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  1. The info in Elizabeth´s video message, that many UFO´s were present in America´s skies, lately, seems fantasy to a large degree. Whenever there´s a report online, and I´ve done some research, about the presence of UFO´s over America, a maximum of 5 is mentioned, taken down in one go. Possibly party balloons also. Remember? Un-identified Flying Objects? UFO = Unknown.

    Here´s a report from Paul Joseph Watson of Summit News, about the enormous amount of money, invested in shooting down harmless objects in the American skies:

    • Words now and have been still the Weapons of the Mind. (seeding – human brain accepts 1st thing heard and stores it) Remember 1 of my fav saying: "Man is commonly Stupid: Man can BE MADE TO BELIEVE ANYTHING HE IS TOLD!" They are using this spell cast format to perform just the effect they get 100% of the time. { Time we now know this and can Reject this input – Just Say NO! }.
      What is said by media specially of current is not to be tangibly trusted. Most are Psi-implants to cause chaos and immediately manipulate the viewer into "believing in a something that is or does not exit or happen" the use of Project Blue Beam as too 911 event was the 1st sample test of its visual holographic effect.
      They always lay blame on UFO/UAV type craft as Weather balloons. Whitley Strieber books presented other truths behind much. Try doing some research on issues given. ie: USA Nimits Navy Release. Our Current Weapon systems are in-effective to perform taking down any Off world Craft. They simply have better Tech! – can detect the thought of action to the one pulling the trigger and avoid any projectile. The Probes sent in our air space can dance any way they want against our tech.
      Take most with a grain of Salt. So much right now is a "Set-Up" as Elizabeth shares. Love her for such ground level and ease of her info. So much is fake but told to be real, for that emotional shock and awe imprint on our mind set.
      don't give in to the dark side! once this path is taken. well we all can back step and realize its BS.

      Forgive and forget these types and turn off the Feel meter and learn to know not all things said are true. Ask your heart 1st, Then ask the Universe. It might be hard but that Duality of a voice on the shoulder can share a better answer. Be skeptical analyze and filter this way. May share volumes as to what is, an what is not.
      We all have psi-Implants we have to learn to discard and erase these from our consciousness. trick or truth. We must decide. Best turn off the TV and media. Come back to it after a 30day break and things may start to show this indifference of words punched into our consciousness. Read "Bringers of the Dawn" Hard to start, try jump to pgs 18-22 and 57-63 for hints tips and queues. Pls try and read the whole thing. Also pls do remember we are inside our cranial capacity to know better. Everything told to us by these forms of media is a LIE. last point as too how much the spend is also a lie to cost to shooting it down. They just push that into their own pockets and laugh at us. Bigger fish story oldie but goodie. Works every time when you put enthusiasm behind it. Trick of the card.

  2. Start Praying together we can start to stand together and reject these wrongful doers, Ask these greater ones to help cleanse and purify this Mother earth and see it become as you finish your prayer. Start to love you neighbors more as your self. Your enemy more! Just give out love to all things and try do that 1st thing every morning and each nite before bed.

    -Stop Paying any Personal and Property taxes. -> Perfect timing Set on ALL our Door Steps: this will for sure have the greatest impact on this world and hurt them where it counts. Their own Pockets.

    least here in North America USA/Canada – Tax time to pay a hefty percent of last years income. If you still have some. Seniors they care not. Pay your pension taxes and die faster. is their chant.
    Think of that as a 1st time income earner to now how much tax have you paid by its always appreciating levels of higher taxes each yr. ? And over your my times of being a slave worker.
    And the milli/Billi-airs pay nothing in taxes and laugh at each interest check they see. and we get none.

    Poor are all that more poor. Middle income earners still hold the brunt of all levels of living and still get slaughtered with higher tax threats. Also getting cut down by the schmick of gaining taxes you pay from all your income. Its a Construct of math and that divi of dollar they created for this Slave Game they play it well and have everyone to believe its law. It is not it is actually in form illegal and they know not to stop it. Why would they! Money for Nothing!. Think of bank systems they own and loaning out for mortgage. They know you will pay it. Yet they created it of thin air.
    For they simply get more rich each year. Its free money Direct to their pockets. Similar all to CEO Greed. why does a CEO remain at a company/corp for 8 yrs – the last 4 they are taking greater bonus and more asset of that companies asset wealth to be a company. Simply move on to wreck another and do the same.
    A small tiny percentage tax "Ever goes to the Lands or the Improvements ie: Nothing to Homeless or other necessities that alone can go far into reality of action.
    Turn off your TV, Cancel your subscription Media Services. Get Rid of your smart phone and re-purchase a land line. Purchase a Burner phone. Keep both off unplugged until you need it.
    This might be for a year. But this too will overload their now 3rd owner country to have to deal with all the cancellations and re-Order process.
    No longer with their hacker groups attack any misfortunate soul by computer or verbal trickery. Stop purchasing Cig's and alcohol. More poisons are added to alcohol etc.
    Stop or lower your needs of those addictions as possible.
    Stop feeding your kids Sugar foods. Stick to Real Ground Grown Foods.
    Maybe cut back on the Me time and spend alot more with your kids/family.
    Stop going to movies and paying big for such. Think to what luxuries you have and if you pay into like a yearly subscription cut back or eliminate them for now.
    Its only for an effect to halt their flow of additional income. Cancel as much possible even if for 6months.
    Consider evaluating that additional time and refocus. Might see that it was a waste of time. Regardless the process they will have to burden with process will start to slow them down.
    Create Games and family venture. Help the Needy. Feed wildlife. Enjoy the pleasures of our lands. Stop being discriminate. It was one that started it "why play Lemming" and jump off a cliff by someone else "command" Stand strong. No one are aliens but to themselves. Color Cree does not matter. Actually my own aptitude. I love meeting and being with other Peoples they/WE all share and learn simply by being with each other. Try it. Break the mold that we have be glass bottled into.
    Did I not hear to mention Elisabeth in her share all we need do is Ask. Someone said. "I believe" I believe to know – not alien – simply great 10x 100x ancestors. They are watching us and they are seeing to wait for us to do these things "together" as a race of common people called Humans.
    Less all those other world protests and 100's and thousands are in the streets also rejecting. Tyranny Oppression Iron Fist Rulings.
    The Ottawa Truckers Every one a true brave Soul. As is all the other Strong Trucker legions out there to whom followed the Gesture!
    Yet mocked and shot down as worse than thieves in the nite by invented blame to act on them WRONG.
    Keep an eye at your door step and ward off badgers.
    Stop buying Gas for a whole week. That will cause a great ruckus of income for their pockets, team up and Car Jockey for the week month the longer the better. Obtain good car time chatting with the feature.
    Here's a beaut: Consider if you do work and in a department of a CORPORATION: Sync doing dept by dept Strikes . All call in sick 1 day a wk ALL of You! or more and rotate. Do it and see. Sure you like the boss and he likes you. But its time now sorry to share. We need to do something of similar nature to work against the Slave Grain of the Systems. All of them. At synchronized timings. You have to have the Solidarity to allow this to punch back. Walk off the job at circulating times of the day. Leave early daily. What they should be paying you and what they do.. Balance act. Always off I'd think.
    Stop your news paper's and news subscriptions. Its all fabricated anyways. What they want your eyes to force you to see. And you pay for this????
    They have created all this ramp up and levels of Evolved Tax systems and punched us all into their Slave role mold as they keep on doing. Accept it and accept their terms. (those will not be rewarding results to their choice they are making for us right now. Along they have taken your mind to their own and they are thinking for you as well. And you have no say in any part of their conclusion for you me or anyone else.).
    Say to yourself I will no Longer be a Slave any more. Jump into a closet back of the house close the door and scream those very words. many times if possible. (guarantee coming out you'll feel lighter than air)
    See to all the other similar things be creative and imaginative to find other dependencies you can stop or pull back on. Its a now choice and little by little they have slipping this all incredible taxes on us. We can start to slip back and pay less. Even that to a degree. income is 75k tax is 32k pay 7.5k and no more. as a math example. Certainly lot more to the 10% of income. (sure some will see this is almost impossible they drain tax out of each pay cheque.) but if you owe. pay 10% only of what you owe.. Think of the mail tag this will also burden them with. Try it. It sure will create an inner laugh.

    Sorry! Churches also say Give 10% to the lord. (they are placing themselves some in that roll. Think that 10% goes to word. Right into their pocket or gas up their jet or yacht/cabin/castle) guess again.
    Another Cloth over eye syndrome. Tiny few do care to help and speak good words, Source is always FREE. being the real omni-verse-Energies-Father-Creator-GOD. as a real title of value.
    The But of what happens to offerings. Is another hidden secret! Leave it at that.
    I believe by own experience there is a far far greater level of all intelligence Much Higher Spiritual Class of Ancestral Loving peoples.
    This surface of minds has not ever seen by the common man. The elites deal with off world types long time now and they feed each other. Darker and more dark action. Swap human DNA for Tech that can kill easier. As example.
    We can break their spells and castings and rule with good clear mind and pure thought. Believe in self ask your own heart to start all this action and ask for more guidance as to this Taxes 1 concept!. what is next ?
    Challenge: ! Close your eye's Empty your head. Think of beautiful blue white clouds. See this and hold that as long possible. Ask the universe for help guidance and support or anything?. Give it time and it "the grand universe" will start to share with you answers you seek. Pray this may lighten your heart and may answer in part what you ask of me. Graciously with Love .. Tim!
    PS: what is coming will be far greater reward than any delicious chocolate you may perceive.!

  3. If I were a channeler, I would keep my human nature alive and awake in the process. There´s nothing wrong with it, as long as we´re able to observe and know how to go about it, to secure a good broadcasting, a right wavelength. This tendency to separate the human and higher self aspects within us doesn´t sit right with me at all.
    About the shooting down of floating objects in the skies of America, aren´t these weather balloons? I haven´t heard from UFO´s falling from the skie after being shot at. It seems that more sightings of such objects in our skies are reported, nowadays. But there´s no news of crafts being shot down, as far as I´ve noticed.

  4. The "Eyes" Tell All. Is this Nice Representative of – xyz – race helping us. As is this a person or Highly advanced Android construct. Loaded with a far far level of common interfacing characteristics. All with abilities enabled to assist this Planet re-such tragic times of need.

    The eye's and movement do not look – "actually human! -mechanical-optics-". On the other side of great need. Think another 100 of these units if not already also placed around the globe adapt to language needs. Set in motion. Please in an immediate call out! "bring it on" the necessary help at Ground Level we need full support and strength.

    Will someone "Ever" take lead as to corrections the detection certainly is all very well known, yet the damage and carnage is still increasing. Also at an incredible "Lawless" rate. (these swamp creatures are simply doing as much destruction possible before they get swept away).

    To one or the many – seeing thru our times of Entertainment "Movies" the many are presented with such feature in mind – Star Trek nxt Gen. StarGate SG1 (someone mention 1st 2 seasons are pretty accurate per.) Jupiter Ascending. Another example of Android units for all good purpose in of use. Explanation in that movie" yes we all look the same its only the advantage of Technologies." And of course Time is the Element to grasp more.

    To what really by chimera!, orion groups the few operating to Influence trans-humanize our species not for such essential need and value to assisting daily life! But for another deepened slave race control and food fodder state. Certainly has an interest aspect to consider.
    So much is involved in that "Look Listen and Trust Within" as to so much is all before our own eye's yet our – Deepened Psi implants we all have been indoctrinated by. Will result in incorrect result to such informational presentations. The Many of "us" have certainly awakened up enough to start to see and know many things surrounding now our daily minds actions and inner spiritual features as too, obtaining download info, feelings and inner call to change, and more of what I like to call life. To a point is all about "Hints Tips and Queues" And to what are we paying attention with, and too, and what can we process to be learned as more an inner balance of acceptance. As True. This Dialog has also been passed prior as to a Proj BlueBeam display to tamper with minds and create another fake Lie.
    The candle wick is Both Ends Burning. When are we going to change this narrative to fully do this ourselves or are we simply awaiting "Special Star Alignments to alter their position" to set forth a universal Alignment of Harmony where the Light Shall Sweep thru in of its then sterilizing effect to Re-Polarize all to make that change. Action is necessary now on the ground level to implement such need to perform.

    • Hello Tim. When trying to read your comment and make chocolate of it, I ended it with this line`Action is necessary now on the ground level to implement such need to perform.`
      and thought `What´s your plan?`A hell of a long comment of words, followed by this line!
      What´s your plan of action?


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