Why are people around the world unable to withdraw money from their banks? Are we in for a “bail-in,” meaning banks “borrow” from citizens to bail themselves out? It is not unprecedented. It has happened in more than 11 countries in recent years and very well could be coming in the U.S. and Europe.

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  1. What's worse? Fauci's bioweapons used on over 2 billion people and killing children.
    Documented by Dr. David Martin on Bitchute. another eye that is blind by MSM, and our government.

  2. We're spending our dollars as fast as we can to build an off-grid garden-farm where we can produce all our own life-sustaining food, water and power. There are off-grid communities that make this easier.

  3. It is only getting worse, as time goes on! For 2 decades now all the HELL that has been unleashed on the American People, indeed on the Whole World, is an attempt to deflect, delay, postpone, ignore a Real Investigation into, who are/WERE the Demonic Creatures, the Undertakers of the 'Greatest Crime EVER', in the US History on our own soil, the 'Controlled Demolition' FALSE FLAG Attack on '9/11/2001'! The Enemies of America, Foreign and DOMESTIC have murdered some 3000 innocents, mostly American Citizens, yet the US Congress has been Investigating 'everything under the SUN' in the past 2 decades, but dared not to touch, investigate the Murder of some 3000 American Citizens, on our own soil? Why is that? What are the Senators, Representatives afraid of?Was the Crime for the Ages, on '9/11/2001' in any 'way or form', an INSIDE JOB? We must find out? Shame on the Presidents, Members of Congress, the DOJ, the FBI, the CIA for not having the balls, spine, PATRIOTISM to touch '9/11'!!


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