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I was lucky enough to attend the PIT event hosted by Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips of True the Vote which was held the weekend of August 12th. The information they revealed was jaw-dropping. The PIT provided attendees with the Tiger Project information, and like many other diggers from this community, I have been digging into the data ever since.

Catherine and Gregg found massive corruption when they stumbled across Konnech Inc., an American election technology company founded in 2002, based in Okemos outside of East Lansing, Michigan.

Konnech’s website describes their PollChief software products, which include the Election Worker Management System, Asset Management System, and the MyBallot Tracking System. These are supposedly used by “thousands of Election Offices across North America.”

During the PIT event, Catherine and Gregg shared a slide showing all the major counties in which to focus our research. In my research, there was one county that stuck out to me the most:

The reason this county stuck out to me is because of its size. Los Angeles County has more than 500 political districts and 5.2 million registered voters. It’s the largest and most complex county election jurisdiction in the Country and I think that makes it an easy potential target for election fraud. The PIT documents revealed that there is a connection to Konnech Inc. in LA County, but a deeper dive revealed that there appears to be much more troubling connections.

There is something weird happening in LA county and it has left me with some questions.

Dean Logan

In order to get to the bottom of what is going on with the elections in LA County, we need to start by looking into who is at the top.

Los Angeles' Dean Logan on Changing Elections: "The Line Starts Here ...

Dean Logan has been in the election world for decades starting his career in Washington state. His time there didn’t come without controversy:

So the same guy who happened to find the votes needed to help Chis Gregoire pull off a miracle in Washington back in 2004, went on to become the man running the show for all things related to elections in LA County. Logan is the “mastermind” behind the Voting Solutions for All People (VSAP) project which he began in 2009 – the same year he became the Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk (RR/CC).

The primary company that Dean Logan contracted to implement the VSAP program was Smartmatic USA Corporation.

Take note that they mention it was an “extensive 9-month bidding and evaluation process” before they ultimately chose Smartmatic. Here is the LA County Board of Supervisors “statement of proceedings” showing the approval of the $282,097,321 contract with Smartmatic USA Corporation:

You’ll notice as we go through this article that every time Dean Logan presents something to the LA County Board of Supervisors, it comes with the recommendation from the Chief Information Officer:

The CIO for LA County at the time all of this was happening is a gentleman named William Kehoe:

In June of 2021, Kehoe accepted a job as the state CIO with Washington Technology Solutions (WaTech). The story gave some insight into his background:

Kehoe was CIO for King County (Seattle), Washington while Dean Logan was the director of elections for King County. Interesting that they both ended up in LA County and happen to be the ones intimately involved in setting up the VSAP project.

Let’s go back to Smartmatic and who they list on their Board of Directors:

The reason I’m pointing out Paul DeGregorio is because he seems to be awfully chummy with Dean Logan. Paul DeGregorio posted pictures on his Facebook account back in December of 2017 providing some insight into his relationship with Dean:


In his own words, Paul DeGregorio claims Dean Logan is his good friend. He is such a good friend that seven months after this December 2017 trip, Dean gave Paul’s company over $282 million.


Just 3 days after Dean Logan signed the contract with Smartmatic, Votem posted a news story on its website regarding their involvement with VSAP:

Votem is what brings the first Konnech Inc. connection to LA County:

Two years after Votem acquired ABVote from Konnech, they acquired another company:

This basically brings us full circle because Everyone Counts brings us right back to Paul DeGregorio:

Let’s examine a timeline so we can fully understand what is happening here:

  • 2004 – Dean Logan is Director of Elections for King County, William Kehoe is CIO for King County – King County happens to find the votes needed for Gregoire to win gubernational race
  • July 2008 – Dean Logan becomes LA County CC/RR
  • 2009 – Dean Logan starts his VSAP project
  • February 15, 2016 – Votem acquires ABVote from Konnech Inc. to boost Votem’s mobile voting platform
  • October 2017 – LA County begins 9-month bidding process with election companies for VSAP project
  • December 2017 – Paul DeGregorio attends overseas conference in Jordan with his “good friend” Dean Logan
  • June 13, 2018 – LA County via Dean Logan signs contract with Smartmatic for $282m + to work on VSAP project
  • June 16, 2018 – Votem announces they have partnered with Smartmatic to work on VSAP project – responsible for interactive ballot for mobile devices (mobile devices = ABVote which they acquired from Konnech Inc.)
  • October 5, 2018 – Votem announces they have acquired Everyone Counts, a voting company of which Paul DeGregorio serves as “Chief of Elections”

The connection between Smartmatic, Everyone Counts, Votem, and Konnech Inc. may very well be innocent but it is super interesting that a little over a year later, Konnech Inc. received the first of two purchase orders from LA County via Dean Logan:

LA County contracted with Konnech Inc. to implement their PollChief election management software. I’ll get into this a little bit more later. Something interesting happened between October 2019 and July of 2020 – the LA County primary elections in March of 2020. The primary elections were reportedly accompanied with a “cascade of failures.”

One of the interesting failures had to do with PollChief. From a report published by Dean Logan himself:

Even though they signed a contract with PollChief in October of 2019, they weren’t able to use it for the primary elections “because of the amount of customization work required to adapt to the needs of the RR/CC.” They offered the other contract in July of 2020 but the original one-year contract between LA County and Konnech Inc. for the software license was set to expire in October of 2020. In order to avoid that, Dean Logan started laying the groundwork for a sole source contract of a much larger scale.

This is where things get even more interesting. On literally the same exact day, at the same exact LA County Board of Supervisors meeting, the Board of Supervisors approved the acceptance of a grant from the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) while also approving a whopping $2,645,000 contract for Konnech Inc. and their PollChief product:

Reminder of where the CTCL received a majority of their funding:

October 13th, 2020 also happens to be the same day that the CTCL received an additional $100 Million for their “Safe and Reliable Voting” initiative:

October 13th, 2020 seems to be such an important day. Not only was it the day the CTCL received $100m from Zuckerberg, and not only was it the day LA County received money from the CTCL and signed a contract with Konnech Inc., but it’s also the same day that Detroit announced a contract with Konnech Inc. for PollChief using funds from the CTCL (screenshot from documents provided by True the Vote):


Yes, that definitely could just be a coincidence – but what if it isn’t? Was the CTCL money being used specifically for these jurisdictions to bring Konnech Inc. into these elections? Are there other jurisdictions which had both a CTCL grant and a contract with Konnech Inc.?

Here is what’s concerning about PollChief. There was a presentation done in Leon County, Florida in which the “Presenter,” who was trying to get the county to use PollChief, described PollChief’s access to the machines. The presentation appears to have been taken offline but the screenshots still exist:

“The voting machine testing operation is integrated into PollChief to store testing histories, precinct, assignments, and seal data.”

If PollChief has access to the machines testing operation, they have access to the machines themselves, and if PollChief has access to the machines themselves, then the CCP has access to the machines themselves. We know this because Konnech Inc. is on China’s Unicom:

*Screenshots are from the documents provided by True the Vote – The IP address is indeed found in Wuhan China and on the Unicom backbone*


That is the story of the “Tiger Project” we were told at the PIT – a company intimately involved in our elections has a server in Wuhan, China that is connected to China’s Unicom. True the Vote was able to see over 1.8 million names of United States Poll Workers and their Children on that server. I’m not a techy guy, but this is one of the 100s of connections alluding to Konnech Inc. being connected to China.

For more great articles on Konnech’s connections to China, I urge you to read a few articles from Kanekoa the great:

The fact that Konnech Inc. has so many connections to China is concerning in and of itself, but to really understand the problem here, we need to understand more about China Unicom:

In a recent article of mine, I discussed Joe Biden using his powers as President to benefit the CCP and the ‘Biden Crime Family.’ How fitting that the same executive order I discussed in that article is relevant to this one.

From Patel Patriot’s article titled “Joe Biden Executive Order Proves He Is Sold Out to the CCP:”

Essentially, this executive order by Trump put forth a list of Communist Chinese Military Companies (CCMCs) and required US investors from owning any equity in those companies due to the threat they posed to US national security. Joe Biden would change the language in the EO to allow Hunter to keep his CCMC related investments. How that EO relates to this story is that one of the companies Trump listed as a CCMC back on November 12th, 2020 (which is still on that list today) is China Unicom:

Just so you fully understand, let me reiterate – roughly 5 days after Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 election, Trump happens to list China Unicom as a CCMC. Konnech Inc. – a company with Chinese connections, has a server in Wuhan, China that is connected to the China Unicom internet.

This isn’t even the only connection to China that we find in this LA County story. Dean Logan himself has multiple. Here is a screenshot from Dean’s Linkedin account. I apologize for the small print on this first picture, but I wanted to get it all in one clip to prove it’s from his account:

Dean is an instructor at “The Tseng College” of California State University, Northridge (CSUN).

CSUN also has a China Institute:

I’m not sure why this China Institute at CSUN isn’t part of the “Confucius Institute” program since it appears on the surface to be the exact same thing. Remember what Mike Pompeo said about the Confucius Institutes prior to the 2020 election:

That isn’t even Dean Logan’s only connection to China. Dean went to China on a “leadership exchange” back in 2000 (Feel free to skip down to the highlighted part of Dean’s Bio):


In my 4th Addendum series article titled “Draft Executive Order,” I discuss the Draft EO that was dated December 16th, 2020. It’s just a draft so Trump did not sign it but it still provided some interesting information about multiple election companies, including Smartmatic:

The draft EO names Smartmatic as one of the companies with “the same flaws” as Dominion Voting Systems. The flaws he is referring to is being “intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results.”

Earlier we went over the connections between Smartmatic, Everyone Counts, Votem, and Konnech Inc.. Three of those four companies are part of the Election Infrastructure Subsector Coordinating Council (EISCC), which I discussed in Devolution – Part 5:

Here is a quick reminder as to why that is a concern:

Our government has made our election infrastructure so convoluted and has allowed so many conflicts of interests to be ignored in the implementation and security of our elections, that it is impossible for us to trust any outcome moving forward until we throw out the machines and get back to same day voting with paper ballots and verifiable voter identification. We already knew that.

I know you’re probably thinking something like “Yeah Patel, we know our elections are corrupt. We know the people who are in charge of running our elections are one big cesspool of foreign interests and shady deals. This isn’t anything new.”

I agree with you.

As I have said before – in order to remove a cancerous tumor, you need to fully expose it and make sure that when you remove it, there isn’t any cancer left. Dean Logan is a cancer to LA County. Whatever is going on here needs to be investigated fully. I can only go so far with open-source information.

Our duty as American citizens is to expose the corrupt officials in our government and remove them from office, so this is me exposing what I have found about LA County. It’s up to the rest of us to vote in these 2022 midterms and remove as much of the corruption as possible.

We can’t remove the corruption unless we expose it first.


Patel Patriot

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