Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about World Economic Forum head Klaus Schwab appearing to threaten anyone who pushes back against the Davos agenda; John Kerry getting a God complex from fighting climate change; Al Gore freaking out about financial investments in fossil fuels; Yuval Noah Harari wanting people to get ready to live in the virtual reality metaverse; Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla getting excited about microchips you can swallow to make sure you take mandated medicine; the latest news about the efficacy of the kids COVID vaccine; the new owner of the Miss Universe beauty pageant, Thai billionaire and transgender woman, Anne Jakrajutatip’s speech declaring that Miss Universe will now be about feminism; Scotland wanting to ban cars; Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough having a meltdown about people’s reaction to the talk of a gas stove ban; San Francisco announcing it’s plan for reparations for slavery with it’s proposal to give 5 million dollars to each of it’s African American residents; Eric Adams continuing to regret NY being a sanctuary city due to the amount of illegal immigrants that have come to NYC on migrant buses from border cities; Kamala Harris saying that there is no border crisis since we have a secure border; Matt Gaetz appearing on Timcast IRL to tell Tim Pool how the deep state recruits freshman members of congress; Robert Malone’s warning about the globalists; and much more.

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  1. history repeats itself – governments mechanically repeat historical lapse of same same. Every 100 yrs plus or minus, They make/create a plan of a control construct. All same format yet placed in by the current time of tools they have at hand. (at this time now, mankind has mastered the Technical phase of times. This now leads into a focused "Mechancial phase in time" And they plan to control every aspect of the remaining 500million left on the rock. Georgia Guide Stones Presented this plan back in the 70's. #1: rule the world less of 500 million. Hint then, Tip now. (possibly Orion Group Plan controlling these elites to Take over this planet puppet masters).

    Current time these few who own everything and now peoples minds/bodies the ability to completely rewrite the human DNA gnome code, crisper re-sequence to produce a known characteristic by this gene editing to create a new force of bio-mass. (by their term a biomass they can directly impose (program) input and output to create their own 'uman controlled robot. Even other post this Yuri Harari chap – Quote: "humans are now a hack-able object" we can completely hack and remodel the human". "Queue".
    In Other Words as content presented "Play their own god be god and manipulate their human affects on other humans as they are their own god syndrome" Rather Sick unbalanced and none human thinking (soul-less) and treatment to all the rest of the planet.
    Remember a Computer is only as good as to what programs is Input to Run to obtain correct output results. The Code Factor. add a virus to the code to deliberately set to upset normal computation, malware in the brain to cause a different effect or back door into the brain and hack it control it manipulate it in all forms as if it is the one Genuine Human itself. REMOTE CONTROL. Buzz Click! the flash gordon construct. metropolis.
    Now think if humans are to become Cyborg Borg like Computer Robots standing on a charge Pod, Or living inside a Capsule plugged into Their Neural electrical and nutritious networks as they put it. Chemical swamp petrol-goo. Stimulated by big-pharma designed chemicals.

    The Meta-verse will be the temptation to think, all life as one may think to have current freedoms to which is only 3D glasses "an Illusion". ( They can subliminally program via overlays, like news media tv and all – they program what they want you to view all the same as the now current programming methods. Implants are already in place to the common TV viewer. And they know nothing of this. Sleepers they have become!). ref "Bringers of the Dawn" free pdf to read.
    Have a negative response to that – midplay of this the one lady mentioned Garbage. Their Interpret you don't like it and respond. You again will not be able to respond. The Termination click already sensed that thought an just eliminated you. Pen is greater than the sword. Now the mouse click or array DB of Preset Responses detects such thought. End a whole bank of 'umans. in a nano-second. Seems a quick method to reduce the 8billion populace to cherry pick the few 500mill they keep for super slave title becoming. Simply greasing the pavement as they say no more gas stoves ownership of cars. The DBDC bank system – control how you access your own money. Yes for a short time. then next will steal rob every person of their everything 2030 you will own nothing and be Happy. 'queue'

    This will be their new freedom they set onto the you, me and all. This appears all similar reply of the 30's once again. Just a new flavor of distopian control constructs now with a setting of current law-less instability. Easier to influence. The psi-op evil_spell_casting, of slipping in an implant to reciprocate insurrection by later response under another influence to fully take control over all.
    "Subliminal programming(mk-ultra) " at its best. The much leaking of the oil-pan is already in oozing motion.
    The constructs of recreating metal on metal 1930's up thru to igniting WWII. Once again control of one or small group of fork tongue advocates (KM types) to action on the all people of the world.
    Its actually here already, by a sheen of cellophane window actively in motion. 'may I repeat'

    The Structure was shown by the attendees start of this Video post these are the generals the SS the Additives/ranks participating by this group of thinkers, actively producing the new tomorrow and how we all shall slip into capsules for life suspension, as by how 'umans shall continue "Their Terms their Plans".
    Infestation, a rash to take over all things comes to mind.
    Future terms by 'davos group' in this Meta-Verse or In a Jar these mind choices they are up front sharing. (that will be all the similar as one might think to watching a normal episode of the Twighlight Zone) Don't touch that dial, we control the vertical/horizontal and Audio we present to you and "YOU WILL OBEY". Or click Turned off deleted.
    The structure parallels mad scientist with brains in a jar on a shelf in a lab. "The Oblivian" like "Pre-Cogs Pre-minds-thinkers". hunger games was said this is the now almost by lockdwns masks etc.
    Nano Tech in the inoculations was/is the setting for the plan. The miss of info would have been to reflect on the many injury as they call it. another eugenics -sterilization. Lots missing info that could have filled in more blanks between segment.
    Another Great LIE and sorry for those who obtained such "devils tongue" lies of deceit. I pray to a miracle mankind will learn all too fast of this and Wake Up.


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