From Christine Clemmer:

Get ready for action this week, called forth by the clarity emerging from the mind/heart seat of truth and wisdom. We’ve been officially delivered from the fall eclipse/wormhole passage that activated 9/25 through 11/23, and this week initiates the first steps onto higher ground, revealing new horizons with every choice point.

Mars is still retrograde, until 1/12, however we’re taking action and the path feels accelerated and expansive now that Jupiter is moving direct. With momentum behind us (more specifically, igniting within us) it’s important to allow the heart to fuel and motivate our actions and responses. There are many dimensions of the heart; this is not about being driven by temporary feelings and impulsive emotional attachments or reactions; it’s about finding the deepest truth of the heart and saying Yes, without hesitation.

When we unify mind and heart, our inner yin/yang wholeness becomes the active portal that reveals truth, clarity, and wisdom. When our mind and heart are split, fragmented, or in a tug of war, situations can appear cloudy or confusing; it’s hard to navigate or make healthy choices in this kind of scenario. Instead of trying to “figure out the right choice”, it’s important to find the highest alignment within our inner yin/yang relationship. That alignment restores clarity, revealing wisdom, and igniting the deepest truth of the heart. Awakened truth is coming online as the primary motivator and initiator of actions moving forward.

If we find ourselves engaged in a knee jerk reaction – taking action from the stress response of fear, scarcity, insecurity, or limitation – it’s important to notice the indicators and shift the internal narrative. The heart doesn’t operate from fear; the language of the heart is Love. Love can be fierce, direct, unapologetic, and uncomfortable; oftentimes taking us into vulnerabilities or sensitivities that stretch our comfort zone. But the awakened heart authentically moves, informs, and reveals in accordance with universal truth and divine wisdom. As we orient to that primary messenger through our holistic system, we experience profound shifts in awareness and response.

This week brings us into the vibrational shift of a new month, entering the final month of the year 2022. The “12” of December represents wholeness and completion of the year’s cycle, as well as the manifestation that comes from completion and integration of wisdom. This entire month is a gateway towards the conscious transition into a brand new year, a brand new cycle, and a new beginning. How well we complete anything matters in the beginning of anything new. That doorway of transition is always a sweet spot for transcendence, if we can allow it.

The aspects this week are personal in nature, as Mercury and Venus both connect with Mars in a bridge, forming a stepping stone with Neptune who stations direct on Saturday 12/3. Oftentimes our connection to personal planets can be limited by our historic local consciousness, influenced by personal attachments and muscle memory of our inner landscape of patterns and attachments. However, this is the beginning of a significant upgrade to realize enlightened elevation through our personal experiences, in a way that reveals cosmic consciousness, unity, and universal wholeness.

As we recognize the truth of the heart, harmonizing with the cycles of the universe and divine timing, the heart communicates through the cells in a way that elevates the inner dialogue to universal frequencies. Transcendence is available as we unify soul consciousness and social consciousness through our cellular frequency. Unification and wholeness are key.

Old ideas or experiences of separation, duality, polarization, and fragmentation are evolving into bridges that unify, transcend, and reveal a greater story of wholeness and oneness. It’s truly a remarkable time to be here on the planet, in a body, in the greater unfoldling of consciousness and Love.

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Starts this week, Thursday 12/1.  

The week begins on Monday 11/28 with a Venus Orcus stepping stone, Pluto Pallas bridge (near miss), Mars Saturn manifestation, Sun Salacia manifestation, and Venus Uranus great eliminator. Pallas stations retrograde on Wednesday, and today’s near miss with Pluto activates a bridge that reveals higher wisdom through the deeper dimensions, below the surface. Mars (currently retrograde) manifests with Saturn, igniting a possible reinvention in the definitions, labels, and contracts we’ve become established (or embedded) in socially. There is unraveling to be done as we free ourselves up to make new choices, take new actions, and establish new structures and partnerships moving forward. The upcoming Saturn Venus new cycle on 1/22 as Saturn recovers his retrograde shadow is significant ripple effect from today’s manifestation. Mars’ retrograde station held a manifestation with Saturn’s completion on 1/22 as well as the fixed star Arcturus. While much is being dissolved and renegotiated, there is new consciousness already manifesting behind the scenes, in the invisible spaces. There’s a higher vision calling us forth and inspiring action, even if we can’t see yet what the final manifestation will look like.

On Tuesday 11/29, the Black Moon finds a subtle intimacy aspect with Pallas and a great eliminator with Pluto, followed by a Ceres Eris great eliminator, Sun Varuna manifestation, Mercury Mars bridge, and Mercury Saturn resource. Today’s Mercury Mars bridge is significant in the opportunity to transcend dualistic thinking as we decondition the mind, revealing divine truth within our cellular structure. The body mirrors the mind, and the body also is a gateway to higher consciousness, if the local mind can let go of attachments and allow it to be realized and fully seen. There is an elevation of higher vision occurring, yet it requires the unification of yin/yang and the diamond lens of the awakened heart. If we remain hard wired through separation, we remain in the perceived limitation of what we can personally see or realize through our experiences. When we elevate and expand through universal lens of vision, we can transcend our personal attachments and conditioning, without losing touch, and elevate to higher realms of awareness and realization.

Wednesday 11/30 begins with the Black Moon turning direct at 25 Gemini (the degree of Mars’ recent station), then Pallas stations retrograde in a great eliminator with the Galactic Center, followed by a Black Moon Pallas subtle intimacy aspect, and Venus Mars bridge. Today’s Venus Mars bridge follows the themes from yesterday, threading our consciousness through the heart. Accessing compassion, grace, and unconditional Love, the heart heals and wholes the threads of past conditioning and distortion, bringing ourselves home to the higher wisdom of the heart. That homecoming can be transcendental, if we allow it. Interesting to note that the Black Moon turns direct today at 25 Gemini, the degree of Mars’ recent retrograde station, which also reveals the higher attunement and manifestation of the upcoming new cycle with Venus and Saturn on 1/22, inspired by Arcturus. The current revelations that feel challenging to confront are the very threads of divine wisdom that facilitate our ultimate freedom and liberation. We may not always like what we see, but if we have the courage to take a deeper look from the heart and see truth, that divine wisdom unlocks the potential for new possibilities to manifest.

On Thursday 12/1, the Black Moon repeats the great eliminator with Pluto, followed by a Sun MakeMake resource, Mercury Neptune stepping stone, Venus Saturn resource, and Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone. Today’s Mercury Neptune stepping stone provides a powerful choice-point of enlightened clarity or confusion. By Saturday, Neptune will officially station direct, and our capacity for Truth Seeing begins to elevate. Moment to moment, our relationship with truth and honesty is what allows our lens of vision to be either clarified or cloudy. When we bend the truth, even if it’s even in the withholding of our own authentic response or communication, we contribute to the confusion in communications. A desire to sugar coat or make things appear other than how they are, contributes to mixed signals within and around us. When the inner operating system is confused, sending mixed messages within ourselves, it can be difficult to make clear decisions. This intersection of Neptune in the Mercury/Mars bridge is an epic choice point to unveil the clarity and see the truth. Remember, the truth sets us free, if we’re willing to see the patterns from a universal lens of clarity. Untangling the mind from historic blind-spots that create unnecessary confusion in our world is a powerful stepping stone to higher ground.

Friday 12/2 reveals a Black Moon Sedna subtle intimacy aspect, then the Black Moon re-enters Cancer and forms a bridge with Ixion, followed by a Mercury Eris manifestation. More mental body/operating system awareness and awakening today. Seeing the landscape of our own mind in moments of discomfort or discord reveals the clarity that allows us to shift the dynamic and change the game. Once we see clearly, we are empowered to choose something new. We’re not bound to the old patterns and repetitive loops, no matter how long we’ve been repeating old cycles and narratives. That moment of truth reveals the choice point for new manifestation, and new outcomes that align with our higher blueprint and most empowered Self.

On Saturday 12/3, the Black Moon manifests with Vesta, forms a great eliminator with Chariklo, then forms a bridge with Quaoar, followed by a Mercury Ceres stepping stone, as Neptune stations direct and the Black Moon reveals another subtle intimacy aspect with Varuna. The Black Moon re-enters the Grand Power Cross with Quaoar, MakeMake, and Salacia today, and as Neptune stations direct we find ourselves in a powerful invitation to elevate through enlightened clarity and higher vision. Equanimity is key here. When we react, resist, or flinch at our current situations or events, we can distort our lens of vision. When we hold a steady gaze of equanimity, our lens elevates to a higher dimension of wholeness, truth, and Love. We may not always like what we see, and we don’t have to…however, if we get triggered by what we see, or lose our seat of equanimity by something that pulls us into a conditioned response, we collapse our capacity for clarity and return to a historic narrative of limitation. When we find the inner stability to maintain an open equanimous seat of presence, the old narratives and conditioned responses can finally collapse, while we stay fully present. That moment of deconditioning is what allows us to see with fresh eyes, to be in relationship with all that’s emerging and revealing, without distorting or clouding the lens.

And Sunday 12/4 starts with a Venus Neptune stepping stone, Sun Chiron manifestation, Mercury Pallas great eliminator, followed by Black Moon Astraea manifestation, Black Moon Chiron stepping stone, Black Moon Sun great eliminator, Black Moon South Node (karmic) manifestation and North Node (dharmic) resource, and Mercury Galactic Center new cycle (conjunction). Today Venus activates that powerful choice point with Neptune, and our presence of the heart allows us to transcend historic conditions and karmic responses. There is profound healing available today. When we access the courage to see clearly, especially in the midst of situations that can trigger a stress response, the valuable wisdom revealed can be life changing. The transmutational fire of alchemy is available today, and is the key to transcending core wounds into the purest expression of personal mastery and self realization. Every wound holds the key to our greatest mastery, the divine gift that we came to the planet to develop, contribute, and generously offer. Chiron holds the key to that transcendence, and our greater Soul awareness with this cellular expression and embodied presence

The practice this week is awareness. Slow down enough to get off automatic pilot from habitual routines and distractions, soften your gaze, and become aware…of your thoughts, motivations, sensations, authentic expression, and greater wholeness of atmospheric subtleties. Without judging any of it, allow your awareness to expand and fine tune. See what you can see, explore the unfamiliar or uncomfortable sensations, and allow it all to be ok.

“Truth is not something outside to be discovered, it is something inside to be realized.” ― Osho, The Buddha Said.

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