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  1. I thought I would share this with as you seem to have a pretty goof grip on the psychopathic narcissists. Claus Swab secame to a second heart attack this week and is now being replaced by an Avatar, double, clone or what ever else they can come up with. He was pictured in the lobby of one of Australia's most lavish hotels earlier this week.
    Soros was arrested, tried in a military tribunal, and then executed pre 2020. His son now is running the shit show. I can't even find a real person at the top anymore. They are all something else. There is so much we don't know about who's who in the zoo. The truth is there is no penalty for just ignoring them.
    The trick is to disappear. Then don't vote. Don't pay taxes. Don't respond to ANY official mail. but just return it. Simply "'not known at this address"'. etc. they just can't be bothered chasing that many people.
    Imagine having to eat crickets on a regular basis? I guarantee they'd have us eating cockroaches eventually, and drinking grey water. It's a thousand year war that's coming to an end. I never believed in Evil until I discovered the traits of the Elite: Khazarian Mafia is real. Imagine the planet rid of evil?

  2. The Elitists NWO model is very much unwanted by the people of the world. They are very arrogant, power crazy greedy dreadful creatures. Who think we are so stupid that we are going to choose this dreadful plan the murders us enslaves us and brings us down in every way. NO thank you! World domination is not acceptable and their whole blueprint for our lives will be rejected on mass if humanity has any sense at all. Who on earth do they think they are! The dreadful things they say about death panels, ID passports us having to eat bugs and drink sewage water is showing how Much they hate us. They are the enemy of life love freedom and abundance. That is what we want because we are worth it. In the end they will lose everything because people will boycott their businesses, banks, and ignore their selected governments and that will bring them down. Evil must not have its way. I look forward to a brighter world and that is what we will have. God bless all. Just ignore them and live a good and happy life.


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