From Guest Author Devon:

Is there a fixed fate in how humanity evolves? Not that I know, or perceive it to be so.

For each moment there’s a possibility for change, and each one chooses a path that only crosses those of others, or leads to a round-about, when going in circles is keeping us seemingly safe, or happily distracted, until there´s a new possibility of choice. And so, fate isn’t an appropriate term for humanity’s journey, I think.


How about extra – terrestrial life forms, visitors by day, or by night?


The narrative of alien intervention tinkering with our lives and with the structures/         landscapes of planet Earth, or the Moon, and that there´s supposed to be fear of an alien threat, may be partly true, but likely also part of psychological warfare. The topic of alien existence is loaded with all sorts of imaginary assumptions, emotional charge, attempts to manipulate humanity´s perception, using arguments like pointing at an external enemy, as a tool for keeping the herd of sheep in one place within hearing distance of its master´s voice.


I´ve observed these last 15 years or so, how many youngsters have a perception of only material forms of alien – like creatures, due to their involvement in gaming, where ALL sorts of weird bodies, and worlds CAN EXIST AND MOVE AS IF REAL.

This programming lures them into a perception of physical aliens with creepy looks, preferably causing shivers along their spines, and a sense of safety in numbers when joined by more of the same, also shivering in delight, with diluted pupils. That kind of mesmerizing impressions may be deliberately encouraged. Here where I live, cabins are present near the Central Station, offering by-passers an experience with the Metaverse.

So that the subject of spiritual realms, the awareness of it, and the study of it, while participating in daily life chores, and socializing, even grappling with concepts like transformation aka the change of one´s attitude, and most important, a sense of knowing oneself, and one´s motives, how one arrives at one´s ideas, is wiped off the table, gradually. A blissful existence in distractive entertainment.


To me, a presence in virtual worlds, such as gaming, is close to entering a training in transhumanism, and a one way ticket to an imprisonment in a realm of physical perfection, or following trends of boys looking like girls, and girls turning into Barbie dolls, with horrid fantasies of violence and abomination as well, coming to life, and made visible on screen, possibly enhanced with functions, caused by nanobots-implants.


The deliberate separation between ´us´ and ´them´, suggesting the danger coming from an alien threat, evokes a sense of feeling targeted, especially when guessing is consistent without an answer. Creating a huge cloud of emotional charge as well.

Some of you may have witnessed the UFO-communities, the light-and-lovers, the opportunists, the maniacs, the weird attitudes, within `mission driven`, and David Wilcock stepping down from stage, for a while? in his Peter Pan role.


This discussion with Gigi Young, addressing Q&A of her followers, is largely about that subject. Are aliens us from the future, existing on different dimensional planes? Are they from our devolutionary past? Is there a relational connection between humanity and ET races, intent on visiting us?


As I perceive it, the fact that humanity is living on planet Earth now, holds a double edged sword of truth cutting through the crap, and Gordian knots, as well as revealing the characteristics of human nature unfolding slumbering qualities, at present in sync with the shadows showing up, as within so without, on planet Earth.


We all may arrive from different planets and stars, during our cycle of lives, but when I understand that here, on planet Earth, there´s a special condition where duality is part of our experience, our looking at the world in terms of good and bad,

I perceive that condition, nowadays, as the most helpful way to clear what´s accompanying us as unresolved issues. How can we otherwise get in touch with them, and solve them? When shame and guilt are embraced in love by ourselves?


Not that this condition of seeing good and bad in our world is ruling us, as a given, it´s helpful as a tool, so to speak. Bypassing that process is a deceptive path, a denial of personal responsibility, and commitment, for we would never evolve, entering a less dense frequency, without the 4 fingered hand of a tall Grey creature on our heads.


Our unsolved homework would prevent us from passing through that portal, see?

What I mean to explain is, that accepting my human nature as perceived here on planet Earth, is as valuable as the company of my divine spark. How could I make my homework properly without loving what´s hidden in it? Besides, by choosing to love one´s shadows, one doesn´t need external doctors, med beds and saviours.


To me, it´s the magic of transformation that opens the door to healing, not shoving painful shadows aside as if it´s of minor consequence, not looking so good, not glam and fab, and certainly not making your day, always. I hope you embrace your human nature, and begin to see the glimmer of hidden gems in it, covered by what´s meant to be solved, and released from the heart.


Isn´t holding on to duality consciousness in a judgmental fashion as tenacious as a hungry cat playing with a mouse? One is bad, the other is good…. let´s skip the balancing act of integration as our homework in humanity´s Earth School, and forget our toolbox of transformation. It can be a tenacious loop that holds us in the treadmill of a 3D reality. Releasing one´s human nature, in pursuit of a flight on angel´s wings, is one of many ways to enter a deceptive program. With a quickening of intuition, the opening of clairvoyance, deepening insights, dreams with impact, and a disclosure of the bigger picture, there are seemingly 2 processes sparring on the dojo mat of life´s gym.


One is an unleashing of a louder cry for liberation similar to when the horse is near the stable, quickening its step while smelling the hay, and the other a disclosure of unresolved issues that need to be healed and released.

Either like the teenager who thrashes the floor in a tantrum, refusing to organise its room, in want of entertainment with friends in the park, or in a commitment to choose to grow up, and clean our nest and holes of hiding within? Giving birth to our true selves? Ascending from within our true nature in honour of our past, in honour of our ancestors who grew old, wrinkled, and feeble of limbs, but wise in spirit?


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