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When is The Event and What Should We Expect?

By Rev. Kat Carroll

What is the event about?

It’s certainly not as is depicted above image although there are some who want you to believe it to keep you in fear. Since the first concerns of the Millennial Bug of 2000 and “the end of the world as we knew” it when the Mayan calendar was about to run out on December 12, 2012, there has been a lot of talk and further speculation about a super event that’s looming.  Each previous date came and went and only appeared to produce tiny ripples in consciousness.  The world did not end.  However, it did begin to change as did all the planets in our galaxy.  Many people are still anticipating an Event.

There is a lot of confusion around the term “The Event” and what to expect when it happens.  Let me state that it may not be one gigantic event but a series of smaller events over time that are changing human awareness.  Some say time feels like it is speeding up while others feel it has slowed down.  I’m sure it felt that way in 2020 when most people were forced to isolate at home during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Even then, as awful as it seemed, it may have had a very different reason for occurring, to get people to go within and do some soul searching through prayer and meditation. It also forced them to see the ridiculousness of the current administration.  So maybe that too, was part of the awakening process and for humanity to see the truth is not what they’ve been told. Those who began to wake up also began to demand changes.

Many changes have been taking place but when you are living in the midst of them it’s sometimes difficult to see the forest through the trees.  Even when it doesn’t appear to be affecting us, it is!  just look around and notice subtle and continuous changes taking place in friends and family, and around the world.  The planets in our galaxy seem to be changing in appearance, becoming brighter as they, like our own planet, are heating up.  There are also changes taking place within our bodies and, more importantly, in human consciousness.  We are experiencing a Great Awakening both individually and collectively. Part of the awakening process is the raising of your awareness and seeing things from a global perspective.  For indeed what’s happening is worldwide as well as galactic.

David Wilcock has been writing about an evolutionary paradigm based on the principle of Intelligent Design.  This means that there is order and predictability in the universe because it was created by an intelligence with an intention.  Wilcock and other brilliant scientists such as Nikolai Kozyrev conducted studies on torsion physics. Kozyrev used pendulums and gyroscopes to test how the rotations and vibrations create torsion fields and thus change the flow of time. The results of his complex studies convinced him that torsion fields control everything, including time, space, matter, gravity, and electromagnetism.

Kozyrev’s most controversial theory was that even sudden changes in human consciousness had an effect on torsion waves and disrupted matter in some way. His theories were corroborated using Random Number Generators (RNGs) that were near the location of a disturbance, such as before and after 9/11/2001 and the terrorist attacks. Princeton’s Global Consciousness Phttps://noosphere.princeton.edu/roject was able to monitor the changes in consciousness which changed random patterns of numbers on their computers. The torsion waves of a population suddenly in fear were picked up by the RNGs.

According to Wilcock, we are discovering the Galactic Center is emanating high levels of what scientists call torsion wave energy.  They believe that it can trigger a hyperdimensional jump from our 3D space-time into a higher aetheric density. Hyperdimensional jumps are also associated with time travel. What we are experiencing is a “Shift of the Ages” from 3D to 5D.  Another site with a lot of good scientific information about the shift can be found in Barry and Janae Weinhold’s article Changes in Our Solar System. Intelligent design was also Plato’s philosophy!  “Shift of the Ages” has many more articles about the history and changes taking place on Earth.

3D can be compared to the chakra system of the body.  The first three chakras deal with the basic needs and desires of the self. Above that we go into more of caring for others, resonating from your heart but it’s only a stepping point. The 5th, 6th and 7th chakras are the final stage of an octave. An octave on a piano is 7 notes (not including the half step black keys).  Could that be a coincidence?  Ra and the Law of One also talks extensively on dimensions and densities. Although, Indra’s article may be easier to understand. Vibrations and the Law of Octaves

As stated earlier, it appears that a certain number of smaller events are taking place before the main event. These are consciousness awakening events brought forth with the revelations of what has been happening throughout history and in recent times.  The pièce de résistance is when the bulk of humanity is finally aware, when we’ve achieved that “100th Monkey Effect”.  Also what Cobra describes as the compression breakthrough.  This can be confirmed in interviews between Corey Goode, Rob Potter and Dr. Michael Salla. Part one and Part two.

Dr. David Hawkins has also explored consciouness and dimensions in his book Power vs Force. Below is his chart which agrees with the chackra system chart.

This is my congecture and there may be science to prove it. In an ascension process, when a spiritual octave is attained, it continues up the next 7 notes until that next octave has been completed. It doesn’t stop, it continues upward in a spiral until the soul is considered ready for graduation.

Remember, what we focus our attention on expands. This is much like looking out into the universe and finding out there numerous other universes and galaxies. The more we look, the more we find.  As with the double slit experiment, light can either be a wave or a particle depending on if it’s being observed. I’d say right now, most of the population is paying attention! A greater awakening is indeed underway and we are spiraling upward in our ascension process. If you believe what Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier postulated in roughly 1785, “The Law of Conservation of Mass (or Matter) in a chemical reaction can be stated thus: In a chemical reaction, matter is neither created nor destroyed.” This means we’ll have lots of opportunities to get it right!

Alan Lew of New Earth Consciousness also has a very comprehensive article The One Most Complete Guide to the Spiritual Dimensions of Reality. Fair warning, it’s over an hour’s worth of reading!

How history shows the time of the event is now (or at least soon!) 

Let’s examine ‘time’ from a galactic and historic perspective as was written and maintained in ancient mystery school teachings that until recent years had been largely occulted (hidden).

Between myths, sacred texts and even ancient monoliths and buildings (including the inner dome of the Capitol Building in Washington DC), there are repeating sets of numerical values and dimensions as they relate to astronomical phenomena.  The stars have been monitored since the dawn of mankind and they had been tracking the changes and leaving clues so others could find them centuries or eons later. It must be important!

Platonic Year or Procession of the Equinox – The Platonic Year was named after Plato (417 – 347 BC) because of his conviction that there exists an intimate relationship between space and time (as did scientists like Einstein). Plato believed that the heavens were designed by God for the measurement of time.  He called one complete cycle of the heavenly bodies a  ”perfect year”.  He wrote of it in two texts: Timaeus and The Republic.

“In this wise and for these reasons were generated Night and Day, which are the revolution of the one and most intelligent circuit; and Month, every time that the Moon having completed her own orbit overtakes the Sun; and Year, as often as the Sun has completed his own orbit.  Of the other stars the revolutions have not been discovered by men (save for a few out of the many); wherefore they have no names for them, nor do they compute and compare their relative measurements, so that they are not aware, as a rule, that the �wanderings� of these bodies, which are hard to calculate and of wondrous complexity, constitute Time.  Nevertheless, it is still quite possible to perceive that the complete number of Time fulfils the Complete Year when all the eight circuits, with their relative speeds, finish together and come to a head, when measured by the revolution of the Same and Similarly moving.  In this wise and for these reasons were generated all those stars which turn themselves about as they travel through Heaven, to the end that this Universe might be as similar as possible to the perfect and intelligible Living Creature in respect of its imitation of the Eternal.  (Paragraph 39 c-d) Timaeus)”.

Plato believed that knowledge of such a cycle was already known far earlier by the Egyptians and Babylonians.  However, history claims that Greek astronomer and astrologer Hipparchus discovered the great immovable sphere of fixed stars were not fixed but slowly moving eastward.

3,500 years ago, the first known sundials were found by archeologists in ancient Egypt.  Later the pyramids and the Sphynx were built to show the alignment of the constellations at that time in history.

Ancient monuments marked the movement of the stars and planets with their precise alignments to the sun during the equinox.  This helped them to know when to plant and harvest.  Such monuments, however crude, were even found in some very ancient locations all around the world.

Stonehenge was constructed in about 3100 BC, while the first stones were raised at the site between 2,400 and 2,200 BC.

Kokino(Кокино) is the fourth oldest astronomical observatory in the world.  It is a complex prehistoric archaeological site (2,000 BC), on the territory of Municipality Staro Nagorichane near Kumanovo, Macedonia.

Kokino | History of earth, Macedonia history, Ancient history archaeology

Sunduki is called the Siberian Stonehenge, yet its site is older than the British standing stones, and arguably ‘more mysterious’ dating back 16,000 years!

For more information on Ancient Observatories here is a great article from the Stanford Solar Center.

It’s apparent from these few examples that time and space were indeed very important to monitor, even over 16,000 years ago!  Was it simply to know the seasons for planting, harvesting, and celebrating or was it for something more important that civilizations around the world felt must be preserved to help us prepare?

The Bible also references watching the movement of the stars.

The Old Testament – This idea finds substance in the Old Testament which has been interpreted as including the symbolic transference from one sign to another.  In the parable of the mount, when Moses came down from the mountain, he saw the people worshipping a golden calf.  This idol came from the Egyptians astrological worship of the sun.  The calf (Taurus the bull) represents the age in which the Moses lived when he wrote the Torah.  When history moved into the next sign (Aries the ram), the Hebrews celebrated the approach of their Messiah by blowing rams horns.  The sign of Aries influenced many religions to adopt the lamb of God concept.

The New Testament – The New Testament is similarly endowed with symbolism in the figure of Christ, who can be identified as heralding the age of Pisces.  (Christianity is often symbolized by a fish) Should this theory one day be further substantiated, then quite apart from the fact that such information was detected at such an early age, there is also an incredible story to tell regards the perpetuation of such knowledge.

The Procession of the Equinox is known by several other names, A Platonic Year, Perfect Year, Great Year and Grand Year.  It’s a little frustrating that there are multiple values placed on the length of a Great Year ranging from 25,860 years to 26,000 years.  The length is based on the wobble of the earth and the alignment with a pole star.  There is a one-degree shift approximately every 72 years, so a 30-degree movement requires 2,160 years to complete.  Each cycle within the Great Year lasts approximately 2,160 years (which multiplied by 12 should be 25,920 years).  However, the annual rate of precession is now thought to be speeding up, meaning the calculated length of one full cycle is getting shorter.

The Age of Aquarius begins when the March equinox point moves out of the constellation Pisces and into the constellation Aquarius.  But there’s no definitive answer as to when that will be.  According to the census records of the day as noted in scripture, Jesus was born between 8 BC and 4 BC during the Age of Pieces.  But how long had the constellations been in that alignment?  https://www.bibleversestudy.com/luke/luke2-when-was-jesus-born.htm

Some conjecture the Aquarian age started during a movement calling for peace against the Vietnam war which started almost immediately after the Korean war and ran from 1950-1953.  The Vietnam war was prolonged from 1955 to 1975 and Families had enough death of their young men.

The Age of Aquarious, the Hippy Movement and Expanding Consciousness –

The Age of Aquarius in America is associated with the hippy movement of the 60s and ’70s.  This was a time when youth were not only looking for peace, they were exploring consciousness through mind altering drugs such as LSD, “magic mushrooms” and cannabis and music.  Timothy Leary was an American psychologist and writer known for his strong advocacy of psychedelic drugs.  Leary received his PhD from UC Berkeley in CA and later lectured at Harvard.  Leary became famous for the slogan “Tune in, Turn On, Drop Out”.  Richard Alpert received his PhD at Stanford and later joined Leary at Harvard.  Shortly after Leary’s arrival at Harvard, he and Alpert started the Harvard Psilocybin Project (magic mushrooms).  Alpert later donned the name Baba Ram Dass and authored a popular book called Be Here Now, described as a “modern spiritual classic”.   Leary and Alpert were clearly ahead of their time but shunned by their peers and were both eventually fired from Harvard.

It seems there was a war against expanding consciousness and in 1966, President Johnson signed the Drug Abuse Control Act into law, making the possession of psychedelics a crime. But President Nixon passed the more comprehensive Controlled Substances Act in 1970.  Only now are psychedelics being approved for research and treatment of PTSD and other chronic conditions.

Plant medicines have been used around the world to connect with the spirit realm and the gods since prehistoric times as was discovered in archeological findings.  Prehistoric Humans Psychoactive Drugs

Expanding consciousness is nothing new and indeed, had been taught in Ancient Mystery Schools around the world, particularly Egypt, Greece, and Rome, and possibly started in Atlantis.  Although later this was shut down and occulted by the church. We are now seeing indications that the studies and practices are once again being taught, including in online courses.  Studies in consciousness and the use of mind-expanding drugs are now back on the table.  (Do investigate the laws in your state before considering their use as not all states agree).

The New Age movement and arrival of the Aquarian age has been associated with … well, harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding.  And that brings us to the 1967 smash-hit musical “Hair,” with its opening song Aquarius, by a musical group called the 5th Dimension (you can’t make this stuff up!). For those too young to have experienced the music of Hair, I give you the first few lines:

When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars
This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius

The 60’s and 70’s were interesting years as even though we were still in the midst of war until 1975.  Artists around the word were producing mind expanding music and singing of love, unity and singing out against war.  The best examples may come from Woodstock, a music and art festival, billed as An Aquarian Exposition.  The youth of America drove, walked, bussed, and even arrived on horseback to Max Yasgur’s 600-acre dairy farm in the rural town of Bethel, New York.  The music fest ran from August 15 to August 18, 1969. The festival exemplified the counterculture of the late 1960s – early 1970s and the “hippie era”. No doubt they wanted to save the world from destruction.

Apocalypse of the Bible.  First, let’s remove the stigma of “the end of the world” like the similar fear that was generated over the ending of the Mayan calendar in December 2012. It was not the world that ended only an era.  The apocalypse as mentioned in the Book of Revelation is not the destruction of the world but the old world as we have known it.  When translated from the Greek it means “revelation, disclosure,” from Church Latin apocalypsis “revelation,” from Greek apokalyptein “uncover, disclose, reveal. You don’t need to look long to see how much corruption is being exposed around the world!

The Book of Revelation, also called the Apocalypse of John, Revelation to John or Revelation from Jesus Christ – it’s the final book of the New Testament, and consequently is also the final book of the Christian Bible.  It speaks of revelations that were to come forward at a future date in a war against good an evil.

At no time in history has the world witnessed so many “revelations” related to corruption, lies and sexual scandals of the worst kind.  This has involved the arrests of high-ranking officials in business and law enforcement, celebrities, members of government, banking, corporations and even members of the church  and elite families.  As terrible as this is for those unaware of the Satanic practices, fraud, and crimes against humanity, it must be seen by the public so it can be acknowledged, dealt with, and healed.  It is an integral part of the ascension process that must be experienced in order to expand the collective consciousness on the planet.  The secret societies and all they have done to control mankind have been a hidden infection that is now being exposed to the light.

Every experience we’ve had since the day we were born has led to this moment in time.  Many have learned they are Starseeds who have come here on a specific mission to help with the awakening and ascension process on the planet.  Every experience, good or bad, provides a lesson that helps reveal our true purpose or mission in life.  Dolores Canon has spoken and written about this often from her work in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT).  While no longer with us, she trained many others who now follow in her footsteps and it’s fascinating to hear the similarities in stories of what “The Event” is about from those under hypnosis.  Many can be found on YouTube and are sure to lift your spirits. One of my favorites is Alison Coe.

Whether or not we are actually in the Age of Aquarius, all signs indicate that we are moving away from the 3D material world of fear and duality.   Many have already shifting into the 4th dimension, which is the heart based, spiritual dream world.  It is also called the Astral Plane and is the home of the spiritual and the conspiracy narratives.  The galactic, archangels, dragons, reptilians, Atlantis, Lemuria, the Shadow Government, the Cabal, etc.  It is a dimension that is less dense and more fluid than the third dimension.

For those having difficulty shifting from the 4th to 5th dimension which appears to have only one timeline (reality), it hosts the illusion of duality, the (spiritual) ego, and thus fear is still able to exist here.  Hopefully, those who research these topics have also been working on shifting into the 5th dimension by observing without being triggered, by letting go, and getting into nature and practicing regular meditation.  Staying in fear, anger and hatred will inhibit the ascension process.

The 5th dimension is of unity, unconditional love and expanded awareness.  It is where you can manifest what you desire.  Before the higher self can be fully anchored into the physical body, the healing of all bodies (the mental, the emotional, spiritual and physical; healing = remembering our wholeness) has to be completed. Therefore, your higher self will slip in and out for a while until it can move in permanently. Don’t give up! For a deep dive and some insites from Ra and the Law of One, on desities vs dimenstions, click here.

Hindu Vedic texts have talked about the cycle of the yugas (age of the world), and we are now leaving the Kali Yuga, a 2,400-year age of darkness.  The recent ascending Kali Yuga lasted 1,200 years from 500 and 1700 AD.  Sri Yukteswar in The Holy Science described Kali Yuga as an age during which consciousness was limited to gross matter.  As a matter of interest, there was a resurgence in spiritual studies in the 1800’s which I perceive as the early beginning of our return to higher consciousness. This is, after all, a cycle.

During the Kali Yuga (the last and darkest of the 4 eras), most people lose their spiritual abilities, mental clarity, and understanding.  Some call this phenomenon “end time madness”. The age was characterized by the belief that matter was fixed and absolute.  For example, religious truths were only accepted as absolute definitions or dogma, and science presented the universe as a mechanism; the divine realms were imagined as static, instead of dynamic.  Now we are seeing people trying to embody attitudes of love, creativity, compassion, and harmony and visualizing the world they wish to live in.  We are moving into a more magical age and reawakening our natural psychic abilities.

The Satya yuga is the starting point of the 4 ages and, according to ancient Hindu philosophy, lasts 1,728,000 years. Aarti Natarajan Sharma who writes for servdharm.com states “the Satya yuga is considered to be a golden age of righteousness and absence of deceit and dishonesty. The average lifespan during the Satya yuga was 100,000 years.” Considering the average lifespan for men and women of the world is 73.2 years, what would you do with an additional 99,926.8 years of life?

We can expect an evolution in consciousness that could include our expressing superpowers such as telepathy and other psychic abilities.  Some are now experiencing increased abilities and many children in China, the UK and even in America are showing amazing gifts such as seeing while blindfolded or absorbing material in a book simply by waving a hand over the print (without looking at the text).  One boy showed he could navigate driving a car through trees while blindfolded.  A brother and sister went on a scavenger hunt full of notes for clues while blindfolded and even navigated through the yard and around a swimming pool.  They moved more like it was dark than blindfolded using their inner vision to guide them. https://blog.sivanaspirit.com/read-see-blindfolded-using-third-eye/

Driving while blindfolded

Children With REAL SuperPowers (Third Eye)

A Convergence of Calendars – The Mayan Calendar ended in 2012.  The Aztec calendar, seen below, ended in May of 2021 and aligns quite well with the Hindu Yugas. Could we now be in the early days of the Age of Aquarius? I believe we are!

What Can We Expect? 

Cosmic Events – Every celestial alignment has acted as a portal for expansion of man’s psyche.  Solar cycles last for 11 years and have also been taking place with an increase in X-class solar flares.  These solar flares are considered to be the strongest, and have been directly connected to major changes in society, shifts in the collective consciousness and spiritual evolution.  How solar flares directly affect human consciousness

Once all the revelations have been made public and there have been many rumors of these being divulged by the military taking over all public media, telephones, and the internet, there will be a greater awakening. As David Wilcock likes to say, “but first it will piss you off”. Please don’t ask when this will happen in the comments as dates have been set, and come and gone for over a year! But, when it comes, the world will finally learn of the crimes, trials and punishments that have been kept out of mainstream media.  With any luck, this will happen in 2022.

UFO Phenomenon – Between 1947 and 1966 (after the Roswell UFO crashes) studies were conducted by the military into their presence. A committee was formed by Edward Condon (the Condon Committee)  and in 1966, the Condon report was made public. However, the work was more about hiding or slowly releasing the facts to acclimatize humanity to the ET presense.  But this has been changing and more information has been brought forward. UFO studies are deeply tied to consciousness.

If you seek to expand your consciousness, you may be very interested in a book from Grant Cameron: Contact Modalities -The Keys to the Universe. Per the Amazon write up “Contact modalities are gateways to the paranormal world that have mystified humanity for centuries. Inside, we examine over 70 modalities that people can use to transcend the waking states of reality entering into realms of the magical and mystical. Examples of this would be: UFO contact with non-human intelligences, psychic powers, spirit contact, remote viewing, telepathy, hypnosis, meditation, psychedelics, channeling, and a host of other examples are also used to pierce the veil. He also has a 3 part series on YouTube which is very light hearted. I’m only linking part 1: Psychedelics, the Mind and the Nature of our Reality with Strange Recon PART 1

What really stands out to me in Grant Cameron’s interview, is what he states about fear and about the need to surrender in order to achieve the next level of consciousness. From personal experience with a spontaneous healing, I can tell you that those were my thoughts and feelings while it was happening. Whatever these beings are, I don’t think we’ve ever been alone.

Another revelation started in December of 2019 when a public announcement was made in mainstream media that UFO’s or UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena) are real, and this after years of denying their existence!  In December of 2020, Retired Israeli general and space security chief Prof. Haim Eshed stated that President Donald Trump was aware of the extraterrestrials’ existence and had been “on the verge of revealing” information but was asked not to in order to prevent “mass hysteria” (just as was done in 1968 with the Condon report)  Other news releases over the past couple of years have showed military footage of craft buzzing the military but never really causing harm.  Are we nearly ready to meet our neighbors in space or to see the black budget craft flown by private corporations but kept hidden and mistaken as UFO’s?  This is the Secret Space Program that was mentioned by Dr. Michael Salla and former members of the 20 and back program.

After the Revelations – Another speculation is that once all the revelations are brought forward, only then will the galaxy experience a solar flash that will propel humanity forward by changing us, transforming matter, energy, consciousness and biological life as we know it. When enough people have accepted intelligent life exists in the universe and has been working with us behind the scenes, those nations in space will be able to come forward in public, with an open contact event, for all to see.  Soon after, we will be able to join the Galactic Federation and other space faring societies.  I would consider this our cosmic graduation event.

If you look at the ancient artwork from around the world and seen in classic religious paintings, it’s clear we have had visitors as far back as prehistoric times as is evidenced in cave paintings. Perhaps they have always been here, quietly guiding us.

Ancient alien discovery: 15th century painting is 'proof of alien visit' | Weird | News ...

Why are there spaceships in Medieval art?

The purpose of Prepare for Change and the Event Support Group is to inform the public of as much as we can by sharing articles, intel from interviews with insiders, whistleblowers and spiritually advanced individuals.  After the solar flash, many who have never had an opportunity to learn what was coming will be confused as the systems they had relied on no longer work as they did.  The Solar Flash will likely shut down equipment and electronic systems that have caused mass amnesia of our history and true self.  We will awaken and realize that banking systems, religious institutions, how we obtain our food and even travel may be suddenly disrupted or permanently removed in favor of something far better. Government will not be the same as the needs of the people will be determined by, and for the people, in local assemblies which are already being developed in the US and abroad.

Immediately following “the Event” there will be confusion from those trying to understand what has just happened.  This may be the time when Benevolent forces will take over all communication and global airwaves to begin a release disclosure information to the population.  They will release information on our Secret Space Programs, about the Cabal’s crimes against humanity, and how pharmaceutical and chemical companies have been putting toxins in our medicines, cosmetics, foods, drinks and even in the air and water.  We anticipate video testimonies and confessions from some that may surprise and shock people.  Although mass arrests have been happening, few are shown in mainstream media but can be found by looking through reports from the DOJ.

Financial Changes and Abundance –  While arrests have been quietly taking place and trials we don’t see in mainstream media, this has been taking place, another monumental transformation is taking place involving the global currency reset (GCR).  There will be a shift from a debt-based economy to one of abundance.  NESARA or the  “National Economic Security and Reformation Act” was passed by American Congress in 2000 but never proclaimed, likely due to the events around 9/11/2001.  GESARA is the Global Economic Security and Reformation Act.  For more details on what each entail, please read here: https://intothelight.news/knowledge-base/nesara/

Some believe the monetary reset is of the New World Order and yes, they want a reset that brings in a socialistic agenda, which ultimately means more oppression, control, and tyranny.  This has been painfully clear since Biden was sworn in as President in January 2021.  In a very short time jobs were lost; debt was increased and prices for basics climbed.  Gas that had been in the $2 range doubled and the pipeline that would supply jobs and an inexpensive local source of oil was shutdown.  In its place, foreign oil with higher prices and dependance was reinstated. One can only hope that his much chaos was designed or allow to go this far as part of the great awakening.

So much evil is plain to see.  We are seeing a conflict between a satanic dark agenda and a light-based liberation agenda.  The light-based agenda wants a reset that brings sustainable governance that will benefit every human being on the planet towards freedom and liberation.  Our total global economy will be brought back to the gold standard instead of the fictional Fiat system that only benefits the Dark. When the system get’s so hot it begins to boil over, that’s when change will take place.

Lits médicaux et technologies quantiques disponibles actuellement pour les militaires des ...

Advanced Technology for All – Suppressed technologies will continue to be released from their patents and used to help humanity.  Free energy technologies will gradually be released to the public.


Many suppressed technologies from the Cabal’s Secret Space Programs will also be released to the public including med beds that can heal any injury or disease.

Q Timeline, Nesara-GesaraThe abundance of the planet will be distributed to everyone, and the planet’s ecosystem will be restored.  In time, and as Earth recalibrates herself to her original frequency, all healing will commence physically and psychologically.

Life spans will be lengthened as the aging process is slowed down.  The removal of the last Archons in the higher-dimensional planes will dissolve any relationship they have during this transformation.  War will be a thing of the past.

The move to space to work with other worlds – Eventually, humanity will be accepted into the Galactic Federation… this is the plan.  Not everyone will make this shift and as you can see not only in the United States but around the globe, some are just not ready.  Many are still stuck in the old structure and are fighting like to stay there.  Change can be incredibly hard for some people. Like the saying goes… “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” Any species that remains stagnant no longer continues to exist.  These higher frequencies are being accepted by many and they will have an easier time. However, those who resists the change will “pay the Piper.” According to David Wilcock et al, Upon death, those who resist this monumental frequency activation will continue their soul evolution on a planet in which they resonate. No one gets a free pass down here because what’s happening is just too important.  This is the beginning of a higher vibrational existence.  This is the beginning of a healed planet physically, psychologically, and spiritually and everyone is invited for the ride.

'2001: A Space Odyssey' in 70mm the Hollywood Theatre: The Week in Geek - oregonlive.com

Are You Prepared? – The Event that’s coming will usher in a broader reality and we are now being prepared for its arrival. The Light Alliance is in control and watching and waiting with excitement and optimism to see how humanity will pull this off.  So many ask and are wondering “when this event will happen?”  I believe there are many factors and a huge one is Earth’s astrological alignment.  Also, the readiness of the new systems to be put in place and the deep and true transformation of humanity’s role.  I also believe before the Event can truly be operational the Light forces need to be in total control.  The Archon Network must be eliminated and per Cobra’s blog, this has been underway.  It’s also necessary that the energetic grid circling our planet that’s kept us in quarantine be completely dismantled.

There is older information written upon the pyramids in Egypt.  One such message for humanity is the arrival of the new golden age, the return of the Goddess or feminine energy and a cycle that repeats every 558 years.  As of the publishing of this article (November 2022), this new cyce is 5 months away and due to begin with a celestial alignment on April 15, 2023. For more information on this topic, I recommend the Facebook page provided by Claudio Silvaggi called Metaphysics in the Bible.

Liberation will come to humanity via the fall of the Archons who exist on the inner planes who have controlled humanity for eons through the karmic process, implants, and AI technologies that have been impeding humanity’s spiritual evolution.  The Event WILL happen… it is written in the stars, in many ancient texts, and biblical scripture because everything that’s happening today has happened before. Your consciousness will be greatly expanded.

You can help the light forces by staying positive, practicing meditation and/or praying and being kind, compassionate and patient with those working through their awakening process.  The light you spark in your own being will shine out to others and help them to become illuminated!

Victory of the Light!



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  1. My name is Anthony. I had been communicating with you until a few months ago, when I noticed that I was not receiving responses from you. I also have tried to contact Gerry Gomez to no avail.

    I am very much interested in staying in touch, as I attended the 2012 Portal Conference and was very much inspired.

    Now, however I am very perplexed by the lack of communication.

    Could you please respond and re-establish contact, please?

  2. In your opinion, on the evolutionary path. Where do people with mental health issues stand? Are mental health issues even a real thing, or is it a person with an out of control way of thinking? If a person struggles with depression/anxiety to the point that they struggle to function day to day without some sort of prescription medication, is that person struggling more with their own spiritual growth or have all the poisons subjected to us from before birth, or extreme childhood abuse and trauma, caused metabolic damage resulting in these states of mental anguish? This is something that a VERY LARGE percentage of the population deal with. Do these people need healing that they may not be able to achieve through “positive thinking” or a “change in perspective”?

    • That's a lot to unpack! I don't think this is the space to have a discussion that would be very deep to encompass all your examples. This is a good topic for our Healing Group or on an Ascension Connection call.
      There is one coming up with a Guest speaker next week with Merillee on returning to love, the gold standard. That may not be the exact title but she/we can talk about your question. A very good question indeed!!! I will say this: many mental health issues are created either from genetic damage they inherited, or the first few years of their development. Environmental factors could include a lack of nurturing from a mother that cause devastating effects on the mental health of a child that is dependant on a mother or mother figure for all their needs. Environment can also include drug use, vaccinations (heavy metal adjuvents) that effect higher thinking or poor health which is becoming very apparent. Some people may just be functioning on a level that others don't comprehend (star seeds, indigo, crystal children are often missunderstood). You understand the gist of what's happening and has been happening. I can tell you that positive thinking does have a strong impact as does being in a healthy and nurturing environment. I don't trust pharma after my own experiences but there may be some chemical imbalances th at require it. That said, meditation will have a beneficial impact on mental and physical health. https://prepareforchange.net/2022/04/02/meditation-and-prayer-to-heal-the-world/ [email protected]

  3. There is not going to be a solar flash event it was suppose to happen in 2012 . like mass arrests

    nessara gesara and Rv are " Psyops" as per previous conreoller of the planet Marduk who is

    No longer around since 2016

    • Actually, there was a nova event, just not our Sol. The light frequencies (radiation) have been slowly incoming. Look around at the change in humanity. Your experiences will be a reflection of what is in your heart.

    • Marduk and Rothchilds have also confirmed

      The Solar Event , Nesara, Gesara, Rv , Mass arrests are a distraction, and carrots for Jackasses

      David wilcok was promoting all of above in 2012 and they are all a psyop


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