system as higher dimensional; an ethereal light body, everyone is telepathic, full of compassion and a deep desire to support less evolved civilisations. Other clients, linked to Orion or Sirius B planets, might describe aquatic beings – literally the whole past life story is under the ocean. Others would describe beautiful humans on a planet that had many moons and different coloured skies, or crystal cities.

‘When you combine these stories with others and they’re matching the star systems, we can collectively start putting the information together. That’s happening now. We have a lot of data to be able to validate each other’s experiences and to group them into different star systems and constellations.’

In her talk Julia will highlight how ancient our souls are and how connected we are not just to our earthly past lives but to lives in other star systems. ‘I’ll describe some of those higher density soul experiences in planets that are of higher vibrational worlds like 5D, 6D, 7D and higher. I want to highlight that many humans on earth at this time came from that kind of “heavenly” environment and these are the people that find it extra hard to adapt to the density of this planet.’

Julia will also talk about the importance of transits relating to certain star systems.

‘I’m finding repeatedly that during certain transits people are receiving spontaneous “downloads” of information through dreams, meditation, or daydreaming,’ she says. ‘During certain planetary and fixed stars transits, our soul families from other star systems can more easily connect with us.’

Perhaps most startlingly, on July 12 – the day of Julia’s talk and Q&A to PFC –

We have at least three such transits. ‘The Sun is conjunct to Lyra Nebula, which is linked to some of the most ancient souls in our Galaxy of which many are on Earth now,’ she says. ‘Mercury is Conjunct to Sirius A – there are so many Sirian souls on Earth; beings from Sirius were interacting with humans for thousands of years. Venus is conjunct to Alnilam and Meissa stars in Orion constellation, which are linked to a complex history related to revolutionary collective uprising to oppression of darker forces in Orion. We have a very large number of Orion souls on earth currently to help us with similar issues.”

I am delighted to see that we are connecting on such an important day and bringing this topic to people’s awareness to hopefully help them more consciously access some of these transformational frequencies and help us all evolve a little more.’

  • Julia’s online courses, in which she shares many more details from her ongoing research in an easy-to-follow format, can be accessed at and her YouTube channel called ‘Starseeds Teachable with Julia’.
  • PFC’s July 12 Ascension Connection Call will begin promptly at 6pm UTC/GMT, 7pm London, 8pm Paris, 11am US Pacific, 2pm US Eastern but those who wish can show up 15 minutes early for an informal chat before starting. To make it easier to determine the time (and date) in your area, we’ve provided this time converter link for your convenience.

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  1. I've lived with astrologers, heard their conflicting theories. The siderealists bash the tropicals, the helios dismiss antiscion pointers, and many seasoned astrologers take up Jyotish, Indian astrology, as being more ancient and accurate. Ebertin followers dissect aspects for midpoints, …and then we start coming to those who speak knowingly about planets no one can see.

    You know what happens when they can't get a read on a standard chart with 7 rulers? they make up more invisible points, and finally they go after the asteroids, so finally a chart looks like it was hit with birdshot from all the "planets" and points. Finally… they can now find some aspects that will correlate to likely what they already picked up psychically. Astrologers don't like to admit it but they read people, and then find a way to "discover" this in the chart.

    I watched my dear astrologer friend sit before the client, serious look on face, muttering "Ah so…." and letting the client wonder "what has she seen? " Theatre.

    And now… drum roll… some newly minted souls pronounce they can see galactic wide patterns! These relatively young astrologers gotta make their bones I guess, and come up with a new wrinkle so they can write a book and go on the chitlin circuit giving seminars.

    But then, maybe they are galactic ambassadors who dropped in to Save The Planet? ET astrologers in human slipcovers? Do they wear mysterious amulets and speak quietly about Ascended Masters?
    Where O where can I sign up for my monthly subscription to such Wisdom Downloads?

    I've taken some pretty amazing psychedelics which have indeed given me insights into larger patterns we are embedded in and composed of…guess all one really needs is a blank chart and a Hopium infused imagination.


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