Here in the Openhand community, we’ve recently completed a magical retreat on the volcanic island of La Palma in the Canary Islands – a key planetary stargate, with seven islands that have strong Pleiadian alignment. How might the energy of this magical Isla Bonita speak into the planetary earth shift right now? What might the complexities of the field there reveal to energy and lightworkers about how to focus attention as we sail into the Grand Galactic Convergence?

From what we experienced, it’s clear to say, that Isla Bonita really is the Canary in the coal mine!

Overcoming Planetary Inertia in the Shift

I’d say the biggest reflection is that of inertia in the field, and in people’s lives, where karmic convolutions and Opposing Consciousness still get into the various inner layers, that require determination and commitment to keep peeling back. This will be no quick sprint to the finishing line, but rather a marathon of dedicated inner work. I know that could sound a degree off-putting to some, BUT, to others you’ll see the golden opportunity for growth of the soul.

In the same breath, I am simply bowled over by the humble, but tremendously wise and journied, Star Souls who are now being drawn to this Openhand work. You have the capacity to feel the various intervention layers that limit here, but then resonate and communicate realignment  into them. What the shift movement needs to realise is the power of expressed truth to unravel karmic density and intervention in the field. This is what causes the unravelling mechanism to accelerate – because literally EVERYTHING is shaped from the underlying quantum field. Speak coherently into it, in an aligned way, with truth, and the whole intervention dynamic comes apart at the seams.

The Labour Pains of Isla Bonita

Thus we were able to connect through the intervention and into Isla Bonita, the soul of the Island. Just like Gaia, she was deep in labour pains – the explosion of the volcano here back in 2021 clearly stirred deep emotional trauma due to karmic memory of five previous mass extinctions on the planet, mostly brought about by the kind of galactic realignments, including pole shifts, that we’re now sailing into.

When you have such a massive consciousness unwilling, unable or attached from moving on, then that can hold the whole of the old reality construct in place – but it serves no one to remain in this planetary inertia, which is rapidly becoming defunct and decrepit. It’s a law of diminishing returns that steadily drains the life energy from humanity and is ripe for intervention energies hooking in their tentacles and draining the life blood from the planet and its people.

Can you see the lady’s face in the mountain? She’s looking a little “greyed out” right now – we were soon to discover why.

Venus, the Goddess of Love

Synchronistically, during the retreat, a key planetary alignment took place: Venus in line with the mighty Jupiter and the moon, which was clearly visible in exact alignment with the retreat centre boundary. What might that be pointing to I considered?

In the dreamtime I was shown two possible trajectories for planet earth: 1) continuing degradation and environmental manipulation leading ultimately to a dead planet, almost completely drained of energy, like Mars. 2) A powerful realigning shift, into the Grand Galactic Convergence, that cleanses the planet completely of the karmic 3D/4D intervention layers, that unleashes a new cleansed reality in 5D/6D/7D like on Venus.

Venus has a surface temperature of 400 centigrade. Other than advanced plasma beings you can’t live there in 3D. BUT, it is very much alive, vibrant and teaming with aligned life living togther in joy, harmony and unconditional love. Any intervention manipulation has long gone. They positively thrive from 5D (and higher). The Venusians have come to several Openhand events leading up to the La Palma retreat to resonate this loving and wise, higher vibration. It’s come as tremendous inspiration and motivation.

Understandably less travelled souls, or those still stuck in karmic attachment, may see this transformation for planet earth as destructive. But consider the alternative – a planet completely depleted and almost completely devoid of benevolent life like Mars? It’s time for brave souls to forge forwards and boldly embrace our journey to higher dimensions.

Connecting with the Lemurian Originals

Speaking of brave souls, we encountered the Originals to our planet in the form of the Guanche, who had lived completely at-one with the natural ecosystems of La Palma (and other Canary islands). That is until the catholic conquistadors invaded the islands and brutally ethnically cleansed them out.

The conquistadors brought with them their ideological dogma, much raptor intervention, and (eventually) the toxicity of industrialised farming, particularly with the concentrated banana plantations. It’s a karmic wound that has caused great sadness and trauma for the lovely Isla Bonita.

Amazingly, we encountered a group of Guanche living in the Caldera (the Volcano valley), still earthbound but in the 4D ether. They were from the Original Lemurians who knew it as their mission to be guardians and protectors of planet earth.

When they were marginalised and brutally killed, they were unable to leave the planet but also unable to fulfill their mission – they were caught in limbo. We were able to show them the Grand Galactic Convergence that we’re sailing into, which will completely cleanse the earth which the volcano here was a key early sign of. We showed them how, like the Venusians, it would be fine to let go, ascend, and move already into the New Paradigm. This struck a deep accord with them, a tremendous healing took place and they were able to ascend.

This precipitated another rapid unwinding mechanism for Isla Bonita. It was her respect, love, and loyalty for the Original Humans that was preventing her from ascending. She too was now ready to let go. My understanding is that she too has now ascended into 5D. But as yet I haven’t seen the wider synchronistic reflection of that. Time will tell. But I expect a strong synchronistic reflection to come further down the line.

Close Encounters with the Tall-Whites

The retreat group also encountered another of the intervention groups that I’d had encounters with in the build-up to the retreat – the Tall-whites, an “elite” group from Orion who marshall and orchestrate their smaller Grey brethren. We especially encountered them up on the Volcano, amongst the various satellite dishes and observatories. The number of which has massively expanded in recent times. We could feel energetic 4D implants in the field connected to several of the new constructs. This is what the Tall-whites were anchoring into, and through which, working to control the island’s energy field.

The Guardians of the Island came to us on the way up as we were working with one of the key constructions – they showed their pleasure at our appearance and encouragement to come and help out to remove the arrogant and unwelcome energetic interference. The evolved Anu also came in to support – a very welcome 4D field addition.

Ultimately it was the mighty Metatron that we were able to ground, on top of the volcano, through ceremony. This sent the Tall-Whites into disarray, and very quickly the energy began to change. Some of the implanted 4D technology was removed and a protective layer of sacred geometry was applied. The Tall-Whites withdrew, for now, but I didn’t get the sense of any complete acquiescence at this point – definitely, there will be more work to do in that regard going forward. The Anu presence assured us they would continue to help out by remaining there.

Venus – the Goddess of Love

Big shifts did unfold. The energy field shifted and realigned. Ascensions began to take place. It was an utter blessing to behold. It demonstrated a tremendous blueprint – a template – for how energy and lightworkers now need to apply their craft in the shift going forwards. This work is utterly essential so we now steer, as a planet, in the direction of Venus, the Goddes of Love, not Mars, the God of War!

The Guardians of the Volcano were well inspired and appreciative. As we are of you, blessed beings!…

Bright blessings to all in the shift,
and profound thanks to everyone on the ground, and in the ether, who participated.
You are seen, loved, respected and cherished.

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