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Is our DNA changing?
Humanity is Evolving and it shows in our DNA

Hosted by Anne-Marie Dujnay

What is DNA?

Deoxyribonucleic acid is a polymer composed of two polynucleotide chains that coil around each other to form a double helix. The polymer carries genetic instructions for the development, functioning, growth and reproduction of all known organisms and many viruses. DNA and ribonucleic acid are nucleic acids… Blah blah blah, right? Wikipedia

In a nut shell, your DNA is the blueprint for your physical body, but it also records all your experiences in life; this, and previous lives! It’s also attached to you mental, emotional, and etheric bodies… Because you are so much more than your physical body.

There are signs that humanity is changing at the genetic level. We are finding more genes in the strands and what was once considered “junk DNA” is now proving valuable to our evolution, physically, and spiritually. Some of what we are experiencing now is also due to the massive amounts of new solar activity. More is anticipated for the month of April.

In this linked video, Pam Gregory states:

“We have been having X class solar flares. Extraordinary amounts of cosmic and galactic energy, and what they are doing is bringing in new information for us from the sun, from far galaxies, to upgrade ourselves with this new information.

We are moving into a different area of the cosmos called the photon belt. It is an electron belt which produces very high concentrations of photonic high frequency light.  Some people can see it as a white and sparkling diamond light, and it is coming to us in surges. We have only recently entered into this charged energy field, and it is bringing high frequency light to every cell of our body.

Every cell of our body is made of biophotons, and that’s how our intracellular network communicates within our body. Some people can see halos or auras around people of light. This is how Jesus, Buddha and many of the great mystics are portrayed.

We are light beings, and we are becoming increasingly lighter and higher in consciousness with the embodment of this level of higher frequency light. It’s a block of information that is arriving to us at dizzying speed!

Never before have we been induced to evolve so quickly. This amount of  new energy is bombarding our tiny little individual energy beings and it’s knocking us about a bit in the process.

In terms of physics, this is called downward causation, where high frequency energy comes in: Photonic like cosmic and galactic energy is arriving from a series of coronal mass ejections. What this means on our planet is that the lower frequencies cannot continue to exist and start to disintegrate.

This is linked to chaos theory. The lower frequency, or anything that has been birthed from that lower frequency vibration, starts to crumble, starts to fall apart, and does not work very well. This photonic light in particular, is shining a very bright light in all the dark corners and exposing what we have not been able to see.

This is an evolutionary end of an era in time, as well as the beginning of a new era. So, if we looked at it from a purely scientific point of view, the old order has to collapse because of the cosmology and because of the laws of physics.”

This new era will come with special gifts associated with the changes to our DNA.  Five astonishing things will happen when you activate your Junk DNA. The positive effects of DNA Activation are extensive, but here I highlight the key benefits. It not only impacts your physical and emotional health, but it also opens you to a profound spiritual evolution.

  1. Awaken your natural healing power
    We are all inner healers. We just forget that we are. The process of DNA Activation will tap into your self-healing abilities – boosting your immune system, reducing aches and pains, increasing your healing speed and emotional resilience, and healing depression, anxiety, addictive behaviors, and negative emotional patterns.
  2. Because the body, mind, and spirit are connected, activating your DNA not only impacts your physical health, but it also works on emotional, psychological, and spiritual blocks that keep you from achieving a whole and healthy life.
  3. Strengthen your intuitive abilities and creativity
    As you move from your biological DNA to your spiritual DNA, you’ll be able to discover your “clair” gifts, intuitive intelligence, and creative source. This will bring forward your true potential – your natural strengths, your innate power, your uniqueness.
  4. Connect you with your Higher Self
    DNA Activation does not end at the molecular level; it goes beyond your cells. Your spiritual DNA is an energetic life force connected to your soul consciousness, allowing you to gain a deeper insight into your divine essence and to access the highest version of yourself that serves as your best guide for a meaningful experience here in the physical plane.
  5. Increase your manifestation of abundance in all levels
    Among the dormant gifts that will be unlocked is your manifestation ability. Over time, it will be easier for you to bring the things you focus on to physical reality through conscious thoughts, positive feelings, and empowering beliefs with a realization that true richness lies in how you live your life with purpose, meaning, and sense of fulfillment.
  6. Clear the genetic karmic patterns of your past and future
    This process will release the emotional, experiential, cognitive, and ancestral memories stored in your DNA that trap you in negative, limiting, and destructive patterns. With your DNA activated, you will notice that you will no longer be pulled towards the ancestral beliefs, programs, illnesses, or circumstances that stuck you in a karmic cycle.

Below is a link to an article on this topic:

Please join us for an open discussion on this fascinating topic.

The call starts at 10am Pacific. Double check the time in your country.  Use the World Time Buddy to find when to participate from your country, city and state. The entire zoom call will run 60 to 90 minutes max.  We generally start the call 10 to 15 minutes early for those who like to check in and greet each other.

We hope to see you there!

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