Day by day tremendous shifts and unwindings are happening in the field that will beneficially affect sentient life on the planet as we climax into the Shift. What needs to be hoisted on board, is the diverse and complex interdimensional intervention that’s been going on here that has locked life in a control system. It’s from the field itself that this is happening and the Tall Whites of Orion are a leading layer of the intervention. I can report they are now being confronted and helped to realign.

Intervention: Why Can’t You See it?

The challenge for human life on the planet is to come to the realisation that there are purposeful, alien influences projecting into the psyche and emotions to marshall people in a particular direction, a particular agenda. The ETs are not “out there”. Too many are looking in the wrong direction. They are very much “in here” – meaning they’ve gotten into the human field through purposeful DNA manipulation that goes right back to the inception of hybridised Homo Sapiens during the epoch we can call, Atlantis.

If it’s so prevalent and systematic, why can’t you see it?

The intervention is complex and multifaceted. It’s highly sophisticated and “clever”. It recognises the many desires and directives of human consciousness, including that of the soul, and it’s learned how to channel them in particular ways – to condition them. You think you’re free. You think you’re making your own sovereign choices, but so few truly are. It’s not until you go deep within, confront and pull apart the impulses that make you take a certain direction and pathway, that you get a sense of these alien influences.

How do you know if it’s happening to you, and what’s the antedote?

Although the situation is complex, actually the solution is straightforward. It’s not necessarily easy, but it is straightforward.

Two Basic Streams of Influence within your Being

To get an understanding of it, you could break it down to two streams of influence and impulse: 1) those that contract you down into needing some kind of outcome or desire – those that make you feel tight in some way with some sense of lack that must be fulfilled. 2) Those impulses that take you in a direction of expansiveness, joy, love, surrender and a sense of “rightness” of being.

If you begin this way by looking at what’s motivating you internally in any given moment, then some pretty phenomenal things will start to happen. Firstly, you’ll start to interrupt and break down the alien influences that don’t have your highest interests at heart. After that, you’ll deepen into the soul and start to perceive interdimensionally – you’ll start to see, perceive and intuit the influences that have been happening. Prepare for some big shocks!

Through such deep interdimensional journeying here, over a 20 year period, it’s clear to me that life has been greatly controlled and marshalled by several alien groups that have formed an alliance at the time of Atlantis – when Homo Sapiens was introduced about 250,000 years ago. The Reptilians were here first, many millions of years previous, but then along came the Annunaki from Nibiru, who had with them two slave species that they’d synthesised from their exploits in the constellation of Orion. These are the greys and their taller controlling cousins, the so-called “Tall Whites”. The Annunaki were the architects of the intervention, the greys the technicians of it, and the Tall Whites their more intelligent stewards.

Explore the Full Nature of the Intervention on Earth

The Nature of the Tall Whites

Recently, in the Openhand movement, we have experienced several poignant close encounters with the Tall Whites, communication channels opened and we got to understand them and their agenda. It’s highly illuminating, speaking directly into the current situation on planet earth and why so many are suffering here. We first need to understand the nature of these beings. I had my previous suspicions, but much clarification came as channels were opened and they worked to exert their influence.

My experience in communications with them was that the Tall Whites act directly from the plane of the intellect. They are sophisticated, consider themselves elite, with a highly mathematical configuration. They were synthesised to enact the agenda, a mission (of the Annunaki), which of itself to them, is like their lifeblood. They will do anything they can to fulfill it. Their collective mind doesn’t compute an alternative possibility. And they have no emotional empathy whatsoever. It’s not that they don’t care about the suffering of others due to their mission, they simply can’t feel or relate to it. It has no bearing in their equation.

That’s why they can bring about such as the recent bogus pandemic on earth, cause immense suffering (that humanity has only started to touch the surface of) and yet feel no iota of remorse. It is simply a part of their plan to compel humanity into their metaverse, the “pandemic” being a systematic experiment of how readily vast swathes of the population could be consumed within it through genetic manipulation. Although I felt much disdain, and even at times disgust in their presence, it was hard to feel angry. They were just doing what they were programmed for.

How the Tall Whites Influence the Human Field

Crucially, for life on earth, we need to understand their agenda here. We can put it very simply, as was confirmed by the close encounters: to exploit the genetics of humanity so as to create a 3D slave species that could help plunder the earth of its natural resources before they move elsewhere in the cosmos. It’s as clinical, systematic and synthetic as that. They don’t care about life on planet earth. They don’t have the means to care.

The question is, how do we deal with this agenda? How might we unravel it?
And to be abundantly clear, just as elsewhere in the galaxy where it has been confronted by benevolence, it will fail!

It’s most essential to understand NOT to fight, demonise or polarise. That’s how you lose your power in their presence. That’s how you cause them to persist. These are mathematical beings, synthesised on a distorted truth that can only exist in your field by the extraction of energy. And it is the expression of truth, into their midst, that unwinds them and reconnects them with the source.

I’d experienced them come into my field several times in recent months in the dreamtime. I’d felt a curious and subtle sheath of vibration around me. You have to apply highly questioning perception – what exactly is it doing? You could easily pass it off simply as the vibration of 4D unity consciousness. But this had a steady depleting effect. And on one or two occasions I was artificially sexually aroused at the physical level that had not been inspired from the soul. This energy sheath was clearly extracting energy from my field – as if I’d become a battery for their purposes. I would say countless people are being unconsciously exploited in this way, particularly at nighttime.

To be clear though, they also greatly influence when awake. Where you get too heavily focussed in the logical mind or conditioned in programmed behaviour patterns in society, where you become too focussed on a material outcome of some mission or desire, that’s when they can come into your psyche.

Unravelling Tall White intervention

Once conscious of the influence, it was fairly straightforward to interrupt – I breathed deep into the chakras and centred in the presence of the Torus, whereupon the Tall Whites disappeared quickly: they cannot sustain in the speed and free flowing openness of the Torus, that cannot be defined in simple mathematics. It unravels the equation that binds them together.

On other occasions, I was guided to visualise the sacred geometry of hexagons, woven of golden amber light around my room – again they disappeared in seconds. The Andromedans and Archangel Metatron are a strong antidote to this consciousness.

A party of Tall Whites recently entered an Openhand Ascension Exchanges Seminar – I was made aware by benevolence they likely would. They were trying to influence, misdirect and control. As is their synthetic orientation. As a part of a benevolent mission, we engaged them directly with a straightforward exploration of truth. Where, for example, did they perceive their mission came from? Also, through the law of cause and effect, any being that enacts suffering on others is causing harm to themselves – had they considered that? An exploration of how basic mathematical equations break down as we enter the singularity of the One.

This approach caused a discombobulating, shattering effect on the collectivised consciousness – memes of truth that rippled as an unravelling virus through their coherency. The Tall White group broke apart, whereupon several empathic members of the Openhand gathering were able to reconnect them with the source and bring them back to the light. In the immediate days that followed, I also experienced close proximity with realigned Tall Whites helping to recover their grey cousins from their karmic amnesia.

Uplifting Waves of Freedom

It was powerful to behold and experience. The unravelling of this group of Tall Whites will no doubt have a very beneficial impact on earth’s surrounding field and I share it so that a wider understanding may unfold through the Shift – so that plenty more field energy and lightworkers may explore the approach at dispatching this layer of the intervention.

These are highly illuminating and revelatory times. I experienced an uplifting wave of freedom coming through my surrounding field in the aftermath – a crystal clear clarity, deep sense of inspiration and revolutionary freedom. For those that dig deep, that possibility awaits. It’s exciting, adventurous and alchemical to be alive on the planet at this time. Widespread liberation is possible.

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  1. How do you guys know this isn't some virtual/cybernetic offshoot of MK-ULTRA from the 60s? Doesn't this sound like AI to you? They program this shit straight into people's minds. I fell for some of it myself and this stuff is programmed by literal psychopaths with no respect to your existence. None of these "aliens" care about any of us. There are good people/beings out there but you're better off not relying on them existing. "Trust me".

  2. To me, it seems that the interpretation of Atlantis´ culture, and how human evolution rose or declined, often involves external visitors who intervened, in the opinion of many, especially those in the circles of New Ageing followers, and wishful thinkers who project responsibility outward, even human evolution. No being from outside planet Earth, or from within the planet, tinkered with our genes, unless we ourselves orchestrated this at that time, and in our present time, with mRNA vaccines.

    As I perceive it, humanity is repeating the Atlantean epoch, and given an opportunity to either engage in materialistic endeavours, perfecting the physical body in artificial ways, or in spiritual evolution, embodying the higher self within each one of us, through the awakening of the heart.

    • The awakening that I mean, is an initiation at the same time, so that we´re able to work through the repetition of the Atlantic culture, with an individual `I am`presence, able to make a sovereign choice as an individual human being. At the time of Atlantis, about 13.000 years ago, humanity lived largely as a collective, as far as I´ve understood. Now, we´re able to come into our own, and take part in an ascension proces not witnessed on planet Earth before. Only in sovereignty we´re able to serve our individual and collective purpose. A DIY ascension as it should be, with our individual consent, free.

    • marypoppins, Every time one mix races, you "tinker" with genes/DNA. Been going on since the decline of Atlantis, as Plato stated, "they became morally corrupt when their seed was shared too often."

      • Hello LaVerne, to me, Plato´s statement refers to inbreeding, such as the degeneration within Royal Families,making sure their blood isn´t mixed with the blood of someone outside the bloodline.
        My comment focussed merely on the fact that no external influence, in form or shape, from space, was present in Atlantis. The Atlantean population, with a small select elite, if that´s an appropriate term for that time when the term elite may not have existed, lived in a state of being, very different from our present state of being. A leader, or priest type of person held the consciousness for the collective, and those who were lead, or taught the secrets of life and spirit, were like vessels receiving it, no individual awareness of an `I am`presence within, yet.

        The select group of Atlanteans were able to use highly advanced technology, and knowledge, creating all sorts of beings in physical form, even a merging of animal and human form.
        That´s the `tinkering` I meant in my former comment. No mixing of races by merging human and ET beings in secret experiments, and no mixing of races forced by ET beings, out in the open.

  3. Do you notice, in the comments, how glowing labels are glued on the subject? Racist? Ha!
    In my opinion, all beings not looking human, who visit planet Earth, have something in common with humanity now living on it. There´s a shared gene pool, and consciousness, although many of us are asleep with the veil covering most of it. Although, an awakening is happening right now.

    I don´t see any value in reporting about the appearance or attempts to appear of such beings, by meditation, meetings on the astral plane, or by physical encounters, for this creates an unbalanced interest in others.

    The entire ET subject is hugely charged with emotions, fear, expectation, hope, a longing to escape the 3D plane, and the tinkering with our minds by certain shady parties, orchestrating a false flag alien invasion. It´s my opinion that `they` are us from a different level of existence, when one keeps in mind that dimensions aren´t always visible to the human eye. We´re so attached to form.

    All planets in our solar system contain a phase of humanity´s consciousness moving through eons of time. We´ve been all over space, in all sorts of forms and appearances, roles and functions.
    The disclosure I prefer is the one inside, not externally. We hold all the records inside of us, and so we´re able to learn, to know, and understand all that is needed, for our evolution, is by waking up to our true nature. The toolbox is inside of us.

    All the tales and visions of others are best kept private, to themselves. It only leads to distraction, and forgetfulness of our human purpose, immediately left for dazzling entertainment of the senses.

    Here´s one of Kerry Cassidy´s early interviews with a contactee Bill Hamilton. An interesting guy using common sense:

  4. Harrison, your "White Supremacist" theory is just that, a theory. Other races through my experience, which has been very diverse in my 60 years, has low esteem of themselves, and forces themselves on our communities & calls us racist just because we wish to maintain our Culture.
    We were not meant to breed among any other race, any of us. I learned this in my own mistakes of doing so.

  5. Harrison, your babbling on about white's is showing your ignorance about history. Africa's worse colonizers were the Arab's for 1,300 years, & no one mentions this fact. European's put an End to their enslavement.
    European/Slavik/Nordic people's are inventors. We have an analytical mind. We owe No one an apology.
    Your comment only proves races do Not belong together. I have come to this conclusion through my own experience, which has been very diverse in my 60 years.
    "White Supremacy" does not exist.
    Races that have an issue with us, technically makes those other races, racist against their own Blood! I have witnessed this hate among themselves, otherwise why do they seek us out to marry and/or live within our communities.

  6. A quote from Senator Albert J. Beveridge, speaking in the chamber of the United States Senate (1900):

    “GOD has not been preparing the English-speaking and Teutonic peoples for a thousand years for nothing but vain and idle SELF-CONTEMPLATION AND SELF-ADMIRATION. NO HE MADE US MASTER ORGANIZERS OF THE WORLD to establish a system where chaos reigned. He has GIVEN US THE SPIRIT of progress TO OVERWHELM THE FORCES OF REACTION throughout the earth. HE HAS MADE US ADEPT IN GOVERNMENT that we may administer government among savage and senile peoples. Were it not for such a force as this the world would relapse into barbarism and night. And of all our race He has marked the American people as His chosen nation to finally lead in the redemption of the world. Record, 56 Cong. I Sess., pp. 704-712.”

    Those who identify as White have been deeply programmed to believe they were divinely inspired to organize the world and “overwhelm” the forces of reaction, and those who ‘react’ to their actions are primarily people of color. This means they are programmed to overwhelm people of color and suppress their voices.

    With this understanding, we must modify laws to allow the voice of the afflicted to be heard.

    Part of remedies for DEI must include removing structural language designed to allow the dominant group that does not need to discuss race, to inflict racism on those who are prohibited from discussing the root cause of their affliction. Current laws certainly did not prevent the disparity.

    This must be done with intelligence, rather than anger.

    The ideology of White Supremacy purposefully and significantly slows human evolution and thinking while encouraging humans to terraform the planet by way of consumption, garbage, and waste production. But we are unable to articulate this because the programming originates from higher dimensional Extraterrestrials.

    It took 392 years after ridiculing slaves and indigenous people for squatting when defecating, for the descendants of Whites colonizers to invent the “Squatty Potty” and experience the benefits of preserving the heart during defecation and emptying the colon. Unfortunately, many Americans die each year straining on the toilet, like Elvis, because Westerners cannot bring themselves to admit there is nothing “superior” about their toilet design, in fact it is harmful and, once the “squatty potty” device is retired, it becomes another piece of plastic terraforming the earth in a landfill. Chalk one up for the Fallen Angels!

    It took 399 years after ridiculing slaves and indigenous people for eating with their fingers for the descendants of White colonizers to realize that eating with the fingers stops type-2 diabetes, improves digestion, stops unwanted weight gain, and creates beneficial gut bacteria. This means modern surgeries to transplant poop/fecal matter from one person to another are totally unnecessary and stupid. These surgeries create pain and suffering and feed loosh (a negative energy frequency) for the Fallen Angels and produce garbage for terraforming the earth. Chalk one up for the Fallen Angels!

    It has taken 152 years since Darwin noted African’s love of covering their bodies with "grease", for Whites to realize that oil stops the skin from wrinkling and premature aging. How much garbage is created by the products produced and how much pain and suffering is created by “stealing” from other cultures and acting as if you discovered something never giving credit to the people you stole from? Chalk another one up for the Fallen Angels!

    It has taken more than 400 years since colonizers ridiculed Africans and indigenous people or walking barefoot on the ground to realize the health benefits of grounding that include improved sleep, reduced inflammation, improved tissue and cell repair, enhanced blood flow, increased heart rate variability, and improved electrical activity in the brain. In addition, walking barefoot on the ground releases endorphins. This means it took Whites more than 400 years to understand why humans need to be grounded with the earth. And when they did, they couldn’t do it NATURALLY, they had to create PRODUCTS that will end up in a landfill some day terraforming the earth. Chalk another one up for the Fallen Angels!

    All of these things relate to living a longer healthier life.

    The formula for the speed of light; wrong (Science ABC, 2022)
    The formula for time and space; wrong (Rowland)
    The understanding of gravity; wrong (Matthews, 2020)
    The number and placement of planets in the cosmos; wrong
    And on, and on, and on.
    No real progress for the human species, just rampant consumption, wars of aggression, theft, and terraforming while lifespans get shorter.

    Would Whites know if evil ETs tricked them into shortening their lifespans?
    How can Whites learn from others when they live separately and view others as inferior?
    What's a few thousand years of planning and execution to ETs?

    The depravation of an abundant natural life makes Whites primed for AI and transhumanism and anything else that promises them a long life while addicting them to denial of the truth, arrogant errors, incessant and unstoppable terraforming waste, and global ridicule.

    But none of this is the fault of White people but it is their responsibility to clean this up. This is what Donald Moss misses in his research on White Supremacy because he lacks awareness of the extraterrestrial origins of the ideology as well as a wide lens view of its damage (Moss, 2021).

    If we are to stop the cycle of incredibly long learning with pain and destruction to the earth, and make meaningful, permanent changes that remedy racial inequity, then White Supremacy must be unwound.

    The first step in unwinding White Supremacy is identifying its tactics, removing those tactics embedded in legislation and regulations, and restoring the voice of the afflicted.

    Rather than studying Critical Race Theory, we should be studying the Doctrine of the Manifest Destiny of Whites and how these tactics were applied to every walk of life so that we can remove them.

    We must open our heart and crown chakras so that the endocrine glands seated next to those chakras can fully produce melatonin and its by product melanin because the current belief system in White Supremacy closes off this production.

    References Used

    Ramsey County and City of St. Paul. (2021, October). 30% ami deeply affordable housing program fall 2022 request for … City of St. Paul Government, Ramsey County. Retrieved January 29, 2023, from
    Moss, Donald. “On Having Whiteness.” Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association vol. 69,2 (2021): 355-371. doi:10.1177/00030651211008507
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    Matthews, Robert. “Something's Wrong with Gravity.” BBC Science Focus Magazine, BBC Science Focus Magazine, 14 Apr. 2020,

  7. So were blaming the "bogus pandemic" on "Tall White aliens of Orion" ???
    Funny thing about using figures such as "many Million's of years previous" that clearly can Never be proven!
    Derek, one can take this article as Racist!


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