We begin in the depths of the Eclipse Portal in May 2023. Eclipses are highly transformative events that mark the transition from one chapter of our lives to the next.

Mercury and Pluto will also be retrograde for the majority of the month, indicating a period of introspection. The fact that these two powerful retrogrades are occurring during the Eclipse Portal feels like a message from the Universe to go within, slow down, and truly digest and integrate the energies that are unfolding.

On May 16, Jupiter exits fiery Aries and enters grounded Taurus. Jupiter spends about 12 months in each zodiac sign, so its movement is said to reflect the year’s theme.

Jupiter in Taurus will shine a light on our finances, the financial industry, and our sense of self-worth. Taurus is also associated with indulgence, abundance, and consistent growth. Because Jupiter is the planet of expansion, all of these themes can be amplified by this new placement.

The magical Silver Gate Portal is then activated by the Sun aligning with the Royal Star, Aldebaran, at the end of the month.

Aldebaran represents intelligence and our higher mind. It can boost our third eye and assist us in downloading new information. Aldebaran is also thought to be the final resting place for souls before their new incarnation on Earth.

May 2023 is a power month that will most likely be a watershed moment for many of us. Listen to your intuition and follow it. Allow it to be your guide as you navigate the month ahead. “I trust myself” is a powerful mantra you can use.

Let’s now look at the month’s important dates.

May Astrology 2023

May 1: Pluto Retrograde in Aquarius

Pluto goes retrograde once a year, but this one is especially significant because it is Pluto’s first retrograde in Aquarius. Pluto entered Aquarius earlier this year, but will re-enter Capricorn on June 11th. Pluto in Aquarius themes are likely to be amplified as it makes its first retrograde through Aquarius. On a global scale, we may see a focus on technology companies, as well as currency, money, and power issues. On a personal level, Pluto’s retrograde will be very subtle, gently pulling issues out of the shadows and into the light.

May 1: Mercury Retrograde Conjunct the Sun

This is a power day in the Mercury Retrograde cycle, also known as Mercury Cazimi, when new insights, facts, and information can be revealed. At this point in the retrograde cycle, we have a better understanding of what Mercury, the planet of communication, is trying to tell us.

May 5: Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

This is the month’s standout event! The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse contains powerful energies that may elicit deeper feelings and emotions. We may be extra sensitive at this time, or our emotional state may be heightened. Deeper thoughts from our subconscious may arise, guiding us to clear, release, or work with whatever has arisen. One of the Eclipse’s keywords is closure, so it’s possible that something bothering you will be resolved. Transformative energy is also at its peak around this time, thinning the veil, bringing change, and making it easier to access higher realms.

May 9: Sun conjunct Uranus

Every year, the Sun and Uranus align, releasing waves of creativity, innovation, and freedom. This is our chance to think outside the box and broaden our horizons. We may be open to new ideas, have awakenings, or feel compelled to make changes. Uranus can bring shaky energy into our lives at times, but this shaking simply alerts us to what is no longer working. Pay attention to things in your life that feel unstable or uncertain, and see where you can make more room for freedom, innovation, and change.

May 14: Mercury Direct

Mercury enters Taurus after being retrograde since April 21st. Because Mercury went retrograde immediately after the Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse, we may see more themes from this eclipse emerge. Because this Mercury Retrograde occurred in Taurus, we may gain insights into our self-worth, productivity, progress toward our goals, and relationship with money. Mercury will take some time to return to its previous speed, so move slowly for the next few weeks and pay attention to any messages revealed.

May 14-21: Jupiter Square Pluto

Jupiter square Pluto represents an opportunity to assume new power. This alignment creates some tension, requiring us to rise to meet new challenges and exceed our expectations. There is also the sense that our hard work is paying off or that we are seeing the fruits of our labor. Jupiter Square Pluto can also bring heaviness and leave us feeling stuck or powerless at first. If this resonates with you, use this energy to find out where you can reclaim your power and what steps you can take to boost your confidence.

May 16: Algol and The Sun

Algol is one of the most infamous stars in astrology, but its reputation is mostly unfounded. Algol represents the power we gain after passing through various stages or chapters of our lives. Algol is closely associated with the Medusa myth. Medusa began as an Oracle Goddess but was eventually transformed into a gorgon with snakes for heads. She, on the other hand, grew stronger as a result of this transformation. This is the essence of Algol; it teaches us to find our strength and power regardless of the transformations that have occurred in our lives.

May 16: Jupiter Enters Taurus

This is one of the most significant changes of the year! Jupiter completes its journey in fiery Aries and enters earthy, grounded Taurus. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, so the themes of Taurus will become more prevalent in our lives. The Bull rules the sign of Taurus. According to legend, the Bull is content tending to its paddock. It feels safe and comfortable in the paddock. It gradually consumes the grass, and its manure nourishes the soil, allowing for new growth. When the Bull is taken out of its paddock, its insecurities can suddenly rise, leading to feelings of frustration, indecision, stuckness, or even overindulgence to compensate. The Bull is a creature of habit, and change can be the most disruptive force in its life. While Jupiter is visiting, we are encouraged to be the Bull in the comfort of our own paddock, tending to our own grass and ensuring a sustainable future. However, we may also need to examine our fears and learn how to better adapt to change. Jupiter will enhance these lessons for us.

May 19: Taurus New Moon

The arrival of the New Moon contributes to the end of the Eclipse Portal’s intensity. While the Eclipses’ work will continue, no new Eclipse energies will enter the cosmic skies. The Taurus New Moon will also provide some relief from any heightened emotions or difficult events brought on by the Eclipse. We are encouraged to enjoy simple pleasures during this New Moon. We may want to indulge a little or take some time to rest and recharge. Our focus may also shift to our financial situation. This is an excellent time to organize yourself, make a budget, and work on aligning yourself with the abundance you deserve.

May 19: Mars Conjunct Pluto

This is a fiery planetary energy combination that can be quite volatile. Things may erupt, but just as quickly as tensions rise, they can also fall. People around you may be feeling hotter than usual. Channel this energy into exercise or productivity to get the most out of it. Try not to get caught up in other people’s rage. Because this alignment coincides with the New Moon, its energy can be amplified, resulting in feelings of restlessness and irritability.

May 21: Gemini Season Begins

The Sun exits stable, grounded Taurus and enters the social, quick-witted sign of the Twins! Because Gemini is an air sign, energy will flow from our lower chakras to our higher chakras, igniting our creativity and desire to share. Gemini Season is an excellent time to focus on communication and manual labor. It is also a powerful time to recognize both aspects of our being. We are both a soul and a physical body. This is the Gemini Twins’ nature. One twin is mortal, while the other is immortal, representing our mortal body and eternal soul.

May 27-29: Sun Square Saturn

This year, Saturn entered Pisces for the first time in nearly 28 years. It now forms a square with the Sun, bringing potentially difficult energy. With this cosmic alignment, we are invited to step up to the plate and take on those challenges that we may have been putting off, or that we know will help us advance to the next level. We can also see more clearly what themes Saturn in Pisces is encouraging us to consider.

May 29-31: Aldebaran Gateway

When the Sun aligns with the Royal Star Aldebaran, a portal of high-frequency energy is opened. This is known as the Silver Gate Portal by some astrologers. This portal emits energy that sharpens our minds, deepens our intuition, and expands our wisdom. Aldebaran is also said to be the final resting place for souls before reincarnating on Earth. The Soul can reflect on why it has come to Earth and the lessons it will learn while resting in this place. We can access this space by connecting with our Higher Self and soul contract, as well as remembering that every experience is a learning experience.

May Blessings to you!

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