We are here in Eclipse Season! Eclipses typically happen four times a year, and bring about massive changes especially if they aspect your Sun, Moon or Ascendant in your Birth Chart. Look at the events that happen around eclipses as turning points or triggers that can set off a chain of events that drastically change your life.

We will be having a New Moon Solar Eclipse on October 14th at 21 degrees Libra. A New Moon Solar Eclipse’s energy is about 3 times stronger than our typical New Moon and creates new beginnings and opportunities in our lives. It is a very exciting time, and we should all take advantage of this energy and manifest our dreams.

However, the first step of the manifestation process is to state your intention for what you desire. If you aren’t in alignment with your true authentic self, you may not know what you truly desire and can then manifest things that aren’t for your highest good. This is why it’s so important to discover your soul truth.

To begin the process of self-discovery, click here to get a free copy of my Value Alignment worksheet. These questions are just a starting point into understanding where you may not be aligned. If you want to dive deeper, contact me to get your personalized Your Soul Truth Map that will give you additional insight into all aspects of your true self.


October 8th – October 14th

Wow!  This week is packed with energy pushing us to make some difficult changes in our lives that will usher in more peace and harmony.  The frequency of our world is changing, and it’s urging us to come along with it.  It’s almost like we are getting a whole new operating system, and we need to dismantle the old and figure out how to use the new one.  It will be a challenge, but it’s an upgrade, so it’ll be worth the pain and effort that some of us have to go through.

The week begins with Venus entering Virgo.  This is indicating that our time of exploring and figuring out what we want is ending and now it’s time to get serious about making some changes.  What relationships in your life don’t live up to your standards?  In what area of your life are you settling for less than you deserve?  What worked in the past isn’t going to work anymore.  We need to transform, and this week is helping us initiate this transformation.  What issues were you faced with during the Venus retrograde this past August?  These same issues may come up for resolution at this time.

This is not just about making the necessary changes in our life.  This is about making the HARD changes that we’ve glossed over for years.  This will be a difficult time, but it is what needs to happen to evolve to the next level.  Chiron is highly activated this week indicating hidden wounds may be triggered.  It’s important to face these and understand why they’re so triggering to heal them.  Journaling and shadow work is recommended.

Mid-week, the planets align to give us the power and confidence we need.  With Mars in Scorpio trine Saturn, the game has begun, and you’re ready for it.  Enough is enough.  Mars unleashes the motivation you need to make those hard decisions and take action.  You will start to feel confident in the decisions you’re making and may begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 14th is giving us the fresh start that we have been so deeply needing in our lives.    This new moon is the perfect time to state your intention on what you want to manifest now that you have some clarity.

The energy above is for the entire collective, but if you’d like to get more insight into how this New Moon Solar Eclipse may affect you, take a look at the areas of your life that I’ve highlighted for both your Sun and Rising signs.  If you’d like a more personal reading, go to my Services page and check out what I’m offering.

Aries:  Your marriage or partnerships

Taurus: Your work, daily routines or health

Gemini:  Your pleasure, creativity or children

Cancer:  Your home or family

Leo:  Your communications, short trips, neighbors or siblings

Virgo:   Your Income or Material Assets

Libra:  Your Identity

Scorpio: Your subconscious, dreams or mental status

Sagittarius: Your hopes & dreams or social networks

Capricorn:  Your Public Persona or Career

Aquarius:  Your beliefs, higher education or foreign relations

Pisces:  Your hidden secrets or shared assets

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