At the very beginning of the covid event in late 2019 to early 2020 the public had little to no information on the details surrounding the outbreak in Wuhan, China and what kind of virus the world might be facing.

The virus was coming to western shores and so the public had to prepare for the potential consequences.

People were supposedly dying en masse in China, but the communist country refused to give accurate data on the situation and to this day their reported covid death rate is highly suspect. After a period of uncertainty, suddenly, there was a rush by the media and by government officials to predict the worst case scenario. The WHO was calling for a SARS-like death rate of at least 3% or more – That would mean a global tally of over 240 million+ fatalities.

For those of us in the Liberty Movement, this was seen as the “big one”; the kind of event that crashes economies and leads to an authoritarian society. It almost became that…

From the very beginning certain narratives being promoted in the mainstream did not meet logical or scientific standards. It became obvious that fear was the goal, rather than safety. But in order to create fear, establishment elites and governments had to LIE BIG. Here are some of the biggest lies told to the public about the pandemic:

Wuhan Wet Market Bat Soup Ground Zero?

To this day there is no hard evidence that Covid-19 was gestated within the Wuhan wet market or that it was contracted by people eating bat soup. This lie was the reason I immediately began to suspect all information related to covid in the early days of the event.

In January of 2020 at the onset of the outbreak I published an article titled ‘How Viral Pandemic Benefits The Globalist Agenda’. In that article I outlined evidence surrounding the Level 4 Biolabs in Wuhan, China and their specific work in SARS and coronaviruses. The labs are right down the street from the “wet market” which was haphazardly labeled “ground zero.” Bizarrely, the mainstream media absolutely denied any validity for the Wuhan Lab theory and immediately began accusing anyone who mentioned it of conspiracy theory.

The Wuhan Lab should have been suspect #1, yet the MSM was busy blaming bat soup and social media companies were busy banning anyone that mentioned the claim. Mounting evidence continues to suggest that the virus came from the lab in Wuhan.

Why was this information ignored by the corporate media? It might be due to the American officials deeply involved in research at Wuhan. In 2020, evidence began to surface that Anthony Fauci, the lead figure handling the coronavirus response for the Trump Admin and later the Biden Admin had extensive ties to the Wuhan Lab. NIH documents prove that Fauci and his partners were involved in gain of function research on coronaviruses at Wuhan – Fauci has consistently lied about these ties and his level of involvement.

It’s rather suspicious that the very same man who was using covid as an excuse to enforce sweeping restrictions that violated nearly every aspect of the US constitution was also the man that potentially funded the creation of the virus in the first place.

The Pandemic Was Unexpected?

I also pointed out in 2020 that a little over two months before the pandemic the WEF, Bill Gates and Johnson and Johnson held a “simulation” of a viral pandemic called “Event 201.” The outbreak they were simulating? Coronavirus. What a coincidence.

The one thing that I believe was unexpected for the globalists, the thing that derailed a large part of their agenda, was the low Infection Fatality Rate of covid. The Event 201 simulation predicted minimum of 60 million deaths from a coronavirus outbreak in the initial stages of the crisis. This obviously did not happen. They seemed to be operating on the assumption that many more people were going to die than actually did.

Covid Death Rate Of 3% Or More?

The manner in which the media, CDC and the WHO exaggerated the threat of covid cannot be forgiven. There was no evidence whatsoever to support the original claim that covid’s death rate would be 3% or more, and these organizations continued to lie about the threat covid presented long after numerous contrary studies were released.

As early as 2020, data showed that the median Infection Fatality Rate of the virus was a mere 0.23% (officially). Our government REFUSED to mention this number to the public and I do not think I have ever seen it mentioned in the media.

That’s right – The official survival rate for covid was always 99.8% or greater. Yet, people were led to believe that there would be bodies piled in the streets because no official agency and no mainstream journalists were willing to report on the real IFR. They WANTED people to remain afraid.

Millions Died In The US From Covid

This may be one of the biggest lies of all. Scientists and doctors are now admitting what many of us knew for a long time – That hospitals were declaring people dead from covid who had died by other causes. Studies now show that around 60%-70% of all covid deaths were “incidental”, meaning the patients had covid but died from a different cause, and they were marked as covid deaths anyway.

Does this mean that all doctors were in on a conspiracy? No, it just means that they were following systemic policies being implemented by the CDC. Even CNN’s top medical propagandist has admitted that covid deaths have been over-counted…she just admitted it two years too late.

Masking Works?

Masking makes no difference in the spread of covid. This should have been obvious from the fact that the states in the US with the strictest masking rules also had high rates of infection. However, while media outlets like the New Yorker were publishing articles making the case for “mask mandates forever,” an array of peer reviewed studies prove that masks are essentially useless against covid.

The debate is over, the science is in. The leftist mask cult can shut up now. They were wrong.

Masking And Social Distancing Outside Is Necessary?

One thing that I thought was utterly mind boggling was the implementation of mask mandates, distancing and lockdowns in outdoor places like beaches and parks. This defies everything we know about virology. UV light from the sun is a natural disinfectant and transmission of viruses in open air is incredibly low risk. Basically, it’s not going to happen.

I don’t think I saw a single doctor or scientist in the media bring up this fact, which has been known for decades. Some media outlets even lied about the effectiveness of sunlight in killing viruses like covid, arguing that the idea was false.

Why did governments and the media want people to believe that wearing masks outside was necessary? It makes no sense, unless you understand that it was not about science, it was about control. If you spent your days jogging, bike riding and walking in the park wearing a mask, you were well and truly duped.

Large Scale Lockdowns Work?

There is no evidence that lockdowns were effective it stopping the spread of covid. States with the harshest lockdowns also in many cases had the highest infection rates. Studies show that the effects of lockdowns on viral spread were negligible. China, a nation with some of the most draconian lockdown policies in the world, has encountered multiple widespread covid outbreaks in the past couple years. It’s time to take a hint.

Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated?

There was never a pandemic of the unvaccinated, this was leftist media and White House hype. Breakout cases, meaning deaths of vaccinated people, have been present ever since the vaccines were introduced. In fact, studies now show that the vaccinated make up the majority of covid deaths.

The Vaccines Reduced Infection And Death Rates?

There is no concrete evidence that the vaccines made any difference in the spread of the virus or in saving lives. The most aggressive infection and fatality rates from covid plunged in early 2021, months BEFORE the vaccines were widely distributed to the public. This suggests that the population was already developing herd immunity before the vaccines were introduced.

The majority of covid vaccine studies do not use the unvaccinated as a control group to show the effectiveness of mRNA products. So, vaccine efficacy is nothing more than a guess based on incomplete data. Studies outside of the pharmaceutical industry continue to show that natural immunity is far superior to the vaccines.

Covid Causes Heart Failure?

This is a lie spread by the mainstream media through their “covid heart” narrative. There is no such thing as covid heart and studies prove this claim to be false.

What Can We Learn?

The hailstorm of lies surrounding the covid pandemic teach us a number of things – We now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that future crisis events will be used as an excuse for the erasure of our freedoms. We have seen it first hand. The insidious measures we witnessed in western countries in response to people who refused to comply with mandates or vaccination on scientific and moral grounds showed us how precarious our civil stability truly is.

We learned, in the US at least, that conservative states were willing to stand up to the federal government and defy lockdown policies. This was after millions of people (mostly conservatives) put pressure on states to act, but we did prove that the public still has influence and that some states are willing to defend our rights.

To be fair, no one knew for sure what danger covid presented in the early days of the outbreak, but after it became clear it was a nothing burger, any political leader that continued to fear monger should be watched carefully.

Sadly, we also learned that there are millions of people who are willing to believe anything the government tells them as long as that government is aligned with their ideological biases. In America the majority of constitutional violations occurred in leftist controlled blue states and cities. Red states were mostly free, blue states were not. Red states abandoned mandates quickly while blue states tried to keep them permanently. This is just a cold hard fact.

By extension, while some people have expressed regret, it has become clear that a large number of leftists STILL refuse to admit they were wrong despite all the evidence that debunks their covid beliefs. In the end, for them, covid was about “winning” rather than being factually right.

The truth is, there is a sizable percentage of people who live vicariously through tyranny. They feed on scraps from the tables of authoritarians. These are the useful idiots we have long warned about in the liberty movement, and they were definitely on parade during covid, applauding the end of our country as we knew it and joyfully embracing Big Brother. When the next crisis erupts it’s not just the globalists we have to worry about, it is also the horde of leftist cultists and Karens anxious for another taste of power and willing to do anything to get it.

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