The Main News of our Planet at this Historic Juncture is that we’re sailing into a Grand Galactic Convergence of cosmic cycles that are progressively escalating their impact on all life here. At this time, too few are taking notice, due to the rampant distractions of a society gone crazy. But rather than ignoring the grand movement of celestial bodies like the Sun, the Solar Logos, we can positively work with them to activate and integrate soul, and most importantly, to restore orientation in our lives to provide meaning and purpose.

Our Celestial Connections

Do we not all love the sun? If Gaia is our divine mother, then the Solar Logos is our heavenly father, shining down upon us, bringing life and warmth to the planet. Just stop for a moment in your busy day: imagine yourself walking across a sun-kissed beach, through a golden meadow, or swimming in the ocean as the sun glitters down through the surface. Are these not some of the simple pleasures of life that we live for? They are priceless occurrences that give pleasure and meaning.

It’s no doubt we’ve entered the End Times for the reality construct we currently dwell within – a soceity that, by the day, is going increasingly off the rails. So we must centre in a new orientation to sail through. Synchronicity is speaking strongly to those wirh the ears to hear and eyes to see. Like for example, the 11:11 awakening code. Some speculate it’s relating to a particular timeline. But to me, it always meant the connection and convergence between four key centres of consciousness: your own soul; Gaia our divine mother; the Solar Logos our heavenly father; and finally, the soul of the Galaxy, the galactic core around which our solar system gravitates.

These centres are actually crucial to our well-being and energetic orientation in life, yet life in society seems perfectly configured to distract from this heavenly alignment. I’d say it’s the main reason why society is in such a mess; why it’s so unsustainable, and why it’s heading toward a catastrophic breakdown. Whenever existence steps out of alignment with the natural flow, then the universe in its vastness will be tolerant, but only for so long. Of course, everything is interconnected – where disharmony forms distorted eddy currents in one place, then the energy of the cosmos is drawn to it, to unravel it, and restore the flow once more.

This is what we at Openhand mean by The Great Realignment.

Gaia Enters End Times for Old Reality Construct

This karmic dynamic has led to the creation of a synthetic reality across the surface of the planet, including the satellite belt around us. Together with the synthetic moon (check the evidence) that’s manipulating the 4D morphic fields, supressing and controlling life here. When you dig deep down the rabbit hole, that’s the scope of the fullness you’ll eventually realise.

You might understandably at first balk at the enormity of it!

However, if you allow yourself to sit with it long enough, there comes a point where you’re simply done with it. Your heart and soul long for the truth. And if you sit in that longing long enough, that’s when the bigger picture of the astronomic cosmic alignments comes into view.

Just recently, we’ve had several inbound solar flares. It’s likely precipitated a wave of hot weather to the UK, what you could call an “Indian Summer”. More than that though, the inbound solar energy will activate dormant aspects of soul. At first you may feel a degree headachy and discombobulated. But take yourself off to a hill top or out in nature somewhere. Lie on the ground. Let the energy integrate through you and connect up with Gaia. In no time you’ll feel as right as rain, and your soul will be integrating new aspects of beingness.

I feel this is exactly what Gaia is gearing herself up to do right now as well. She’s drawing on increased solar and galactic energies to reanimate her Kundalini spin (the spin of the Earth is progressively increasing), which will shake off the intervention like a vivacious dog shaking off a rather irritating flea infestation. To be clear, there’s increasing evidence that her soul contract with the intervention is now complete. We have entered the End Times for the old reality construct.

And so where will that leave us now?

Progressively Infusing a New 5D Reality

The significance to all life on the planet of this momentous shift cannot be overstated. As I explain in DIVINICUS, she’s already created a new reality in the Fifth Density. And specifically – of utmost importance – she doesn’t need this old fear-based reality of dog-eat-dog consumptiveness any longer.

Gaia no longer requires the old dogma of ‘survival of only the strongest’, but those of compassion, empathy, interconnected love and respect for all life. These are the new vibrations of Fifth Density Earth. Indeed the old consciousness will be purged from the Earth like the cancer that it has become.

How will this happen?

The Cosmic Cycle of death and rebirth

This is perhaps one of the most challenging things to share: the visions I’ve seen, and the tumultuous shifts I now feel taking place which confirm those intuitions for me. But that said, when you see just how corrupt and bankrupt society has become, it comes as a breath of fresh air to those who are now realising they can relinquish any allegiance to the old system. Sure, we may have to work in it a while longer, but people around the planet, that we’re now experiencing within the Openhand movement, are saying,

“Enough is enough. Be gone with that corrupt craziness! Let me find peace, truth and alignment”.

I can enthusiastically say, that for those who connect up with the realigning energies of the 11:11 awakening code as they’re coming through your soul, you’re feeling waves of release, liberation and upliftment. That’s what’s to be gained by attuning to infusing solar energies for example.

I feel Gaia now progressively drawing these infusing solar and galactic energies to precipitate a faster shift into the higher paradigm. Over time, her bio-magnetic energy field will dwindle in the culminating Pole Shift. The cosmologists say this is already happening. What we’re witnessing now on the planet, besides the nefarious weather manipulation by the Shadowstate, are strong atmospheric transformations happening caused by solar magnetic forcing by the Solar Logos. This is a key trigger to initiate the necessary Shift of consciousness to 5D.

Plenty of people are speaking of the Shift to 5D beginning to take place, but we must understand and embrace the enormity of this, because it won’t all be roses and light. There will be two sides of the coin – it will include the progressive breakdown of the old consciousness, the old systems and materiality as we transcend time and space into the new.

That’s going to require us to work with the infusing energies on a daily basis. When a solar storm heads our way, for example, rather than simply ignoring it and getting on with a regular day, instead meditate and soften with it. Connect in nature. Feel the activation of soul – let it dance you alive. And if your reality now feels a degree topsy turvy, then feel the unwinding of those old consciousness layers. You’ll be invited to show up in your life differently now, in relationships to be more aligned and authentic, in how you live and work – doing only those things that truly serve the soul.

The Rebirthing of Your Cosmic Self

I share the enormity of what’s now unfolding on the planet not to spread fear, but to spread awareness. And if it invokes fear within you, then it is your fear that is already within you. There is no fear in a self-realised being: for they know their intimate connection to the eternity of the cosmos. So if fear is invoked, you could instead consider it a blessing: where do I contract, where do I resist, where do I slip into the victimisation of the small “I”?

What’s coming is the potential for the birth of your cosmic self, a child of the universe; something to be embraced with courage, passion, surrender and grace.

Some in spiritual circles would likely say: “We should rather manifest the reality we want, one that is safe and loving”. However, to me, this is missing the fundamental point of reality and our inherent nature as spiritual beings. There is nothing to fear from the physical when you truly know yourself as spirit. Let each inner confrontation with the challenged 3D come as an opportunity and a blessing – the encouragement to transcend that old aspect of yourself.

We’re an intricate part of a much greater cosmic alignment, together with our heavenly father the Solar Logos, to which we’re being invited to surrender. Loving thoughts may make people feel better, yes, but they’re not going to change the overall directional movement. For too long, society (influenced by an Opposing Consciousness) has been manifesting illusionary realities – eddy currents in the flow – which will be progressively unwound.

Yes, it’s surrender that I’m inviting – surrender to your Cosmic Self.  It’s time to step out of the thimble of our small world reality and expand into our glorious God Self – to live that courageously and fearelessly right now. To allow the 11:11 alignment to bring the greater aspects of you awake and alive.

So there’s absolutely no need to fear these tumultuous shifts that are now growing in strength. Rather the other way around: it would be the continuation of the old status quo, the outdated fear-based reality, that would be the most disheartening. When we’re locked in the mind, planning and strategising what we’re going to do on that tablet PC or not-so-smart-phone, we’re much less in the heart, feeling the flow of the field and what now wants to happen. What is benevolence inviting of us?

For each of us, there will be a path of light, shone by the divine, helping us confront all our distortions, that we may peel them away and unfold the spiritual wings of our destiny.

Building Up to the Event

This is the message Openhand will continue to share going forward towards the culminating Solar Nova Event. It’s so refreshing to see people around the world stepping out of fear and containment to liberate their highest spiritual selves – to live from day to day, uplifted and inspired by both the smallest of synchronicities and the most spectacular movement of the heavens too.

How does the building energy of this moment want to speak through you now?

We’re opening to the vastness of our cosmic selves, the infinite potential that we are; as we confront and let go of the contractions of the small “I” – the old Homo sapiens mentality. Nothing can be more rewarding and necessary on the planet right now. Nothing could be more pressing or important. The time is now. Our destiny as truly cosmic beings is upon us. Let’s align with these grand heavenly cycles as they compel us fully awake and aware.


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