It looks like the Khazarian Mafia is finally launching their project Bluebeam fake alien invasion with all these public “UFO shoot downs.” This is just part of an ongoing space opera in the KM-controlled media. You can see 10 videos that are part of this show at the link below.

It would be funny except that the KM’s track record means they are likely planning to blame mass murders of civilians on “aliens.”

The only aliens we need to fight are demonically possessed “leaders” like the fake Joe Biden (even his granddaughter Ashley Biden is now saying he is dead), Justin Castrudeau, Benyamin Netanyahu and Emmanuelle Macron. That is why the arrest of these criminals is necessary to prevent further mass murder.

As a reminder to readers, I first started fighting the Khazarian mafia because they murdered many of my colleagues and tried to murder me to stop us from telling the truth. Now, they are trying to murder you and your families with vaccines etc. Do you get it now? Either we get them or they get us. It is perfectly legal to arrest on sight someone like Justin Castrudeau because he is a proven mass murderer who is actively trying to kill you and your family. Neutralizing these people is justifiable self-defense.

If you are still not convinced, look at all these patents for the diseases they have been trying to kill us with.

These criminals are especially dangerous now because they are facing the bankruptcy of their main enforcement tool, the United States of America Corporation.

This is now coming out in public. Brian Moynihan, the Chairman of Bank of America told CNN: “We have to be prepared for [a US sovereign debt default]”

BOA is one of the top shareholders of the Federal Reserve Board and its’ US Corporation subsidiary so, he has inside knowledge.

Another group of insiders, the Rothschild family, also made a move by delisting Rothschild & Co. “This was a compromise to keep what is occurring within The Family a private matter. There is serious reconstruction taking place and it is being overseen by the white hat alliance. It looks like a mutual agreement has been reached,” a Mossad source says. He notes “the Rothschilds said in their press release that Macron is ‘their boy.’”

An objective look at the facts, however, shows that what is really happening is that the Rothschilds are bankrupt and facing lynch mobs. The entire nation of France is in open revolt with demonstrations in over 300 locations after their puppet Macron announced he was stealing people’s pensions.

In Paris alone, 500,000 demonstrators marched against Macron.

The Rothschilds are also facing daily demonstrations of hundreds of thousands of people in their colony Israel as the Jews rebel against the Satanic KM overlords.

They have also been systematically kicked out of Africa, meaning they can no longer plunder that continent. Malian Foreign Minister Abdoulaye Diop, speaking for many African countries, said his country replaced French troops with Russian private security because: “As for France, we have come to all the conclusions,” he said. “This cooperation failed to meet the aspirations of the Malian people,” he added.

The Rothschilds and their partners in crime the Rockefellers, are also being kicked out of the Middle East and elsewhere.

In the Middle East, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has been creating a massive anti-KM alliance, that now includes Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Just last Sunday, February 12th, Russian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Serge Kozlov announced “Russia and Saudi Arabia have stepped up efforts to expand military-technical cooperation.”

Saudi Arabia’s former rival Iran, whose country was just simultaneously attacked by Azerbaijan, Israeland Ukraine, is now part of the planetary liberation alliance. Their President just went to China. “The Governor General of the Central Bank will accompany him with the aim of strengthening cooperation between the two countries in the banking field and negotiations in line with the opening of foreign exchange,” an Iranian source says.

KM slave driver Netanyahu “actually linked the topic of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and the current aggravation of Israeli-Iranian relations,” Russian government sources say.

You can be sure he has knowledge of the KM attack on Turkey with scalar earthquake weapons that killed over 50,000 innocent civilians. This was part of a failed attempt to intimidate Turkey back into obedience to the KM.

Russia also has such weapons but, unlike KM-controlled countries, they do not carry out mass murders of civilians. However, any further such attacks are likely to force them to retaliate by simultaneously destroying Tel Aviv and Geneva, FSB sources warn.

All this turmoil is taking place because the US Corporation missed a January 31st payment deadline and was given until this week to come up with the funds or be cut off. What this means for the financial markets is

that some sort of mega black swan event is likely. This may well involve a complete shutdown of the stock and bond markets as well as of the US government. This would be followed by a chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization of the United States. Bankruptcy usually leads to a change in management. Also, the US may well be merged with Canada and Latin America as a result of this reorganization,

However, different sources had different views of what will happen. A Secret Space Program source says “You will know by the Ides of March.” Asian Royal family and Polish intelligence sources also expect some sort of major announcement in March. A Canadian Secret Intelligence Service source expects something radical to happen on February 17th. Meanwhile, the head of MI6 is keeping radio silence.

We can be sure though that China is definitely not planning to finance the US any longer. Their government just put out a list of 20 countries the US has invaded since World War II ended. China urges all countries to “Never forget who is the real threat to the world. Was there outrage in the Western community about the United States? Were there loud cries of accusation? Have sanctions been imposed on the United States at least once?”

The Chinese have refused money-begging visits from US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. They are also not taking phone calls from Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

Even without Chinese money though, we must keep in mind the KM has also been very good at kicking the can down the road in the past. They may well have been able to access some funds from the Red Cross for “Turkey earthquake disaster relief.” Remember Haiti? The Clintons raised 500 Million and only built 6 homes.

Also, these clowns have already been faking things for a long time. Take a look at the 2 attached photos of Kamala Harris, her mask and the fake CGI Biden from the State of the Union speech last week. I wonder where it was really held? The capital building is completely fenced off with a 10-foot high fence.

In any case, we shall just have to wait and see how and when the US financial system implodes I guess. Implode it will though; that is a mathematical certainty.

However, what we do not have to wait and see for is the ongoing and very visible takedown of the KM power structures worldwide.

Here for example you can watch GOP Congressman Clay Higgins warn Twitter executives they may be arrested for interfering in the 2020 election.

In Denmark, over 50,000 people came out to protest the government increasing the defense budget so they can pump more weapons into Ukraine.

In the Netherlands, the office of the national broadcaster NOS was pasted over with stickers with the names of those who died from anti-coronavirus vaccines.

In Switzerland, activists forced the government to hold a national referendum to protect the use of cash. “Getting rid of cash…also carries a huge danger of totalitarian surveillance,” FBS (Free Switzerland Movement) president Richard Koller said.

Similar mass demonstrations are taking place in Spain, Peru, England etc. It is a full-blown slave revolt.


Of course, the KM is not going quietly into the night. They are still trying to start World War III. They used Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh to provide detailed proof US Navy divers laid bombs that destroyed the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea last September.

This was an obvious attempt to give Russia an excuse to start World War III. However, it will fail because the Russian, US and Chinese militaries have agreed not to start all-out thermonuclear war no matter what provocations the KM comes up with.

However, more limited war is a certainty. On that front Polish PM Morawiecki says “Poland is ready to take joint responsibility for the formation of a New World Order. Poland is ready to become one of the key links of a post-Imperial Europe.”

Polish intelligence sources say the country has closed its border with Belorussia and that Polish troops are fighting Ukrainian troops inside Ukraine. This means the partition of Ukraine has begun in earnest.

There is also a war brewing in Australia. A source there reports:

“The situation in Australia is very bad now. Prices for food, petrol, and household supplies are going up weekly. The citizens are losing their minds. All the vaxxed people have lost control. They are causing fights in supermarkets for no apparent reason. The police stand by and watch. There are car accidents every day in Melbourne.” He calls these incidents “vaxidents.”

He believes that there will be a revolution soon as the citizens can’t endure much more of the “turning of the screws against the people”.

He adds “Australia may be the catalyst that starts the worldwide revolution. Housing is at a standstill as the interest rates went from 3 % to 6% and people cannot make ends meet anymore. So banks are not making housing loans.”

To understand what kind of government the Australians are dealing with take a look at this video from the KM-controlled Australian government as usual. Is this a real person? Looks and sounds like a demonically possessed human robot.

The demon-possessed people are in other Western governments as well. Maria Leptin, president of the European Research Council, told the WEF that efforts to vaccinate the entire population should not be regarded as a scientific endeavor but as a war. WEF slave Castrudeau is thus still trying to force vaccines on Canadians.

Their Satanic servant Lula for his part says Brazilian citizens can only get financial assistance from the government if they are vaccinated.

This comes even as evidence the vaccines are harmful has become undeniable. That is why we need to take these people down.

If you are religiously inclined, it seems the KM in Brazil has provoked divine intervention because the statue of Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro was struck by lightning multiple times, after Lula’s vaccine announcement.

Okay, with that mention of otherworldly stuff, let us end with another look at project blue beam. We note this old article about the 1965 Gemini IV mission capturing a mystery white cylindrical-shaped object. Just in time for all the reports about cylinder-shaped UFOs being shot down.

Now China is in on the Blue Beam propaganda. As per China’s state mouthpiece The Global Times, their government is about to shoot down a UFO in eastern Shandong Province on Sunday.

This is what one of our UFO sources had to say about the recent rash of space news:

“The MSM and governments are making an effort to let us know about it, indicating that it benefits them to let us know about it. They are definitely covering up something very big that is about to happen.”

This “very big thing” may involve the religion card being played. Virtually all religions either worship aliens or believe in aliens and they don’t even know it:

Christianity – Worship Jesus – John8:23: “I am not of this world.”

Islam -The Prophet Muhammad was meditating in the cave of Hira by himself when the angel Gibreel (not from earth) descended (came down from above) to him and told him to “recite” or ‘Iqraa” the words of Allah (God).

Hinduism – Hindus hold that the cosmos is populated by numerous deities and spiritual beings — gods and goddesses, or devas [aliens] — who actively influence the world and who interact with humans.

So, on that note, here are the latest sightings of angels, djins, devas or UFOs, depending on your worldview:


1. Strange UAPS over Germany and Switzerland

2. A very fast-moving UFO

3. UFO drone over Wichita, Kansas 1-4-23

4. UFO over the Gulf of Mexico 12-29-2020

5. Similar Craft seen over Alaska and Columbia

Just remember this though folks, pie on your table is much more important than pie in the sky.




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  3. That statue has been hit many times it has a nickname 'lightning rod'. They can't just make a quake but they can enhance the quakiness of a place that is prone to quakes… but all that damage??? It is all bad construction. I live in a place that had an 8.3 years back and no damage other than a few cracks in my city in the mountains. My house is definitely safe up to 9.0.

  4. That Australian Equality woman is not real. Her voice is from an older woman and doesn't match that woman's education level. That is totally fake. and I'm Australian so I can be 100% sure it's CGI.

  5. Goofy!
    Anyone that believes that HAARP can cause earthquakes is misled to divert us back into their fake globe flying around space.
    The real reason why we see earthquakes is because the Natural movement of the Magnetic North Pole, it is most active every 2,ooo years.
    I was at a Catholic Mass recently and the priest was blessing the Communion, in his prayer he asked "Bless the Foundations of the Earth."
    We cannot have foundations flying around "Space"
    The reason why Rockefeller's are attacked is because they left their signature on this fact at the Historical, Cultural, Landmark in New York City, The Rockefeller Plaza. Installed in 1937 overlooking Saint Patrick's Historical Cathedral, the Bronze "Atlas" carrying the Celestial Vault. The North/South Axis of the Armillary Spere points towards the North Star Position relative to New York City. Again, proving we are Not flying around "space" the North Star = "Polaris" the only stationary star.
    Rockefeller Plaza also installed "Prometheus" in 1934 the Greek Legend, "Titan" who brought fire to mankind. This Golden "Prometheus" is encompassed with a Golden Ring that represents the Heavens above us & is inscribed with the Zodiac Signs, which are the 12 Constellations that never change throughout history, which proves again we are Not a planet flying around "space."
    Raise your heads to the Heavens above, this anomaly that we are witnessing happens every 2,000 years & they make up the "Mythology" stories of our ancient ancestors & what also is recorded in the Bible, that is what "Moses" Parable was about, he did Not command the Red Sea to depart, but there was some kind of phenomenon going on that allowed this group of people to cross into another land.
    What do they call what happened in Turkey, another "Grand Canyon" how do you think the one was formed in Arizona…

    • Goofy is correct. Benjamin wants us to believe that an alliance between Russia & Turkey who human traffics Russian Slavik women, Iran who oppresses their women & Saudi Arabi who works with United Arab Emirates who still exploit Africa, now for their gold, is a better alliance….
      Besides, your Khazar Mafia motto is not taking hold on the minds Benjamin, the Khazar king from a thousand years ago was based on a fictitious character, the Jews will tell you that. It was just another "story hour" from long ago to drive a lesson, that's what Parables, allegory's, Mythology's are. So put your Pen down & stop thinking your writing the next chapter in the "future," We have enough illusion's to deal with. At least our ancient ancestor's knew they were Parables, allegory's & Mythology.


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