Is Crop Circle Complexity Rising with Human Consciousness?
by Jeffrey Ashur

What are Crop Circles? Enigmatic geometric forms mysteriously embossed into cereal crop fields of Wiltshire England and beyond invite us to harvest a phenomenal gift: the wonder of Crop Circles. It has been said that Crop circles are scientifically proven to be manifestations of energy under intelligent guidance. The flattened vegetation, which mysteriously has appeared arguably since antiquity, carries distinct geometry. They most often span a sizable chunk of field (approximately 100-900 ft wide). (ref Crop Circle Secrets).

Since about the late-1980s, a time that we may consider the inception of their modern-day
manifestation, we find that they’ve resembled more complex pictograms and even messages decipherable as computer code (ASCII). Pretty much all authentic formations exhibit coherent geometric patterns.

Crop circle discovered at Alton Barnes in England in June 2004 (Photo courtesy Temporary Temples)

When measuring features inherent to the geometry, we discover that distances, angles, and numbers can obey certain intriguing relationships. Coincidentally (or not so coincidentally) some are equal to fundamental quantities in our reality such as the  diameter, circumference, and distance between the earth, moon & sun. Certain features of one formation to the others have also  been related to the pitch ratios of the diatonic scale. Where have we seen these relationships show up before? Let’s refer to a study of the great pyramid of Giza) along with megaliths like Stonehenge and others across the globe. Curiously, symbols from multiple traditions, civilizations and eras also spring up into these
formations. (ref – measurements of the pyramids).

Mayan Motif at Silbury Hill near Avebury, Wiltshire, 5th of July, 2009. (Ref TemporaryTemples )
Crop Circle at Echilhampton Hill July 24th 2022 ( Ref )

How a broad domain of symbols is incorporated further suggests the circle makers’ awareness of human events and traditions through the ages.

Closeup of Crop Circle at Echilhampton Hill July 24th 2022 (Photo Courtesy of Cropcircle Connector Groundshots )

A closer look at the construction reveals swirling patterns in the lay of the crop. More surprisingly, thatched and weaved stems further drive us to the realization that these patterns are extremely difficult if not impossible for humans to create – by hand or with any state-of-the-art technology – in the time frame of a single night.

Many people consider them evidence of extraterrestrial visitors’ attempts to communicate with us in their advanced language – a language of symbols. There have also been clear efforts to persuade the populous that they are man-made by showcasing sloppy formations, some by 2 guys declaring they stomped them out with 2 strings and a board. Going with the former interpretation of their origins, we may start an investigation that leads us deep down the rabbit hole… on a journey that might just lead to a profound discovery.

In comparison to major investigations by Steve & Karen Alexander, Freddy Silva, Collin Andrews, Pat Delgado, John Mitchell, Michael Glickman, Lucy Pringle, Terri Wilson, Dolores Cannon and a multitude of other brilliant researchers, this article will merely serve to stimulate an interest in some aspects of these wonderful designs while posing some salient questions.

When did they start?

As far as we can tell, these formations have been around since antiquity. A multitude of such accounts exist in the ancient literature including cave drawings, documented stone carvings, eye witness accounts, descriptions referenced in literature, and historical drawings right up through modern times.

The book by Terry Wilson “The Secret History of Crop Circles…” chronicles an abundance of unusual appearances of circles in crop fields, then unexplained. When we examine and compare those tales with our present-day experience of these formations, they undoubtably conform to the crop circle phenomenon we see in present day. For example, in 1963 Farmer Roy Blanchard on Manor Farm reported a “crater” that appeared in his wheat field summoning the army bomb disposal unit and UFO hunters believing a flying saucer had crash landed there. Going back further, we find perhaps one of the best-known drawings in a woodcut dating back to August 1678 titled “Strange News out of Hertfordshire and a picture showing the “Mowing Devil” felling crops in what seems swirled stocks.

(From The Secret History of Crop Circles: Terri Wilson)

And countless more reported stories of incidents closely resembling the crop circle phenomenon: circles laid in swirling patterns in characteristic single or multiple circle patterns, appearing mysteriously without human sources “claiming ownership”. The circles of old carry some of the basic elements as modern-day ones, albeit nowhere near as elaborate in design as the very complex formations discovered annually from 1990 onwards. (ref -Terry Wilson: Secret History of Crop Circles)

Our awareness in the modern era really picked up around the early 80s with elevated activity especially in the Wiltshire England area that drew the attention of a greater audience than just locals. In the advent of 20th century telecommunications and aerial photography, we’ve enjoyed a far easier time in the observation and dissemination department. So, at the outset, some simple designs appeared to whet the appetite of the collective for this curiosity. Early-on, they appeared as simple circles, accompanied by other circles with specific size, distance, orientation and positioning that indicated intelligence and intention. Recordings of the phenomenon in days of old strongly suggests that crop
circles are definitely not a recent innovation.

The image of 4 smaller circles surrounding a center larger circle (fig 1) appeared in the 1950s in Heytesbury, Wiltshire England in sugar beet. It was the first known quintuplet in this area although details are lacking. Many single circles also appeared around that time according to other anecdotal evidence.

There was also an event reported by a Mrs. Bishop who recalled seeing the formation around 1960. She described a classic triplet (fig. 2), with the three circles connected by a straight avenue. It appeared in fields adjacent to the A272 road, in the heart of Hampshire ‘circles country’.

(Fig. 3)

As we can see from this collection of drawings, the designs were simple involving only circles and the occasional avenue connectors.  Although a rare occurrence, the triangle shows up as well (fig 3).

(Fig. 4)

From this collection, we see that not much changes in the 1980s however there seems to be more variation in how the center circles are surrounded. It is important to take note of the relative sizes, distances and number of satellites which we will find significant when subject to analysis (fig. 4). (ref – Terry Wilson: The Secret History Of Crop Circles)

Who made them?

That is the age-old question which merits deep exploration by both the novice and the adept.  As of today, the circle makers go unidentified.  And certainly, in ancient times, it was nearly impossible to view these from altitude as we routinely do today which would offer clues to their means motive and opportunity perhaps for humans to create them.

In the 90s, there have been eye witness reports of strange orbs hovering over the fields rendering their design in the crop below in rapid action. (YT Orb video).   Some have also heard strange sounds accompanying them in their moments of creation. There is even footage buttressing the case of such events. (ref -TemporaryTemples video)  However with an agenda of resistance to the idea that these are not man-made, we find clear efforts to deceive and an abundance of disinformation emerging around the topic.  This assertion is said with conviction because overwhelming evidence exists showing measures taken to misdirect the populous from concluding they originated from an intelligent source beyond present-day human capability.  To affirm the existence of such (ET) beings among us, would effectively deflate the power-wielding elite controllers.  Maybe it sounds a bit conspiratorial however, when you peel the onion skin back just one layer, you quickly see that there is no other explanation.

In fact there is interesting channeled information buttressing the case that multiple ET races have come to perform their art on the field canvases of Wiltshire and beyond. Freddy Silva in his book Secrets in the Fields, presents the highly gifted clairvoyant, Isabel Kingston who in 1982 brought forward profound insights about the crop circles:    

  ” You ask the meaning of your circles in the fields… You have been made aware of the presence of the Watchers.  Watchers is a name of a collective intelligence which guides you mortal humans.  It’s an intelligence from outside the planet, linked to angelic beings, part of cosmic consciousness. We have been coming for years and years and this has happened many times before.  We’ve been linked with humanity to bring the power necessary to build the New Jerusalem.  Your country [Britain] lies in the center of the great pyramid of light which encircles your world, and the energies of the Watchers bring love through magnetic channels.  

   ” The pyramid of power which surrounds [Britain] is the key, in your words, a button to press, to activate.  You’re the immune system of your planet, the healing system which will create the changes, but also there are other keys which will need to be activated. This country is a testing ground, it has to be right before the whole can be lined up with other dimensions. Things changing at Stonehenge, a field of energy is above the stones. [Some crop] circles are the exact dimensions of Stonehenge. Circles have appeared as a blueprint for humankind to mark that place as a place of power — it’s as though those places are being unlocked. Centers are being awakened. It’s part of the Plan. 

   ” Your Silbury Hill lies in a field of energy which is an area which draws cosmic power.  There are ley lines running through the earth, and at various points, lines of power are energized. It has happened mostly in this part of the country.  Similar circles have appeared in other countries.  There have also been energy healings to Peru, the Himalayas and the West Coast of America – all places set down many Earth years before.  We have come many times but humanity’s awareness did not recognize the signs. 

   ” This ancient land holds the balance; it is the key to the world. Many of these [sacred sites] are being cleansed, as if made bright, so that they are channels of the new energy. Many lights have been placed there, but it’s as if it needs a cosmic force to actually turn the switch. It is right for many groups to tend the lamp and get ready for the input of power.

   ” In all things you are linked – an invisible web joining all to all and us to you.  Therefore, work is done for those who may be weaker links in the chain. Spiritual power, power from other dimensions, is drawn down to the Hill of Silbury – the word sil derives from the word which means Shing Being. It is the hill of the Shining Beings which showed themselves to the ancient seers and started the work in earnest. The temples that remain were in fact meant to last until this cataclysmic time in Earth’s history. Therefore, the foundations were laid to help humanity at a later date. The building of the Hill of Silbury was directed by the Watchers. 

   ” The circles at Silbury [1990] – the Watchers helped with this, but this time there are also elemental aspects involved, because this is what is important at the moment. We have in fact to a degree stabilized the planet, but now the natural elements need help.  

   ” The energy has been put through [crop circles] through thought-processes, with light beams, rather like your national grid system, so we input power into the Earth’s grid. This is to stabilize the energies in the Earth, to stop the Earth destroying you. You have been told of the purpose of the Hill of Silbury: if we placed the circles elsewhere, you’d not have recognized the connection between the energy of ancient sites and that of crop circles.  

   ” It is an intelligence of elemental energy which is linked to other solar systems. You cannot conceive of the energy relayed at this time, but you have experienced sound waves transmitted at high frequency. Change the tempo of the sounds and in this will emerge the code. We will be giving different sounds at this time. It is affirmation of facts which is necessary. You have physical form: matter has form in its being. Matter is not just energy and light, but also molecular formations. There’s a printout being shown in the circles; therefore, you’re being given the body of a form. Each entity shows itself in the formation, therefore you can communicate with these.    …

Additional information has come forward from Swaruu of Erra in an Odysee post also providing a different perspective on the circles.  She asserts that one purpose for them is to offer time/space navigational aids for a variety of Extraterrestrial beings  ; the circles are given a particular design as time  markers for them (ref  Crop Circles Main Purpose – Short Chat with Swaruu of Erra – Odysee video  / Transcript ).  So one could surmise that If the beings who made these were to live on Earth, then they’d certainly be unavailable on our FB friends list.  (Andy Thomas  YouTube post )

Do they carry messages and what do they mean?

If you were to ask a veteran circle researcher, they’d most likely assert that any message conveyed by a given circle is personal.  That is to say that we each experience them in our own unique way.  Due to our individual associations with image and symbol accumulated through our formative years, each of us sees things differently than one another.  Essentially, we associate a symbol and shape with our own life experience with them.  For example, a triangle takes on a different meaning to different people. While one person associates it with a tooth in a saw blade, another may see it as a slice of pizza.  Perhaps oversimplified, we recognize the very different feelings each association evokes.

While symbols carry a greater message than the written word occupying the same space, it is reasonable to say that crop circles communicate far more in their design than the written word. Let’s say for the moment that they invoke feelings inside of us.  When we gaze upon them, many say they evoke feelings of beauty, intrigue, love merely through the clever geometric patterns stemming from intelligent design.  In a way, we marvel at how cleverly the designer incorporates positioning, number and feature sizing which seem to follow significant ratios and relationships.   For instance, when two circles’ comparative areas equal the Phi ratio (ref – Phi ratio in geometry) while being separated by the same ratio, not only do we find it interesting but somehow it generates a beauty in the coincidence of it all.  Of course, that is quite a simple example so now imagine more than a handful of such coincidences coming together in such a beautiful geometric pattern.   Now the intrigue and beauty become undeniable.  Let’s view one of the clearest examples in the depiction of fundamental number in math:


Barbury Castle, Wiltshire, on 1 June 2008
(Ref – Lucy Pringle)

Notice how cleverly the value of Pi is encoded into the above formation.  Some would call it a thing of beauty.

Speaking of beauty, let’s pause for a moment and just ask ourselves, what is the difference in the sensation of intrigue and beauty?  Or Intrigue and gratitude?  Or perhaps intrigue and love?  In my humble opinion one tends to feel these sensations in the same place in our body with not much if any difference in the feeling itself.   So just for the sake of argument, let’s explore where this feeling leads us.   Presume that these feelings crowd out other less intense feelings so that high vibe thoughts rise to the surface of our cognitive mind.   These feelings   bring us into a resourceful state (as Tony Robbins would call it) that can invite a breakthrough, an epiphany, a release or realization of some kind.  It may be subtle or profound.  By this process, the forms speak to us in ways that transcend words.  After all, they are symbols.  And thus, it is evident how they communicate at-a-glance feelings rather than words.

Now let’s consider how the subconscious responds to crop circles’ geometric designs.  In this modern era, we often employ communications that are encoded in many different ways.  It is known that an FM radio signal carries not only the music or voice but also has embedded in it control information that divides the music into its individual Right & Left stereo channels… thus the signal  is encoded with more information than what meets the ear.  In much the same way, the beauty of the crop circles carries such codes which affect us subconsciously.  Digging deeper into this idea, consider that each cell of your body exhibits consciousness of its own.  Now we can site researchers such as Dolores Cannon who asserts that the designs of the circles actually speak directly to our DNA at a level that our cognitive mind cannot comprehend.  (ref – Dolores Cannon crop circle lecture video on YT).  As we forego the act of figuring it out, some effect may yet be taking place that we can attribute to just gazing at the patterns.

Does anything interesting happen inside a crop circle or if we simply see a picture of it?

At this point we can site the effects and events as reported by people who’ve experienced the crop circles physically.   First off, those with photographic equipment (video cameras, etc) find their batteries rapidly go flat when entering the formation in the field.  Communications devices suffer the same tragedy or even become damaged.  On the brighter side of things, people have reported spontaneous healings within the circles, for example, aches & pains disappear or a chronic disease has been dissolved.  Further indicating some energetic effect created in the physical space of the circles, some people may have felt dizzy or uneasy, even nauseous in the space of particular crop circles.  (ref – Secrets in the Fields, Freddy Silva)

Andreas Müller uncovers ancient accounts that speak of many circles known in southern Africa, possibly over thousands of years. The circles would appear there in the fields during those times of antiquity, and tribes would recognize it as a space created by the heavenly beings. The Shaman and healer, Credo Mutwa was quoted in an earlier book in the following:

“These circles were an amazing sight to see. The gods never cut the stalks of corn or millet when they form these depressions.

It appears as though a great circular, disc-shaped force has descended on the field. It pressed the corn firmly into the ground, without breaking the stalks or damaging the plants. Then the force appears to spin, resulting in the strange spiral appearance of the fallen stalks. Words cannot describe such a phenomenon, which I have seen more than thirty times in the course of my life as a traditional healer. Whenever a circle appeared in the fields, the people rushed to erect a fence of poles around the circle. They would dance and perform other sacred rituals honoring the star gods and the Earth Mother.” (ref – OldCropCircles-Africa)

This act seems a dramatic departure and flies in the face of the uncertainty that prevails about them in our present day “modern” civilization. Could they have honored these fields because there was some healing effect there as well? And might they have been gifted to them for this purpose?

After all that we’ve discussed so far, a pretty fantastical idea comes to the surface:  a geometric pattern can actually affect matter and cause physical changes even in the human body. How can we reconcile such a connection? Do we respond to residual radiation (detected in the ground by site researchers (ref – Levengood and Haselhoff) infused at the moments of formation? Or perhaps we look to another mechanism that gives rise to this phenomenon? Circling back to what Dolores Cannon teaches in her lecture on crop circles, the patterns speak through symbology directly to our DNA.  (ref – Dolores Cannon on Crop Circles)

Is it possible then that our DNA receives messages or signals that cause it to reconfigure itself to achieve homeostasis without physical manipulation or application of medicinal products? Is consciousness at various levels of our being involved in this process? Also, isn’t it true that the double-helix of the DNA in conscious cells derives from a pentagonal structure? (ref –  GoldenSection in DNA)

Without attempting to figure out the mechanism of how circle designs influence our DNA, I will raise an interesting idea about light.  Separate sources of light propagate and mix to render different visual effects i.e.., Red and Blue light yields what we perceive as Magenta light.  So, might it be possible that when the design of one form meets another form, (for example the image of a crop circle is incidental on the geometric structure of DNA), it will give rise to a change in form, possibly with improved qualities? This question can lead to a discussion towards deeper aspects of sound, light and consciousness.

Of course, that all relates to where the image is directly visible to the cells. But what if rather than being visible, cells were to be communicated with via thought or feeling?  To round out this talk about an image changing the physical, let’s consider where the savoring of a beautiful image causes an upwelling of euphoria and apply the adage “as above, so below” or, “your inner world creates your outer world”.   According to this spiritual doctrine, the internal conscious process of perceiving and feeling beauty internally invites the same experience of beauty to materialize in our external world.  Thus, a transformation takes place… often in the form of a healing.

Why have they lately become more complex? 

As the seasons wore on, we can see their complexity started to grow from simple circles to satellites and rings.  And from there we see arrangements of overlapping circles that started to join, nest and overlap, making Vesica Pisces among other things. (ref – Terry Wilson -Pictures of 1980s).   As we move into the 90s, we found more and more complex formations appear with beautiful detail that gave them texture and depth.  We began to see a progression emerge within a season.

Some of the early observers/researchers measured their dimensions to discover that significant ratios were present in them not only within each formation but also from formation to formation.  One quality of the forms we also started to see was what looked like 3D images mapped into the flatness of 2D fields. Confounding attempts to explain away them as man-made or perhaps the result of some random weather event, it seemed the circle makers responded by infusing more and more impossible complexity. Even fractal formations showed up by the time we reached the 90s taking the formations to new heights of complexity. (ref – Julia sets 1996)

Now we can move on to address the deeper question: why has their complexity increased year after year?  To address this question, let’s first recognize an obvious truth in that humans have grown technologically.   Also, in the research such as that of David R. Hawkins and Robert Monroe, we have grown in our understanding in the nature of consciousness.   We’ve also made strides in psychology as well in the work from the likes of Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and all the way to Milton Erikson, to name just a few.  Their work has fueled our growth as evidenced in the wealth of life coaches captained by Tony Robbins.   Could it be because human consciousness has advanced enough to appreciate the formations now? Or might we be witnessing an intelligent progression pre-planned by the circle makers? Perhaps are they leading us to a higher awareness and benefits that go along with it?

Getting back to the augmenting complexity of the circles, we’ve seen them grow from simple to complex, exhibiting the nature 1-ness, 2-ness, 3-ness, etc. … and growing into elaborate constructions including complex geometric patterns.  Considering the numeric basis of these designs, we can’t help but to bring into mind our associations with numbers and the feelings they elicit in us.  As a means of bringing more depth to our exploration of numbers in the formations, let’s consider the spiritual meaning of the numbers 1 – 9.

Here’s a brief rundown of number’s spiritual meaning as generally accepted by many cultures throughout history…

0 – Void, unmanifest potential, the womb or circle encompassing totality, symbolic of Spirit or God.

1 – Individuality,  unity, it can symbolize source or the universe, may be associated with leadership, strength, or confidence.

2 – Duality, polarity, partnership & harmony or opposition & adversity, yin & yang, life & death, good & bad, masculine & feminine.

3 – Divinity that underlies life, mind/body/spirit, birth/life/death, past/present/future, trinity, associated with luck or flow.

4 – Stability, physical world, groundedness or calmness, stability.

5 – Creativity, Manifestation, life, human form, joy and bliss, the elements, may be associated with change.

6 – Balance between Earth and Spirit realms,  seeing, intuition or clairvoyance, service to others.

7 – Magical, associated with Wisdom, awakening & synchronicity; odd number that unlike others 1-9 isn’t evenly factored into 360 (the degrees in a circle)

8 – Auspicious, Equalizer or balancer, unites conscious & unconscious, infinite abundance, prosperity, empowerment, or inner strength.

9 – Fulfillment, Wisdom, higher consciousness, gateway to Enlightenment.

It is important to know that we can associate number with our own life experience. So, it would be a useful exercise to contemplate the meaning of each number and what it means in your own life.  It will offer you deeper insight into the forms based on a given number.  For example, 2-ness may conjure up associations of romantic love or on the other hand a competitive relationship.

A more thorough understanding of how we perceive numbers in a spiritual or metaphysical sense can be gained from studying a few additional references:

Once they reached that level of complexity, we see an even more varied collection of geometry forming pictures and varying number-ness as the years marched past the ‘80s.

The Eastfield Pictogram at Alton Barnes near Devizes, July 1990 (Ref TemporaryTemples )

This pictogram ignited the study of crop circles in earnest as the formations no longer confined themselves to simple circles and lines but rather launched into more abstract images.

The Barbury Castle Crop Circle in Wiltshire, July 1991 (Ref TemporaryTemples )

The formation at Barbury Castle may go down as perhaps the most famous of all crop circles due to its unique beauty and possible basis for a free energy device that captures energy out of the quantum field.

They eventually blossomed into formations breaking stride in the 90’s as complex fractal formations.  Fractals are patterns that arise from the solution to complex mathematical equations involving feedback and feedforward relationships (ref Fractals).  In 1982 Benoit Mandelbrot offered a definition of this phenomenon : “A fractal is a rough or fragmented geometric shape that can be split into parts, each of which is (at least approximately) a reduced-size copy of the whole.”[1] Fractal patterns with various degrees of self-similarity have been rendered or studied in visual, physical, and aural media[17] and found in nature.  They became well known in the advent of rising computational power of the computer.  Once a computer was trained on the solving of a complex equation and plotting thousands of iterations, a savvy programmer could generate high-resolution fractal images.  (ref fractals / Mandelbrot).  With a seed element shape, synthesis of a fractal into a high resolution can only be achieved with high-speed data processing platforms, further adding to curious timing of these designs’ appearance in the fields.

Mandelbrot Set crop circle near Ickleton, Cambridgeshire, UK, in 1991. (Ref TemporaryTemples )

Here the 5-ness intrinsic to this design shows up as 5 concentric peripheries with 5 characteristic features surrounding a single circle.

Telegraph Hill, near Winchester, Hampshire, 12th June 1995 (Ref TemporaryTemples )

Circles depicting more the intrinsic 5-ness subsequently show up along the way in Wiltshire…

Kingsclere, Hampshire, 15th July 1995
(Ref TemporaryTemples )

This 5-ness in the Goodworth Clatford field incorporates fractal qualities which will show up in all its glory when the subsequent Julia set formation appears in July of that year.

Goodworth Clatford, Hampshire, 15th May 1996
(Ref TemporaryTemples )
The Julia Set Crop Circle near Stonehenge, July 1996
(Ref TemporaryTemples )

Additionally, symbols of different cultures have cropped up in the designs. Weaving in such symbolism reveals the circle makers’ acute knowledge of cultures around the world.  We may even wonder if they respond to current events occupying the minds of the collective.

Etchilhampton Hill, Wilts 2022
(Ref TemporaryTemples )

There have also appeared shapes and patterns seemingly invoked or influenced by notable figures in the crop circle research community.   Researchers such as Collin Andrews have documented a similarity to patterns in their thoughts and meditations.  So not only have the complexity of patterns been ballooning but also the door has seemed to open to sentient humans directly influencing and inviting the circle makers to draw their patterns on the canvas of the cereal fields of Wiltshire and beyond. In an article posted on Collin Andrews’s site,, the events leading up to the appearance of such a design is described.

“In two separate incidences both Colin and pilot Busty Taylor predicted actual events; Colin had dreamt of a Celtic cross pattern, never before seen. The following morning a local farmer telephoned him to report a Celtic cross crop circle had materialized in a field beside Colin’s home. In Busty’s case, he had been doing aerial reconnaissance with a colleague when he remarked, “all we need right now is to see all the designs that have appeared so far rolled up into a Celtic cross.” The next day he flew over the exact same field where 24 hours earlier he had uttered this remark and below lay a perfect Celtic cross.” 

This article goes on to describe Steven Greer’s psychic interaction with the circle makers in conjuring up the logo of his CSETI group.

“In 1992 a scientific experiment was conducted to see if some type of subconscious communication was indeed going on between certain individuals and the Circle makers. In a closed experiment by Steven Greer/ C.S.E.T.I., four researchers, and psychic Maria Ward, the team agreed to project a design. Sitting at night at the summit of Woodborough Hill in Wiltshire (which coincidentally stands on a geodetic line connected to Avebury stone circle), the group spontaneously agreed to project a pattern consisting of three circles arranged in triangular fashion. Maria suggested adding straight lines to the center of each circle at the last minute. Upon agreement the thought sequence began. 

The following morning a report came in of the projected image having materialized some miles away as a crop circle, below Oliver’s Castle (also on a major geodetic line). The match was identical. Mathematician Gerald Hawkins, who had already proved that certain crop circles contained geometrical theorems based on Euclid, proved this crop circle contained a diatonic ratio, a mathematical relationship never found in hoaxed patterns. But the story doesn’t end there. Across the Atlantic, a gentleman in New York State had previously contacted CPRI about a dream on June 28 that a crop circle consisting of three circles connected by three paths within an equilateral format would appear in England on the 23rd July. This was indeed the same pattern that was discovered on the morning of the 24th during the CSETI/CPRI operation.”   ( Ref )

Indeed, there may have been many who have created a design and communicated their request for the manifestation of a crop circle.  In order to achieve their objective, they may meditate on the desired image with the intention of causing the creation of the design. They may simply have had a dream of a formation – raising the question was it pre-cognition? Or is it their own design envisioned by their subconscious in a dream.  Or perhaps, they have created an image as an art form that’s gained popular recognition in our culture and with the energy of this image in the minds of many – including the circle makers – the circle makers bring it into being.  However, proof of the direct response by the circle makers is always subject to review since there are many who could be imparting similar forms into the field that were reproduced in some form by the circle makers.

In one compelling story, a crop circle experiencer in San Antonio Texas area, Ed Conroy, performed his meditation on a form to find that the design had been embossed in the grass of his front lawn the next morning. (ref – from K. Alexander Crop Circle Exploration seminar 2020 – lecture by Ed Conroy).

As we advance in knowledge, human experience, and awareness to the cosmos and all possibilities in the universe, we open up to more of an understanding of what life is, and what life can be.  Is it possible that our elevated awareness increases our capacity to learn more and even feel more when presented with different or strange new ideas?  It is not for us to answer the question “are these more complex due to rising human consciousness”, but rather to just ask the question. Most likely you’ll find an answer to it when you witness a design firsthand.  It would be useful to ask yourself “Has it affected me in some way that expands my consciousness?”  Perhaps you’ve encountered it because your consciousness has expanded.  Indeed, it is personal.  And it is often said (by those of a spiritual persuasion) that all of our answers are found within us.  As you behold a formation, your own perception kicks in to bring you insights that likely benefit you in some way.  So in essence, these magical formations invite you to take a step higher in consciousness.

As many have reported having been healed upon entering or even just viewing a crop circle, it is reasonable to acknowledge that something energetic is going on here. There has been research showing that one need not be physically inside an authentic crop circle to experience a healing.  It appears that the healing “emanates” from the design itself as a visual device.

There was a case in which a crop circle was replicated and its energetic properties were also replicated.  Therefore, a circle need not be a product of the original circle makers in order to render healing benefits to its experiencers.   (ref – Secrets in the Fields, Freddy Silva).

Does healing of physical ailments confirm the idea that our inner world reflects our outer world? That is to say, if we view something which has an effect on our mind or elicits some perceptive process within our consciousness, might that trigger the healing to take place in our physical being?  Based on such a belief, if you work on healing something inside, mentally, or psychologically, then you can expect to see an improvement in your outer reality ie., physical wellbeing.

To round out our conversation about the circles’ rising complexity, lets call upon the map of consciousness taught by Dr. David R. Hawkins.

Hawkins’ map of consciousness obeys a logarithmic scale which spans essentially from 0 to 1000.  The lowest end (0) represents the lowest emotional / energetic states starting at shame, apathy, guilt, fear, etc.  which all calibrate below 200.  Upwards of 200 are defined the consciousness of Courage, Neutrality, Willingness, Acceptance, Logic and Reason, Love, Joy, Peace, and Enlightenment (all the way up to 1000), all emotional states of higher energy or higher consciousness.

Dr. Hawkins was able to calibrate the energetic state of almost anything.  Most interesting to our conversation here is that the level of consciousness of the entire human collective can and has been calibrated in his studies extensively.   What he found was that for the entire planet, the average human collective consciousness calibrated below 200 (190) for many centuries up until  the 1980s when we surpassed the 200 mark.

As of 1994, The overall average level of human consciousness stood at 207. (Ref Power vs. Force) And since then, we’ve been rising in consciousness as a civilization. Dr. Hawkins showed through his kinesiological technique the ability to prove truth vs. falsehood of any matter which concerns us. (Ref Truth vs. Falsehood,  Dr Hawkins on YT,  DNA Awakening on YT  )  Here I find it important to include a key excerpt from his book Power vs. Force:

  • 85% of the human race calibrates below the critical level of 200.
  • The overall average level of human consciousness stands at 207.
  • Human consciousness was dangling at below the 200 level (190) for many centuries before it suddenly rose up to its present level sometime in the mid-1980s. Hence Nostradamus’s end of the world predictions may have been avoided (he made his predictions at a time when human consciousness was at below the 200 level). For the world to stay at levels below 200 over a prolonged period of time would cause a great imbalance that would undoubtedly lead to the destruction of all humanity.
  • The power of the few individuals at the top counterbalances the weakness of the masses.
  • 1 individual at level 300 counterbalances 90,000 individuals below level 200
  • 1 individual at level 400 counterbalances 400,000 individuals below level 200
  • 1 individual at level 500 counterbalances 750,000 individuals below level 200
  • 1 individual at level 600 counterbalances 10 million individuals below level 200
  • 1 individual at level 700 counterbalances 70 million individuals below level 200
  • 12 individuals at level 700 equal one Avatar (eg. Buddha, Jesus, Krishna) at level 1,000
  • Any meaningful human satisfaction cannot even commence until the level of 250 where some degree of self-confidence begins to emerge.
  • When one’s consciousness falls below 200 at any given moment you start to lose power and thus grow weaker and more prone to be manipulated by one’s surroundings.
  • Parts of one’s life will calibrate at a higher level of consciousness while other parts will calibrate a lower-levels. It’s the overall average that determines one’s consciousness. (ref Vortexspacetime)

His research included the process of how an individual contributes to the overall energy or level of consciousness of the collective.   He found that those of very high energy will provide counterbalance to a greater number of low-energy people since the scale is logarithmic.  For example, one person who calibrates at an energy level in the 500s will contribute as much energy to the collective as millions of people calibrating around 200. So, relatively few people of higher consciousness (say above 500 on the scale) are needed to raise the average of the collective and elevate it to a higher state of enlightenment.   (ref – How to Measure Consciousness With the Map of Consciousness  )

Dr. Hawkins’s method enables us to discover that the collective is rising in consciousness.  We therefore have a mechanism to correlate human awareness with the complexity of the crop circle designs over the years.   Mostly we have a means to verify that human collective is rising at a particular rate.  We already see the complexity of the circles rising – its just a matter of determining when the circles started to really take on the complexity of the modern era designs and take note of where we were as a collective at that time.

Are the circles the way of the circle makers to educate us and prompt us to awaken through their subtle messages while maintaining plausible deniability of their existence?  This article is not intended to offer a specific quantitative answer the question since it’d be quite impossible.  However, raising the question is likely to lead us to a valuable realization of their nature and how they affect us.   Higher intelligent beings would know quite well that if they offer messages beyond our comprehension, then their messages may be lost on us, and likely cause frustration and confusion, which is evidently the last thing they’d want to do. However, a teachers expectation can actually empower a student to learn (ref  Niharika Gupta and Sameer Sampat).

Are the circle makers helping to educate society or elevate our consciousness? Based on their knowledge of human culture through the ages, (evidenced by their use of ancient symbols in their work), they’d know how far we’ve come. So are with that, it becomes apparent that the circles are either reflecting our advancement or leading us into a more advanced state of mindfulness.

We have now arrived at the right moment to draw from the brilliant wisdom of veteran researcher Freddy Silva concluding his book Secrets in the Fields, arguably among the best at elucidating the nature and story of crop circles:

“Just as music plays a mediating role between Heaven and Earth, so crop circles are communication channels between humanity and God.  A communication that speaks passively without threatening or shocking and by this subtle approach, people’s views of the world are gently changed. By their appearance in wheat, the prime ingredient of bread and the very symbol of the Earth, crop circles provide a nurturing bond between the Earth Mother and her children gathered within the protective bosom of her circle;  a circle that lures us irresistibly towards the center or by providing games through which we learn. And just like children, we go away to process what we’ve learned in time for a new season of lessons.”

“Like sound, crop circles are a language of feeling, a language beyond the limitation of words.  And being a Universal language, it does not align with any one individual, any one religious system, ethnic group, academic curriculum or political belief.  Like flowers responding unquestioningly to the Sun, those who open their hearts to unconditionally embrace the melody of crop circles become atoned – they become at-one, and like an unplanned meeting with a holy person, the encounter can irreversibly change their view of life. “

Final Insights

We may never get to know a definitive answer to our query today however, a reasonable explanation would be presented as a sort of feedback process in which the circles elicit higher consciousness in humans, while as we rise, higher complexity circles are required.  That would seem in line with a natural learning process where greater and greater strides are made only with growing adeptness of the student who becomes ready for more.  It calls to mind the common saying in New Age spiritual circles of the 1980s … “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” (ref)

One can easily draw from this wisdom that the circles have finally arrived to elevate our collective.  With so much happening in our tumultuous political-economic world, we need now more than ever an elevated consciousness to lift us out of the muck & mire we’ve let ourselves slip into.  As Albert Einstein once said… “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it” (ref BrainyQuote) It is a spiritual maturity that’s needed to handle higher forms of technology thus conquering our (self-imposed) lack and limitations in resources. Solving such problems in resources will undoubtedly mitigate and ultimately diffuse the tensions underlying our civilization.  Once we get it together, enabled by higher consciousness, we’ll emerge into a more peaceful and thrivng new Earth. Sometimes it’s just one subtle tool that unleashes an avalanche of growth leading to the breakthroughs we need as a human collective.

Authors Note:  In January 2023 I conducted a wonderful interview (now  posted on PFC) with veteran crop circle researcher, Karen Alexander  and author of many books on the topic including “Crop Circles – Mysteries Wonders and Signs”, “Crop Circles, Quest for Truth” and multiple “Crop Circle Year Books” (1999 – 2022), with stunning images of the beautiful formations.  She has visited and researched a multitude of them since their emergence in Wiltshire England and gained a depth of knowledge rivaled by few in the practice. I’m very privileged & excited to speak to her about her intriguing experiences with crop circles.

To watch Jeffrey’s interview with Karen Alexander, click the image below.


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