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The original reason for beings choosing to be evil was not to have power over others.  Power over others was merely what they needed in order to actualize the original reason.  The original reason was to experience reality in ways that could not be experienced by having a direct connection to Source.

Being purely vampiric allows for the consummation of others through abuse, resulting in unique experiences not experienced by those who have a direct connection to Source.  Of course, these unique experiences are at the expense of others.

Long ago, some beings fell into evil when they began to become curious about what it would be like to go against Source and sustain themselves by devouring the frequencies of others.

Human beings have varying degrees of ‘consummation tendencies.’  All humans (and animals of course) eat food to survive.  Humans and animals therefore (at least on Earth) do not have a direct connection to Source.  Humans and animals have a partial connection to Source.

(Tangent: If one were to ponder a bit, it would perhaps be concluded that the plant kingdom has a stronger connection to Source compared with humans and animals.)

The consummation of food is pleasurable, and there are many unique flavors, textures, and so forth, of foods.  Purely vampiric beings operate in the same way, but on much more extreme levels.  Purely vampiric beings enjoy favorite flavors given off through physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse, and so forth.  (I won’t be graphic here – people probably get the idea.)

When others are being abused, they have differing DNA templates that give off unique flavors of frequencies that are enjoyed and consumed by purely vampiric beings.

Some of these purely vampiric beings are in human form, while others take different forms and density levels (example: lower astral).

The irony with purely vampiric beings is that in their quest to experience extreme consummation, they ultimately experience nothing at all, because, sooner or later, they are completely destroyed (permanently deleted).

The point of this post is to further see evil, hopefully without getting ‘too close,’ so that possibly, evil can be transmuted more effectively.

Where does humanity go from here?  What will humanity choose?

Choose wisely.

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