From our friend John Millward….

You may already be aware that Nano materials have been introduced into the human condition. Many people (with small amounts of what I will call ngarbage) are unaware of its existence. Those with severe infections suffer great pain and have made their own investigations and discoveries. Chief among those discoveries is the fact that all electro-magnetic energy activates and energises the ngarbage and therefore we cannot even use herbs to eliminate the invader. Plants use EM frequency, the frequencies of their aromatic oils, to protect against many things.

I have successfully cleansed people of ngarbage and have just completed a very severe case. I have been guided to the next possibility, namely, eradicating it from the planet, not just every affected body but from the earth, sea or wherever it is stored.

There is no question of ethics here as this is an attack on humanity, universal and natural law. Remote healers will be aware that if this were not the correct thing to do or with incorrect intention the universe would not allow any interference. Our intention is to eradicate this toxin for the protection of all living things on our planet. That is sanctioned from the top.

I propose that we commence a series of 10 short “focussed” meditations in unison over a period of 20 days.

20 days because we have to allow body’s 24 hours to cleanse the debris created during destruction. On the Monday 31st of July at 11pm (23.00) UTC (Greenwich meantime) for 7 minutes we globally direct our love and a frequency (a 4-digit number) which I will provide for all those participating. We will not be allowed to extend beyond 7 minutes as the universe will not allow any more than the safe maximum.

400 healers/meditators will be the minimum and there is no upper limit.

For more details, sign up here. (ctrl + click to activate)


The time and duration will remain the same for each session. 11pm UTC for 7 minutes. Please add these dates and a reminder (notification) to your diary. To achieve our goal, it has to be the correct day and time and in unison.

Find your Local Time here:

Monday            31 July

Wednesday      02 August

Friday                04 August

Sunday              06 August

Tuesday              08 August

Thursday            10 August

Saturday            12 August

Monday             14 August

Wednesday       16 August

Friday                  18 August

Love and joy. John           Let’s strike a blow for humanity. Victory of love and light



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