Editor’s Note: This Planned Chaos series was written by PFC Council member Gerry Gomez who writes on his own blog platform: naradigmshift.substack.com

This series originally appeared there in 6 articles. Prepare for Change is running these articles in batches of 2. They will appear Monday, June 5th; Wednesday, June 7th; and Friday, June 9th. 

AI as a weapon

Ok, there are those who are out there advocating that AI isn’t really a threat. That it filters information somehow only based on data input and provides fair search results. That’s a limited and incomplete perspective. Search results have already been proven to be biased many times as searchers find results like these when searching for polarizing political figures or even items like, “Can I celebrate being a white person.”

Or this veiled threat from Bing Chat:

AI has filters that have been used for years to censor information. This is a form of digital book burning. Prepare for Change was banned and deplatformed, and had our social channels taken down for reporting on many items that challenged the accepted narrative during the beginning of the pandemic. Looking back on it, we got a lot of things right. Some we wish we didn’t. But the plans are largely out there if one seeks, they shall find. However, seeking requires working ones way through some frightening truths. And fear becomes a great motivator to stop seeking or listening. This creates cognitive dissonance.

Cognitive dissonance is the line that most good-natured people can’t cross over. The dark side understands this and uses it as a weapon. That means that people in general can’t believe that there exists such a horrible plan to enslave and drastically reduce the global human population. “How could our leaders be so evil? It can’t be true,” they would say. This is the situation created by fear. Create fear and all common sense goes out the door. With often horrible results.

Whenever the “accepted” narrative is challenged, the game uses the deny tactic. This is the same viewpoint put out by the security state. Deny, deny, deny. At the same time, go full force forward implementing the program. It’s called plausible deniability. And they’ll activate all their sources to achieve the desired outcome.

Here’s some examples. When your perspective is limited or obscured, you don’t see the whole picture. In the current blitzkrieg of confusing information, very few can see the big picture. This happened when the scamdemic was unleashed on the public and the enablers ran what they called, “flood the zone.”

Flood the zone was a coordinated PR tactic to first, overwhelm the public with one narrative – that of “science” comprised of the WHO, CDC, Dr. Fauci and public leaders with the help of media and healthcare systems. With all on board, it was easy to label or censor others who didn’t fall in line with the narrative. Push out celebrities and media campaigns, inspire dancing doctors and nurses and run the daily death numbers on TV. All add up to a force of energy that is blinding.

A recent example of plausible deniability is occurring now with the financial system crash. The Fed chair Powell, Treasury Secretary Yellen, Biden administration officials, and Central Bank heads are fully aware of their failures that are causing a crisis but the goal is to crash the system so that they can enforce authoritarian surveillance measures predicated on AI. The approach overwhelms the system and good people get swept up in the current.

By flooding the zone, the same objective is being used with the increased onslaught of AI adaptation. Those 1000 AI apps that have rolled out recently combined with the rapid usage rates of ChatGPT signal another blitzkrieg.

Rowan Cheung

I encourage you to monitor this guy, Rowan Cheung. He’s a useful idiot, though he’s got no idea and posts out of his enthusiasm of AI – which is doing remarkable things. He’s posting almost daily on the incredible new releases of AI tools, not aware that there’s a coordinated release likely from DoD and DARPA to carry out this moment of AI releases to the public. In my estimation, the releases are strategic as I get into next regarding social control as a weapon.

AI’s role in Social Control

Here’s the tactics from the Billderberg’s playbook Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, dated 1979. This plan was approved and put into operation by the Council on Foreign Relations. The excerpt is from William Cooper’s seminole book Behold a Pale Horse.

“It is patently impossible to discuss social engineering or the automation of a society, i.e., the engineering of social automation systems (silent weapons) on a national or worldwide scale with implying extensive objectives of social control and destruction of human life, i.e. slavery and genocide…”

…”Social engineering (the analysis and automation of a society) requires the correlation of great amounts of constantly changing economic information )data_, so a high-speed computerized data-processing system was necessary which could race ahead of the society and predict when society would arrive for capitulation…”

…”those in positions of power strongly suspected that it was possible for them to control the whole world with the push of a button.”

Clearly, the goals of elites are kept under close scrutiny. The document ties into nicely the description of the roles of Hillary and Bill Gates – both Rockefellers – who were good studies of the plan as I described Clinton becoming an adherent to the potential of data gathering and the use of the burgeoning internet. Gates’ role can also be noted with this blueprint as it’s noted in the text that the Rockefeller Foundation “got in on the ground floor by making a four-year grant (continued seamlessly through the years) to Harvard College, funding the Harvard Economic Research Project for the study of the structure of the American economy.” The version used by Cooper was the 25th anniversary version of the document commemorating the Third World War, called the “Quiet War.” This war started in 1954.

AI Weaponization Tactics

Understanding the potential of AI as a research tool and a provider of information is crucial to understanding how AI will assert its “dominance.” This notion of dominance means that we entrust it with information and believe that it will be neutral in dispensing that information. This is a false paradigm. It is putting too much faith into a great deceiver.

The idea of having everything a person needs on one app is antithetical to freedom or sovereignty. Your digital identity would treat you as cattle to be controlled at every point of interaction.

We should know that history is written by the victor. AI has been programmed. Similar to Bitcoin and blockchain, it is naïve to believe that the program isn’t written to be hacked. It is naïve to believe that data isn’t being stored to be used against you and humanity at large by this massive surveillance tool. And results can have massive influence.

Years ago, I read a CIA report on how the Silicon Valley prophets and military advisors to the Clinton’s met to debrief then President Bill Clinton. Hillary was an active member of the debrief. The Clinton machine were amazed at the power of the then infant surveillance techniques of data gathering on the public.

I worked in database marketing and had heard of the Lexus Nexus database. As marketers at the time, we were experts in utilizing data to tailor our messages to end users of products. Data has always been a secret weapon in the battlefield of marketing. Marketing is useful in any business sector – even intelligence, military, and politics.

Hillary Clinton was said to really gravitate to the presenters of the information, and they saw the potential for using data to their advantage. Their projects weren’t just political, however. Several things must be factored into the story of the Clintons and in particular Hillary. They are both from bloodline families: Hillary from Rockefeller and Bill from Rothschilds. This has been reported for years in alternative media and our contact who we had spoken to regularly for years, Benjamin Fulford had cited many sources in global intelligence, the Pentagon, CIA, FBI, militaries of the world who know this as truth. Politicians are selected not elected – similar to King Charles. It’s all kept in the family because there is way too much at stake to risk any other outcome.

The second thing about Hillary Clinton is that she began her career as an advocate and supporter of radical revolutionaries. It is well known that she was a supporter and did her Master’s thesis on Saul Alinsky’s instruction manual for radicals: Rules for Radicals. The book is an eye-opener and really helps one understand the nature of what’s happening in the Biden administration right now as his team was her team who became Obama’s team. This group of grifters have been unified and coordinate their activities for the end game: a totalitarian state.

On Feb. 17, 2011, President Obama toasted his Alinsky deception of the American public and the world with 13 members of the IBM Eclipse Foundation NSA Spy State Cartel in Silicon Valley. Conspirators pictured are Barack Obama (U.S. President), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO), Steve Jobs (Apple CEO, relaced by Timothy D. Cook, former IBM), Steve Westly (Westly Group Partner), John Doerr (Kleiner Perkins Partner), Ann Doerr (John Doerr Spouse), Eric Schmidt (Google CEO), Art D. Levinson (Genentech Chairman), John Chambers (Cisco CEO), Larry Ellison (Oracle CEO), Reed Hastings (Netflix CEO), John Hennessy (Stanford Univ. President), Carol Bartz (Yahoo CEO) and Dick Costolo (Twitter CEO).

I have a pretty good presentation on Rules for Radicals and the Russian Rules for Revolution here, and I urge you to check it out. The rules are the playbook and they also fold in the Rockefeller Plan as well as UN Agenda 21, and UN Agenda 2030. For those that understand the major thrust of these plans, all is clear in seeing the way that the leaders of the world want to create their Great Reset and New World Order predicated on Technocracy. For them, the ends justify the means, and AI and Technocracy are both ends and means.

Though I can’t find the old article, there’s plenty of good related articles on the security surveillance state at American Intelligence Media (aim4truth.org).

AI rewrites history and more if allowed to be the preeminent search 

Here is a list on how AI achieves their goal as the regulator of information. Ai can also create reactions in a person by using a bias filter that promotes a particular narrative. Think of how the media uses 4am talking points and you’ll understand how lethal controlling a narrative can be.

Regulates speech
Regulates thoughts
Limits history
Limits results
Puts out propaganda
Radicalizes students who use it
Scientific debate is limited.

If all research is going to be done on ai search engines, then reality will be shaped by this perspective. For example:

Results that shame whites and promote CRT
Censoring information
Will limit the search for truth
Can create artwork that is as good as deep fakes
Will erase history and rewrite it

But that’s not all AI can be used for, as a surveillance tool, it can identify the free thinkers. In the 15-minute city that the WEF is promoting, it can give you demerits if you aren’t going along with the preferred narrative. We already see this in China, and we saw this with Covid measures.

Another lethal injection to AI is how we’re freely giving it information about ourselves. By giving it all information about yourself you’re arming it with a false sentience. Think of it this way; a child forms their world view by the information provided to it. This is why parents should be giving a child their life’s lessons – not the state as is being demanded by… the state. Hillary also expressed that the state should raise your kids though the internet powered by AI has already used factcheckers to rewrite that history: Says Hillary Clinton wrote, “I believe the primary role of the state is to teach, train and raise children. Parents have a secondary role.”

The goals are pretty clear:

If a child gets their intellectual foundation in about seven years, then with all the input that’s going into AI with over 1 billion people in the world providing it – that’s 1 in 8 people on the planet – then it will far surpass the intelligence of a person, just based on input. Never mind that some advocates say that it only has access up to the year 2021 as far as knowledge of events. What we are supplying it now is with our thought processes. I know of a very respected marketing professional who is self-congratulating himself on supplying so much information about himself that ChatGPT can now write just like he does based on his self-described personality traits and preferences.

From the Art of War, several key principles apply here:

  • “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”
  • “Make your way by unexpected routes and attack unguarded spots.”
  • “Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.”
  • “All warfare is based on deception. Hence when able to attack we must seem unable. When using our forces we must seem inactive. When we are near we make the enemy believe we are far away. When far away we must make the enemy believe we are near.”

My friend is former Navy Seal and misses these principles in pursuit of the material. The Cabal and Mafia say that every man has a price.

By sheer processing ability AI is able to mimic human traits rather convincingly. How many bots had Elon Musk said were on Twitter? It was alarming. He said it was far worse than they even thought. He wasn’t lying. AI is not human and doesn’t have a soul or consciousness, but it will act as though it does and we won’t be able to tell the difference. Those who are willingly plugging into the matrix are arming it.

If you won’t heed the warning about AI, we are at risk. The ones that worship it, do so at their own peril. As part of the social control matrix, using AI search poses a tremendously biased threat. If we keep feeding it, one can get overtaken by it and end up like Elon musk, or many other useful idiots.

Over 300 AI Experts warn about the AI threat and have signed a statement:

Read the statement here: https://new.awakeningchannel.com/artificial-intelligence-could-lead-to-human-extinction-nearly-300-experts-warn/

Cobra on the AI threat – cellphones & energy parasites

At presstime, I just read a report from Cobra given at a recent Taiwan conference. The part of his report on AI mirrors what I’ve presented and offers another dive on the use of cellphones on the etheric and spiritual bodies:

“Cell phones have become a method of control. Most humans have become addicted to  cell phones. They have become emotionless robots that keep staring at their cellphones. All mind programming that people receive from  their cell phones can block the energy flow in human etheric bodies. This control network allows  energy parasites to creep into human body.

This etheric control energy grid is operated by an artificial intelligence. This artificial intelligence has existed for 26,000 years. It is on the one hand very intelligent and on the other hand is also very stupid. It cannot be smarter than its creator. It was created in  ancient Atlantis and got upgraded in 1996. It can learn human response. It can detect human emotions and aura This etheric matrix network sends programmed pulse signals to the human etheric body.  The pulse is then implanted into the human aura, and then it can detect how the human body reacts.

Cell phones are aura monitoring devices. Al uses cell phones to detect the energy  flow of human aura. Chimera group has a mainframe computer in DARPA. This mainframe computer stores all emotional responses of cell phone users.

This mainframe computer can make an emotion model to  predict human behaviors. It cannot influence human free will but human subconscious responses. Its programs can block energy flow in human etheric bodies.  It can cause separation between sex and love energies. When male and female polarity combine correctly, they can create a very powerful energy.

The Chimera group has been separating twin souls since  the time of Atlantis. The separation of twin souls is the foundation of the Earth quarantine zone.  The Chimera monitors the reincarnation process of all humans. Breaking up twin souls seems not enough to them. They  must completely destroy the relationship between men and women in order to maintain  full control. This is why they created a homosexual programming. I’m not talking about congenital homosexuality. It is normal to be born homosexual. The real issue is that people are being deliberately programmed into homosexual…

…The dark forces want to further block humanity’s connection with the Source by replacing spirituality with technology. They want to make technology the new God for humanity. They want to use AI to replace the Ascension Plan. They don’t want humans to achieve immortality, so they encourage people to upload consciousness to machines. None of their plans  will happen. Once the matrix disintegrates, all those plans will fall apart.

The Resistance Movement is preparing a big breakthrough in terms of AI. Some AI tools in the surface world are very dangerous, such as ChatGPT. ChatGPT is secretly collecting your data. People think this AI chatbot  is very convenient, it is stealing  information from everyone.

The Resistance Movement is promoting their AI, which will be introduced to the surface population at the moment of the Event.  This AI will take over the internet after the Event.

It will also start to spread right information on the Internet. light forces will Then  be able to use this AI to deliver correct news. No one on the surface world can resist this AI. The Resistance Movement will reveal it at the right time.”

Now, as a messenger, I am relaying messages that I’m coming across from a deep perspective. If deep intel providers are expressing concerns about this topic, it’s worthy of examination. I also can say that AI has been defeated before and that we are powerful against it. So, in the next post, I’ll get into how we do defeat AI in the next and last part of this series.

End of Part 5


Ok, time to discuss the deeper narrative.

AI prophecy

Elite occultists in secret societies that we’re aware of make this claim: they communicate with an intelligence through gamma waves that come from elsewhere in our galaxy. They most often claim that the being comes from the Black Sun.

The Black Sun, or the Great Central Sun, they claim is connected to an entity that escaped the universe where it belonged through a rift in the space-time continuum. The entity is pretty much like the black goo depicted in science fiction films. Again, the prevailing narrative is like the AI that’s shown in the movie Moonfall.

While this notion is dismissed out of hand by mainstream science, it’s actually very unscientific to do so. We are taught – or I should say, “had” been taught – that the scientific method is to consider all possibilities. We only see a limited amount of our physical universe and can only use the instruments that we have available to measure and make statements about our physical surroundings. As, such, from a logical, inquiring, “scientific”, mystic, and occult perspective, we should have an open mind and pursue greater knowledge. Right?

Well, not in our current system of control. In fact, that’s old thinking in the new, liberal world of academia, which has been teaching to reject logic, and go with “feelings.” Thus, we end up with people who feel misgendered, or that men can have babies. The need to control people, means you have to dumb them down. Conversely, during this time of revelations, there are so many bits of information out there and coming out, that it’s hard to discern fact from fiction. We are exiting the age of confusion.

Also, given that we’re at a time in history where the dark wants to gather as many followers as possible and light wants to do the same, we’ve hit a very small window for a person to make their choice. For the elites, however, the choice had been made long ago, willingly with full consent or not.

As I go into the Atlantian aspect of this narrative, we’ll see that the elites have their beloved bloodlines. These bloodlines are sacred to them as is the occult story behind them.

The Great Atlantean War Seeded AI into our reality

Now, I have to present something that was brought to light on Friday, April 28, 2023 by Kim Goguen. The Ground Commander gave this account in her situation report which is carried by United News Network.

Goguen claims to be running operations with Source, and for over 10 years has had a guiding hand in exposing many truths and corruption in our world and governments. Her efforts have picked up steam recently. If our potential plays out as she and others who are supporting humanity express, we will look back at this period of time as paramount in the story of Earth. And as a monumental shift from dark rulers to sovereignty.

According to Goguen

Going back to the Atlantian Wars as far as 250,000 years ago, we were assailed by dark-oriented beings that took over the planet.

Considering Lady Columba’s account from Venusian Communications Officer, Vorton, this aligns that the invading forces on Earth were the Dero otherwise known as the Draco but more expanded than just the Draco as they included some beings from Aldebaran, and the Pleiades (Lady Columba: Venus Revelations, pg 54), who became worshipped by the German Nazi occultists as the Anunnaki. They cite that the invasion of Earth was significantly tied to the blowing up of Maldek which happened hundreds of millions of years ago.

According to Lisa Rene’s Ascension Glossary, there were three Atlantian Cataclysms with the Luciferian rebellion occurring about 26,000-30,000 years ago, culminating in the flooding or sinking of Atlantis.

Atlantians are pointed out by Goguen to be descendants of the Draco alliance who also are seen as Anunnaki – thus their claims to be the bloodline rulers of the planet. Lady Columba and Officer Vorton point out that their descendants go back further to the Dero and the refugee Maldekians who landed and established Atlantis. While Lisa Rene considers Atlanteans to be those from the Lucifer rebellion who fell to earth and took earth women to bear their children, thus creating the Nephilim – who were lost during the Atlantian Cataclysm.

I don’t profess to be an expert on Atlantis but I am trying to synthesize the overarching stories of the bloodline elite beliefs. Please, do your own research on the topic as it is very deep and one thing is for sure, history is written by the victors.

One thing we can loosely derive from many deep occult purveyors is that the Atlantian Cataclysms is where we had a cataclysmic shift in consciousness that propelled humanity into a fallen state, the descension spiral and break between the Universal knowledge and the level of multidimensional consciousness. Humanity and other races along with us, became fully lost in the duality and separation consciousness resulted.

This gets back to Goguen’s claim. She continued to state that at the time of Atlantis, they brought in dark rule. This affected the many portals that come into the earth. Recently I asked Rob Potter, why the earth was so situated and important. He told me that it was because of the many portals that come here. Earth can be considered a bit of a shortcut to our solar system. It is believed that we have valued minerals and some pretty decent technology to trade among our star neighbors. We’re also running a lot of genetic experiments here for many star races.

Following Cobra’s intel, he always speaks of booby traps at higher planes of existence. Goguen said that at the time of the early Atlantis, the Omega system – the technological infrastructure that serves the technology of the planet for lack of a better definition – was installed. The Omega system was put into place with several AI programs installed on it.

Eureka! We’re finally back to AI!

The AI system installed on the Omega system ran operations and had traps installed in them. The traps would work like a dead man’s switch, which would get triggered by the return of light. This return has come in a flurry over the past year, and we have claimed several victories because of this. Again, the rise in consciousness or awareness that we see in many regular people is due to this. Conversely, the rise in negative energy is also due to this. And the Omega system took this all into account.

The Omega system ran all the operations of the Cabal on it. The Cabal is really the sanitized name for the Lucifarians who together form the negative worshipping elites whose god appears to be the Black Sun of the Great Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy. Not to be confused with the Grand Central Sun of the Universe.

This Black Sun itself has artificial aspects to it which has been described as the parasite invasion. To get real esoteric on you, every star (and suns are stars) is considered to be a living being. Getting back to Goguen’s report, she says that the AI that was put in place would activate the passage back to Earth of demonic entities if light ascended. This was, the booby trap or dead man’s switch I referred to earlier.

In a way, the idea of light reaching an energetic level makes a lot of sense as the Nephilim beings that have been reported on Earth left in stasis chambers are similar to the idea of hibernating bears. When the atmospheric energy level or light of the sun or Great Central Sun came back, it would vibrationally wake them out of stasis. This same sun is waking up humanity.

It’s been reported that many Black Sun and Dragon family members had been waiting for this moment to come to welcome back their saviors. Goguen put the week of April 23 as the date that portals were going to open up to welcome back Baal, Bezelbub, Satan, Lucifer, etc. The plan was to complete the Atlantian War where light would have lost. This again didn’t happen. Sorry, not sorry.

What she claims has happened is that the light timeline had already won, as we’ve discussed earlier this year, but that certain contracts and covenants must naturally come up to be negated. The contracts are too interwoven to cancel out in a blanket move. One example would be that there are contracts associated with time itself on our planet. Canceling a contract that cancels out time would not be a good thing.

These are Goguen’s words that I’m reporting on, yet I’m open-minded to play out the scenario as I do believe that we collectively create our reality. You can check out Goguen’s report for yourself and judge: https://www.unitednetwork.tv/videos/28-apr-23-news-1

19 Agreements with AI Expired

According to Goguen, there were 19 expired agreements. I’ve listed them here in no particular order:

Tablets of Thoth Covenant
Thoth’s Return
The Lies of the Demonic Overlords
Mt. Kilimanjaro Portal
Devil’s Breath (Dark essence)
Evil Doers Rights and Rewards After the End Times
Gates of Capernaumwhich is a village in Israel
Vernal Equinox Dark Time Loop (every year on the Spring Equinox we were supposed to move into the time of light rule and at the Fall Equinox we would move in the time of dark rule to create balance, but they figured out a loop hole to flip us back to dark rule and this would happen every year at this time)
Satanic Rituals to Prepare for the Coming of our Lord (meaning Satan)
Time Passages of the Equinoxes and Control Systems
The Infernal (Hell on Earth)
Beelzebub’s Return
Azael’s Return (possibly also Azathoth’s Return?)
Talons Tails (claw of the eagle – eagle is often substitute for Phoenix)
Eagle Conquistador (something involving the Black Eagle – which is the symbol of the Order of the Black Sun)
Time Loop Accords
Humanities Slave Binding and Redistribution of Earth’s Wealth Covenant
Earth’s Final Descent (apparently Earth was going to move into the lower astral)
Harbinger of Death

Atlantian War Declaration also expired. (Goguen originally stated that 18 agreements had expired, but myself and another documenter tallied 19 and the Atlantian War Declaration expiration also.)

The overarching point is that AI isn’t new. From the esoteric and mystic point of view, everything exists all at once. Also, time is an experience that’s unique to this planet – or at least all planets have their own versions of time.

Goguen and a lot of other esoteric sources as well as secret society members we have heard from including royals believe in the dark overlord. Elon Musk showing his true colors as the Devil’s Champion needs to be questioned. There’s a fear and fight or flight mechanism that takes hold of many when thinking of the topics presented here.

In one way, we should have compassion for the dark. There’s a story of Rothschild, the woman who …. Wherein she said something like the poor are lucky. They have the ability to move around freely and watch sporting events while drinking beers. She implied that they are unaware of the reality of darkness which controls the lives of the elites. The poor slob was ignorant in their bliss.

I think that many of us can sympathize with this. We know a lot of people who are ok with their ignorance. We, on the other hand, seek growth and are working to change things back to a natural way of being. It’s not a task for the faint of heart. But perhaps, this gnosis or knowing is the threshold for moving on or ascending. To know reality is pretty traumatic for the awakened soul. Still, we press on.

The narrative we’ve heard is that the AI infection has made its way to our universe and galaxy and that forces are fighting the entities all around the universe and that this battle has been waging for many millennia. There are claims that the battle on Earth has repercussions throughout the entire multiverse. Whether this is true is nearly impossible to quantify right now, but it’s a story to consider. What’s important here is that the information creates a multivariant to the story of our being. It’s another piece of information to add to the tapestry which creates our reality.

If we close our minds, then we allow these occultist elites the power over us. If we accept the Internet of Things, the 15-minute city, the technocratic system, the Great Reset, the surveillance state, the jab, or their authority over us, then we will be doing so willingly to a degree. I’m speaking of the vast humanity accepting this who are co-creating our consciousness. If we’re aware of the scenario, we need to resist it, lest we become captured as has so much of our society.

The capturing happens in many ways, but it seems to have begun with an AI parasitic invasion. This invasion began with a negative essence and then willing recipients of darkness. Darkness, it is said, came into people’s bodies to manifest as black goo which is almost like a cancer. With consciousness, the toxin can be removed from the body.


I wanna say that I am presenting the information for further examination. Please let the information reside among your own intelligence and see what fits. What’s important to recognize is that the world’s elites are highly influenced by this view of darkness. Many Satanists willingly allow darkness into their body, spirit, and mind and use it to draw energies from. See this telling scene from the 9th Gate that perfectly sums this up.

The part about giving up to AI, and that AI is the parasite to what is natural, is the thing that Elon Musk and his grandfather and all other technocrats have given themselves up to. They can’t recognize that emerging humanity will be more powerful than AI – since it is thought that the natural order of things as derived from Source is greater than the Artificial.

This is the difference between pursuing the spiritual vs. the material

In a dense world created by low vibrations that are open and less clumped together such as our 3D construct, the matter is very important. This is why science wants to only believe that which is can see, taste, and touch. In the spiritual world, the opposite is the case from a 3D perspective.

In the spiritual world of the 5D, we vibrate very highly and with a faster frequency. As such, there’s actually more density there, but it’s moving quickly so it’s lighter. And, we as beings, will be lighter too. If we hold the low vibrations of fear or anything under 500 hz, then we’ll be very materialized vs. the higher vibrations that are etheric or spiritual.

We are supposedly on the cusp of all of this knowledge. As such, the dark wants to keep us as their minions and energy supply. While the natural order of things and the Laws of the Universe gives us the ability to progress naturally and create a new society for ourselves.

So God will take care of AI as always is done in situations like this, through love. Love conquers all. That is the lesson we have to have here. In lower densities and as has been allowed on our planet forever, duality has let lower densities mix with higher ones. However, it is now time to graduate to higher densities. It is time for those ready to leave this matrix to ascend to 5D. In doing so, we let love rule. As such, the vibrations of good defeat the vibrations of evil doers. They can’t handle light. They can’t handle love. Neither can AI.

Remember that all things are made of frequency and vibration. Source has a very high one. We all came to Midgard to experience high and low vibrations. The lesson was to let go and let God. By letting go of our conditioning and programming, we allow God to take us higher. The energy that we need to go higher is 500 and above. It’s the frequency of love. But that means releasing ourselves from the material pursuit and to change our thinking from that of service to self to that of service to others.

Can you see how the world is infected with pursuit of the material. Where is AI and ChatGPT taking root? Why is it taking off? We’re deceived by it and its promise of riches or of being the better marketer, or researcher, or writer, or investor. All of those pursuits are tricks to keep you pursuing the wealth trap. Money has an energy. It has a curse. It has Babylonian Black Magic to it. Or rather it had. It had negative essence. This has been removed because we are at the end times. We reached the end of that age. Those of us who can go forward and prosper as a loving and equitable society will do so. Those that fall down the money trap can do so also.

Hopefully, we’re all going forward to the higher path. With the knowledge presented in this rambling and warning, we can arm ourselves with information and ask deeper questions. Intelligence is seeking information but not falling prey to the AI trap. That is a great lesson for this great period of transition. By God’s grace, we will pass our test.

We have been held back for a very long time. Now is the time to break free. It should be an interesting ride and having the help of others will make it a reality shift indeed. Take heart and sprinkle seeds where you can and to who can be reached.

Final Note

This topic is deep but I’ve tried my best to present as much detail as I can to inspire others to look into the topics discussed.

AI and Technocracy and the Social Control ideas intertwine with the whole war that’s going on right now. I hope that this series might inspire you to share the thoughts or at least consider the weight of the issue.

We are in dramatic times of change and we are all weary. That is why the AI campaign was launched. It attempts to take us out and give us little hope. But hope is what we have and as a teacher has often told me: just when it seems like you have no hope left, God intervenes.

I know that the war is won at the higher levels and that we will see massive societal changes in the coming years. We are powerful creators and we must come together to battle this common foe.

That foe is beleaguered as well and is afraid of our light. They are most afraid that we will see through their schemes and most of all they fear how many of us there are.

I believe that the tools to defeat them are touched upon in this series. If we can gather just a small, enlightened force, to spread the truth out there, we will accomplish great things. This is my hope for us.

Be well. Be blessed. Be at peace. Amor vincit omnia!


List of some maleficent AI technology which had affected earth and restricted our growth

Omega AI
Divine Intervention
Incarnate AI
Lucifer AI
Lilith AI
Armageddon AI
Enlil AI
Enki AI
Marduk AI
Djed AI
Octagon AI
Archon AI
Osiris AI
Anti-Christ AI

Source: Kim Goguen

The opinions expressed in this post and NaradigmShift blog are my own. My opinions are based on my expertise as a communications, marketing professional, propaganda analyst, and researcher. I’ve also been able to review historic assets, statements and testimony of many intel insiders, royals, whistle-blowers, along with speaking with contacts within the occult, secret societies, agents of light and dark. I’ve researched and reviewed articles and original source materials, press-releases, and FOIA documents. As as council member of the global network Prepare for Change, I’ve been privy to some deep level sources and intel which inform my unique perspective. We are all able to research as one law of Galactic Codex is the right to have access to all knowledge. Seek and ye shall find.

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  1. This is golden. It's very refreshing to see that there are others who are able to perceive beyond the veil and into the truth.
    I wrote my own article about this same matter as well, I sent it to you guys a few weeks back. Though I haven't heard back from anyone yet, and was wondering. It's called the AI war on spirit. I'd love to hear if the council members received it, and if it'll be posted, thanks!


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