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  1. He is ignorant of the rising photonic energies on the earth that will never support the functionality that he envisions.

    He has spent too much time speaking with unenlightened people who do not go within to know themselves.

    Unfortunately, the agenda he is pushing represents the culmination of the Fallen Angel’s mind programming expressed as the doctrine of White Supremacy; keeping in mind that there is no difference between the high-level Jew and Nazi as they are one and the same as confirmed by Henry Ford and others.

    The ideology of White Supremacy spawned the Doctrine of the Manifest Destiny of Whites to purposefully and significantly slow their evolution and thinking while encouraging them to terraform the planet by way of consumption, garbage, and waste production and spread this behavior worldwide.

    It took 392 years after ridiculing slaves and indigenous people for squatting when defecating, for the descendants of Whites colonizers to invent the “Squatty Potty” and experience the benefits of preserving the heart during defecation and emptying the colon. Unfortunately, many Americans die each year straining on the toilet, like Elvis, because White people cannot bring themselves to admit there is nothing “superior” about their toilet design, in fact it is harmful and stupid. Chalk one up for the Fallen Angels!

    It took 399 years after ridiculing slaves and indigenous people for eating with their fingers for the descendants of White colonizers to realize that eating with the fingers stops type-2 diabetes, improves digestion, stops unwanted weight gain, and creates beneficial gut bacteria. This means modern surgeries to transplant poop/fecal matter from one person to another are totally unnecessary and stupid. These stupid surgeries create pain and suffering and feed loosh for the Fallen Angels ad garbage for terraforming the earth. Chalk one up for the Fallen Angels!

    It has taken 152 years since Darwin noted African’s love of covering their bodies with "grease", for Whites to realize that oil stops the skin from wrinkling and premature aging. How much garbage is created by the products produced and how much pain and suffering is created by “stealing” from other cultures and acting as if you discovered something never giving credit to the people you stole from? Chalk another one up for the Fallen Angels!

    It has taken more than 400 years since colonizers ridiculed Africans and indigenous people or walking barefoot on the ground to realize the health benefits of grounding that include improved sleep, reduced inflammation, improved tissue and cell repair, enhanced blood flow, increased heart rate variability, and improved electrical activity in the brain. In addition, walking barefoot on the ground releases endorphins. This means it took Whites more than 400 years to understand why humans need to be grounded with the earth. And when they did, they couldn’t do it NATURALLY, they had to create PRODUCTS that will end up in a landfill some day terraforming the earth. Chalk another one up for the Fallen Angels!

    All of these things relate to living a longer healthier life.

    Would Whites know if evil ETs tricked them into shortening their lifespans by convincing them they were superior and that they should ignore what more ancient and indigenous people already know?
    How can Whites learn from others when they live separately and view others as inferior?
    What's a few thousand years of planning and execution to ETs?

    Whites are so primed for AI and transhumanism. The ideology of White Supremacy has deprived them of a naturally long and abundantly healthy life while addicting them to denial of the truth, arrogant errors, incessant and unstoppable terraforming waste, and global ridicule. Of course they will run towards any technology that promises them power and longevity!

    But none of it is their fault.

    Just as humans create new domesticated breeds of animals, the fallen angels bred Whites without the energy conductor of melanin in their outer body so that they would have slower and less intensive perceptions of 4th dimensional energies from Fallen Angels. In a word, without melanin, they are much easier to control than people of color and have no defense against the wiles of the malevolent ETs. The White Buffalo runs in the middle of the pack because his ALBINISM RESTRICTS HIS PERCEPTION OF SIGHT AND SOUND, SO HE IS NOT PERMITTED TO LEAD THE PACK. All humans who identify as White possess some traits of Albinism. This means they must work much harder to perceive energies truthfully. This can only happen if their heart chakras and crown chakras are open as these control the endocrine glands that produce melatonin and its by product melanin. However, White people have been leading the pack for a while and have led the world to the brink of destruction and can’t see it or stop themselves from doing it and certainly won't stand down and let others lead. Therefore, they leave only one remaining option to the world in order to stop their destruction of self and others: invasion and conquest by China and Russia.

    The new technologies of which you speak will be used to separate humans more and more from their natural selves and encourage them to seek a life off-planet in space which is the next destination for those who are attached to the ideology of White Supremacy.

    The US support for Ukraine is a continuation of the errant mind programming that causes significant delay in learning life extending behaviors. Thank God Russia does not subscribe to White Supremacy. Those incapable or unwilling to let go of White Supremacy will fall hook line and sinker for AI and/or Transhumanism. Serves them right.


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