Here are the free public offerings you can participate in this week at Prepare for Change. More information on each offering can be found on the Events Page, or by clicking on the the blue topic title which will take you to an article, if one exists.

Tuesday, Sept. 20
6pm GMT, 7pm London, 8pm Paris
11am Pacific, 1pm Central, 2pm EST
Astrological Prophecy in the Bible
Guest Speaker Claudio
Time Converter
healing-hands-lightWednesday, Sept. 21
12pm Pacific, 3pm New York,
7pm UTC, 9PM CEST Paris
Healing +Implants Clearing
Click here to join live
Thursday, Sept. 22
10am Pacific, 12pm Chicago, 1pm Eastern
5pm UTC, 6pm London / 7pm Brussels
Open group discussion – 
How are you experiencing Ascension?
Sunday, Sept. 25
New York 2:30, Chicago 1:30, Denver 12:30 / California 11:30AM
Europe: UTC 19:30, Amsterdam, Paris 20:30
Weather Manipulation 

Sept. 24th events are cancelled this week due to a meeting

We’ll be back! 


We could sure use some additional help with our programs.  If you are a lightworker, healer or journalist, we need you!  Are you an organizer, have secretarial skills, like networking with others?  Can you create content for articles or host a meeting?  Are you skilled at video editing?

If you have any of the above skills and would like to participate more in our programs,  please consider becoming a volunteer!  Click here to join.



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