“Akasha (a-ka ‘ska) is a Sanskrit word meaning “ether”: all-pervasive space. Originally signifying “radiation” or “brilliance,” in Indian philosophy akasha was considered the first and most fundamental of the five elements – the others being vata (air), agni (fire), ap (water), and prithivi (earth). Akasha embraces the properties of all five elements: it is the womb from which everything we perceive with our senses has emerged and into which everything will ultimately re-descend. The Akashic Record (also called The Akashic Chronicle,) is the enduring record of all that happens, and has ever happened, in space and time.”   ~ Ervin Lazlo

This passage comes from the book Science and the Akashic Field written by two time Nobel Peace Prize nominee Ervin Lazlo, wherein the ancient Indian concept of an all-pervading and all-encompassing element or field (akasha), containing all experiences, events, and knowledge, both in objective and subjective expression, from the past, present, and future (as probabilities), receives modern scientific validation across a range of disciplines, including microphysics, cosmology, psychology and biology.

Laslow discusses recent scientific discoveries showing that this Akashic field is real and has its equivalent in the zero-point field of quantum physics, which underlies space itself and is teeming with both energy and information.

This primordial vacuum or void is believed to have pre-existed the Big Bang itself, and continues to be the underlying substrate for everything in the universe, connecting all things known and unknown, across unimaginably vast distances, making possible the faster-than-the-speed-of-light transmission of information required to resolve the so-called “horizon problem,” namely: “the galaxies and other macrostructures of the universe evolve almost uniformly in all directions from Earth, even across distances so great that the structures could not have been connected by light, and hence could not have been correlated by signals carried by light (according to relativity theory, no signal can travel faster than light).”

Intellectuals, scientists, mystics, and those from a wide range of wisdom traditions have long maintained there exists a cosmic web or field of interconnection, of which we form an indispensable part.

Edgar Cayce and Rudolf Steiner are two historical figures who explicitly attributed their intellectual contributions to their direct access of the Akashic Records. Sadguru, a contemporary mystic, attributes his knowledge to the Akasha, which he creatively describes as an “inner net” or “Yogic net”:

“You just have to access it. You do not even need a Wi-Fi for that! If you are willing, what Krishna knew, what Buddha knew, what someone else knew, everything is there.”

In contradistinction, Laslow’s unique contribution to the topic is to ground the Akasha in modern scientific terms, concepts and empirical findings, making it possible to move beyond the mostly New Age and occultist associations the Akashic field has in popular consciousness and culture today.

In theory, anyone accessing their intuitive faculties may be connecting to the Akashic field. Despite commonly misconceptions about the non-rational or even irrational role that intuition plays in human consciousness and experience, it may be true that intuition connects us to a deeper strata of truth and guidance than our rational mind is capable of accessing. From this perspective, a skilled or gifted Akashic reader is simply reducing the noise to signal ratio when they channel, focusing also on not attaching to personal outcomes associated with the information by maintaining an intention of humanitarian service.

If you are interested in learning more, take a look at the work of the Goddess Oracle on Unite.live, a network which aspires to provide the public with a means to querying the Askashic field, always with the intention of helping the collective. You are encouraged to ask any question you like, as long as it is phrased in such a way that they be relevant to anyone listening.

From wake-upworld.com  By Sayer Ji

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