Dark forces are trying to engineer a new world war by triggering a conflict in Israel.

Therefore the Light Forces are asking as many people as possible to join our urgent meditation for peace in Israel every 4 hours:


French Link:


Goddess wants peace and peace it will be!

Source: http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2023/10/urgent-message-to-surface-population.html



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  1. along with its swamp pits of hidden commanding entities and all chains of sources connected. could also be added to the list of long term features. Masked or not, double faced or not, triple faced included, the all ones historically and current dark issuer's of command are the deeper than consciousness is aware of. Also must be silenced, Karma clause and factual emitted.n.committed to detail. (don't take in to their tricks saying "Mis-information" we see thru your dirty tiny schmick of detail now! ) While here they still take on the same Human appearance, until they can prove to walk thru walls levitate and provide some other techno tricks the mouths that speak are still human to human! Time to Reject their issue.

    One other thought is the consider of false flag operations now they also are of effect, as to the similar colored coat they stole and wore after crucifixion and its long dated state of deeper then of aware concerns of …

    "Then and, all thru to the Now". is Israel any differ!!
    eg: Sir if we drop on those coordinates we'd be dropping on your position ! "I'm aware of that son! just do it we have invaders in our camp. and what side of invaders could that be more so to the now. !! Dot Dot Hint Hint is anyone to whom is or has not sinned? Shall he cast the 1st stone. {think this has been out played many a time yet is still so true}. Not one country I would bet can achieve such innocence by possession of cast spell and command to think it is owned. No one No Thing is OWNED We all are FREE. And Communism and all ".isms included must be relinquished to null and void [3digit named plus]! Time for a very Harsh Change and for ever more not just a chip in the park of such word they inserted to the bible.. One Thousand Years of Peace. BS: its for ever more shall it be.

    Its rather hard to remove iodine dropped in water. Chemically neutral agents can be added to do so. Spiritually is a whole other level one might now to consider the how far deep these infections are. Think the current posts of chaos and confusion are nuff to be noted as ppls minds are sharing the dotted white line in of all things. Time now we stand back analyze and consider what the connecting dots aim to point too. Time to put on that thinking cap of honor and me myself and the "I am" within our cranial cavity.

    Awakened does not mean, just the notice the picture is wrong. So how to deep it goes as to how much "We All Are Programmed an Brain Washed to their Spells cast upon every life" 1:- eg: Tax. 2:- Religions are also included to this part of its ease. Its the Money for nothing ownership they have impressed upon us and we dilute the truth behind the mask in of emotion and guilt and play along. So awakened also says to mean

    "NO I no longer shall participate in this wrong shade of grey". The rabbit hole has many "entrance light -> down before it terminates to pure dark in shade(s).
    How do we walk and to what door do we actually open to enter its "Hole unknowingly" Trick(ed) and rabbits pulled from the illusion re: Black Hat. Who took the s/s to flesh another example.

    Some parts of Karma effect, do carry some purpose of alignment. An to toss in the 3cent facto. All Religion base all carry its spiritual universal discernment. Law of Source, yet how has man distorted it all to befit their own agenda's. an spell casting upon its audience. Did not Constantine present this!? no do as I command yet how shall we play this fubar upon all mankind. Play their own against their own. Never see it coming. Took us a very long time the game play is finally exposing this coat of weary threat. Getting rather old now.

    As it is masked. Those awakened also can see thru this all and know the right side of light to part with. Light shall always fill a darkened cave. And just one candle flame has all that power to fill its empty cavity. They carry powers beyond this planet by the very sources that influence those ease of brainwashing and commanded by voice atonement. All of everything on this planet is man-made. Yet this is not just war of the world its is war of spirit of 'and on' all mankind. Easy to utter these words any time or all time of mind full to think. "For the greater power with me, shall I simply say No" now for ever more of their presence and of ease is it to turn your back upon all the wrong doers.

    The Single Human with a pure heart is all that is needed to full fill such feature. Any Cave Any Rabbit Hole in our path…..

    May we All Shine our inner light upon all that is of the shades of darkened grey and …. Break the spell that has held us all this time. Leave would be another .. as to. " Leave this planet darkened ones. " Or await what shall be turned returned upon your own doing.

  2. Q said, 'Israel would be Saved for Last". I have to wonder if Justice is coming their way. It might just be a good dose of Karma, maybe even at the doing of the Whitehats. Is there really any country that's inflicted more harm directly or indirectly than Israel?

  3. Peace is Israel and peace for the entire planet we must want peace and we must try do do everything to achieve it each and every one of us you just have one person to work on the self. No more war!


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