Israel’s 9/11 – Another Proxy War or Final Battle of Good and Evil?

A deep dive by Rev Kat Carroll

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  – George Santayana

What’s happening in and around Israel is an ever evolving story. To understand the conflicts,  it’s important to know some of the history.

On Saturday, October 7, we were informed that Israel was at war with the Hamas on the Gaza Strip..

”Citizens of Israel, we are at war – not in an operation, not in rounds – at war”, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a video message shortly after the militant group Hamas, which controls the coastal enclave of Gaza, fired a barrage of rockets and sent gunmen into Israel on Saturday in a multi-pronged and unprecedented attack in the long-running conflict.”

According to a news report from Bloomberg, rockets were fired from Gaza at 6:30 am. The attack came at the end of the seven-day religious festival of Sukkot.

For those unfamiliar with Jewish holy days, Sukkot is a Torah-commanded holiday celebrated for seven days, beginning on the 15th day of the month of Tishrei. (Tishrei is a month of 30 days and is generally celebrated in Sept/October on the Gregorian Calendar. The name of the month is Babylonian. It is one of the Three Pilgrimage Festivals on which those Israelites who could make the journey, were commanded to make a pilgrimage to the Temple in Jerusalem.

Palestine, Israeli and the Rothchilds

On May 14, 1948, the State of Israel was created, sparking the first Arab/Israeli War. The war ended in 1949 with Israel’s victory, but 750,000 Palestinians were displaced, and the territory was divided into 3 parts: the State of Israel, the West Bank (of the Jordan River), and the Gaza Strip.

Demographics of the area (as of 2022): Sunni Muslims: 92 percent of West Bankers and 99 percent of Gazans, with the rest Christians. In addition to the Palestinian population, approximately 214,000 Jewish settlers live in the West Bank and Gaza, according to the Foundation for Middle East Peace in Washington, D.C.

The Arab Israeli War of 1948 broke out when five Arab nations invaded territory in the former Palestinian mandate immediately following the announcement of the independence of the state of Israel.

Israel maintains an air and naval blockade on Gaza. Before Saturday’s operation, the last war between Hamas and Israel was in 2021, which lasted for 11 days and killed at least 250 people in Gaza and 13 in Israel.

In 2005, Israel’s departure from Gaza marked a crucial shift. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon called for unilateral disengagement from the Gaza strip on 15 August 2005. The purpose was to improve Israel’s security and international status in the absence of peace negotiations with the Palestinians.

With the implementation of the plan, IDF installations and forces were removed and over 9000 Israeli citizens living in 25 settlements were evicted. By 22 September 2005, Israel’s withdrawal from the entire Gaza Strip to the 1967 Green Line, and the eviction of the four settlements in Samaria, was completed.

This departure allowed Hamas to craft a concealed supply line with Iran and Syria, which bolstered its weapons arsenal. Notably, in 2007, Israel intervened to seize a shipment of Fajr-5 rockets destined for Hamas through Sudan. However, the persistence of ship-to-shore smuggling, the black market, and the preeminence of rocket weaponry has ensured a steady flow of arms.

When it comes to money, you can bet the Rothschilds are usually involved. I found an interesting article about how they have funded Israel and want to help rebuild the temple on the holy site. Here is an excerpt from the article:

“According to at least one website, the Rothschilds actually purchased the entire Temple Mount and some surrounding acreage for the sum of 500 million francs.  If this is true, then obviously, the Rothschilds control what occurs on the Temple Mount.  It is possible they are simply allowing things go their natural course for now, but this same website that tells us of the Rothschilds’ purchase, tells us of a plan that will work in their favor so that the Jewish Temple will be rebuilt.

Ultimately, part of this plan includes having a permanent “home of worship” atop the Temple Mount so that each group could worship side-by-side without interference from the other two groups. Interestingly enough, at least one website highlights this possibility, calling it “God’s Holy Mountain”.

Is there a plan to eventually make Prince William the king of Israel, justifying it by his bloodlines?

In 2008, Prince William became the 1,000 Knight of the order of the Royal Garter, AKA the Round Table. Princess Diana who married Charles, the son of Queen Elizabeth, was also born to a Jewish mother and was thus considered a Jew. Therefore, her sons William and Harry are also Jews. William has the blood of all 13 royal families in his veins; Saxe-Coburg-Gotha [Windsor’s name] represents 7 royal families, Diana represented 6 families = 13. From Globalist perspectives all war has some basis in a religious battle, Jew, Muslim, Christian, so they want a royal representing ALL the religions. The UK royal family claims heritage → King David → Anglican Church → Muhammad through the various bloodlines

Here is an interesting related article with video found on Twitter and contains much history of the Rothschild bankers and there involvement in creating world wars:  All wars are bankers wars.

The Iran Connection / $6 Billion in aid from the US in exchange for hostages

Under a recent Biden decision, three of Five American detainees were allowed to leave Iran in exchange for Tehran gaining access to $6 billion for humanitarian purposes and the United States freeing several jailed Iranians. $6B was to be unfrozen for use to release of the captives (one of which was born in Iran) – The details of the captives are sketchy at best, and one is an Iranian born American. “A key part of the agreement has been the Biden administration’s willingness to transfer the billions in oil revenue held in South Korea”, Per the NYTimes. The funding was to be used for food, medical supplies, and such – Iran said they could spend it as they wished.

Sen. Tom Cotton criticized ‘acts of appeasement, concessions and weakness’ that are allegedly emboldening leaders in Tehran

“For three years, the president has appeased Iran, the world’s worst state sponsor of terrorism. It’s not just the $6 billion that was released from sanctions controls last month. It’s $10 billion that was released from Iraq into Iran.” Per Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark.

“It’s looking the other way on more than 80 attacks against American troops in Israel, in the Middle East, or allowing Iran to threaten shipping in the Persian Gulf. Allowing Iran, without serious consequence, to arm Russia to kill more Ukrainians, releasing hundreds of millions of dollars to the Palestinian Authority since the very beginning of this administration,” he told FOX News’ Maria Bartiromo on Sunday. 

Theater warfare, a military term for an area where an armed conflict takes place. The spectacle is blasted in the newspaper, Television and now via the internet. The ideas being to direct your attention (like the director of a movie) to what is to be shared, especially when propaganda is being used. Trust me, there is a lot of propaganda and even a form of hypnosis in the words and images that you are shown. It may be real, to some extent but there is also a plot, an adventure, finding your mentor or ally, near death experience and the hero’s return. In this case, it’s not one individual but humanity taking this journey.

During a speech before the United Nations in 1987, President Ronald Reagan spoke longingly for world unity that would happen if aliens invaded Earth. He said: “Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to make us recognize this common bond.

Rabbi Dr. Ari Berman, fifth president of Yeshiva University in New York posted in X/Twitter that “Hamas is Isis. This is a fight against inhumanity, depravity, and terrorism. It’s a fight for Israel, for the Palestinians who suffer under Hamas’ cruel rule and for all people of good will and moral conscience throughout the world”. In a recent talk with Fox News, he made statements similar to what Reagan had said would happen under an alien invasion, that the world would become united under the threat, and he stated that is what’s now happening with the Jewish communities in Israel.

Many had thought there would be a staged alien invasion to unite humanity, but with so many aware of the technology the world has to fake such an event, a religious war and return of Christ may be being attempted to unite the world. The Jewish people have been waiting for their messiah, who in their belief, will arrive as a king of the lineage of David, who will free them from slavery and scattering. They are still waiting for a hero to save them.

The Current Conflict

Hamas strikes from the Gaza strip in what is now being called “Israel’s 9/11” – Funny they should say that as the news videos shows a building falling in what appears to be a controlled demolition, just as was witnessed in New York on 9/11.

More than 24 hours after Hamas launched its unprecedented incursion out of Gaza, Israeli forces were still battling with militants holed up in several locations Monday morning. At least 700 people have reportedly been killed in Israel — a staggering toll on a scale the country has not experienced in decades — and more than 400 have been killed in Gaza.

As of Monday, October 9, Israeli defense minister orders ‘complete siege’ of Gaza, as conflict with Hamas enters third day. 

We can only hope that this conflict will end faster than the 11-day battle in 2021.

As of approximately 3am PST on Oct 9, there were 130 abducted individuals, and the GOP has already committed to send money and support to Israel, thus keeping the cycle of catch, pay, release, and supply weapons for more conflict alive and well. Where does it end? War is a money maker for defense contractors and, no doubt, with lots of financial kickbacks to those making the decisions.

Clashing Religions

It seems that even before war erupted, those on opposing sides in religion were already having issues as Christian pilgrims on their way to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher where they believe Mary is entombed. This takes them through Muslim territory where they were spat at. The Temple Mount is a hill in the Old City of Jerusalem that has been venerated as a holy site in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam for thousands of years.

FILE – Christian orthodox nuns hold candles and flowers as they walk in a procession to bring an icon of the Virgin Mary to the tomb where it is believed she is buried, along the streets of the Old City of Jerusalem, early Friday, Aug. 25, 2023. Since Israel’s most right-wing government in history came to power late last year, concerns have mounted among religious leaders over the increasing harassment of the region’s 2,000-year-old Christian community. (AP Photo/Ohad Zwigenberg, File)

As far as the Christian pilgrimage, some claim Mary was buried in what is now the ruins of the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus, Greece, and other conspiracy theories say she is buried in France. If we can’t agree on this what else could be incorrect? Why is there so much turmoil over religions, especially these three, at this time in history? Is there another reason to try and create hatred amongst them?

“Since Israel’s most conservative government in history came to power late last year, concerns have mounted among religious leaders — including the influential Vatican-appointed Latin Patriarch — over the increasing harassment of the region’s 2,000-year-old Christian community.” Per this article  It is my opinion that such articles are meant to upset the public or move them emotionally to be accepting of some kind of battle. The purpose is less to inform, and more to cause division, or the appearance of division and hatred between the religious factions.

Per  SGAnon, Initial reports released by a Ukrainian official show more than $1 Billion dollars of “Aid” money that has been sent to Ukraine, has actually been laundered back into the pockets of US government officials on both sides of the aisle & across different US federal government branches of power. The new Israeli conflict has potential for the same kind of corruption and graft.

Image courtesy of

It should also come as no surprise that weapons left behind in Afghanistan have now been found in the Gaza strip after being shipped to Iran, then delivered by sea. In other words, the current presidential administration is in part responsible for funding and arming this war. Are you seeing a pattern?

This new conflict is also causing division in the states, especially New York. The DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) laid the blame for the attack at Israel’s feet, tweeting out as part of the announcement: “Today’s events are a direct result of Israel’s apartheid regime – a regime that receives billions in funding from the United States.”  Is America for Socialism? Have the Democrats done much to keep the peace in the US and abroad?

Keep in mind that all major news outlets are owned by only 6 corporations who control the flow of information and disinformation across hundreds of smaller news outlets, magazines, and entertainment. They control and spin the information. Edward Bernays would be proud.

Democratic Socialists of America protest in solidarity with the Palestinians in New York City on Oct. 8, 2023. Per the NYPD, some 1,000 protesters attended the rally. (Peter Gerber for Fox News Digital)

Karl Marx called religion “the opium of the people” and his dream of a communist revolution

Social and Economic considerations

Israel boasts two oil refineries with a combined capacity of almost 300,000 barrels per day. Zion Oil & Gas Confirms Active Petroleum System in Megiddo-Jezreel #1 Well In Israel. As of October, 2 NASDAQ predicts Zion Oil to go bankrupt. If you read the article, the decision to spend over $150M in investor’s funds was based on information from the Bible.

I find this interesting: Oct. 1, 2023, The Army is launching a sweeping overhaul of its recruiting to reverse enlistment shortfalls.  “Last year, the Army fell 15,000 short of its enlistment goal of 60,000 while competing with higher-paying companies in a tight job market and trying to overcome two years of the coronavirus pandemic, which shut down access to schools and public events. In the fiscal year that ended Saturday, the Army brought in a bit more than 50,000 recruits, falling short of the publicly stated “stretch goal” of 65,000”.  Perhaps our young men and women are tired of being sacrificial pawns in these proxy wars for money.

What’s disconcerting  is a video that went viral from Ukraine’s Zelenski, that our young men and women would have to come and fight and die for Ukraine. I’m right, this is another example of the 21/2030 depopulation agendas in action.

Also, disconcerting is the lack of transparency in exactly where and how, the billions in aid money sent from the US to Ukraine was actually used.

The Final Battle of Good and Evil

Palestinians and the Israelites conflicts are thousands of years old and referenced in the Bible. You need to consider the religious views of each in antiquity. But suffice it to say, one side worshipped Baal and offered live sacrifices of their children. The other followed God and the New Testament commandment to stop sacrifices.

The Muslims are the newest of the Islamic religions, Judaism and Christianity being much older. The start of Islam is marked in the year 610ad, following the first revelation to the prophet Muhammad at the age of 40. Muhammad and his followers spread the teachings of Islam throughout the Arabian peninsula.

In the Abrahamic stories, Adam and Eve had 3 sons, Cain, Able and Seth. Cain killed Able out of jealousy. The descendants of Cain were evil. The Canaanites or descendants of Cain are roundly condemned in the Old Testament – they were the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah, two cities destroyed with fire and brimstone directly by God, according to the Book of Genesis. They were a hostile, pre-Israelite indigenous population residing in the “promised land” who were conquered by the tribes of Israel under the leadership of Joshua following their Exodus from Egypt. Cannibalism  is often associated with the line of Cain. I recommend this interesting read which goes into more detail, The Transgression of Cain

The descendants of Seth were worshipers of God. According to Wikipedia, “ Genesis refers to Seth as the ancestor of Noah and hence the father of all mankind, all other humans having perished in the Great Flood. Seth was seen by Eve as a replacement given by God for Abel, whom Cain had slain. It is said that late in life, Adam gave Seth secret teachings that would become the Kabbalah. The Zohar refers to Seth as “ancestor of all the generations of the tzaddikim” (Hebrew: righteous ones).

Considering the events of the past few years, I feel a line has been drawn in the sand and we may need to choose a side. I have heard the bible is an astrological tale of what happens in the stars, and it seems we have been experiencing what is written in the book of Revelations. Are we close to the time of Armageddon which depicts the final battle between good and evil? Armageddon is a physical location, a Valley now called Megiddo, that overlooks the Jezreel Valley in Israel while technically also being part of it. Megiddo is 126 km from Jerusalem.

“Armageddon” comes from the Hebrew, “Har (mount) Megiddo”, and has been the site of numerous battles – Egyptian Pharaoh Thutmose III, Napoleon and General Allenby all fought here. Can the Muslim’s who wish to wipe out Israel and the Jewish people find a way to peace? After all, they were originally brothers.

The Book of Revelation depits Armageddon as an apocalypse. But the book has been mistranslated many times. Apocalypse has two meanings, one is total destruction, the other is ecclesiastical Latin from Greek apokalupsis, from apokaluptein ‘uncover, reveal’, from apo- ‘un-’ + kaluptein ‘to cover’. The book of Revelations is the revealing. And we’ve certainly be seeing a lot of corruption being revealed!

It is foretold that Armageddon or Megiddo, will be the site of the battle to end all battles. It’s located in the Northern district of Israel, close to Jerusalem, Galilee, and Golgotha, where Christ was crucified.

Megiddo is an important biblical archaeological site. Mount Megiddo, the hill overlooking the valley where the current kibbutz is located, is identified as the site of the final battle between the forces of good and evil at the end of time, known as Armageddon and mentioned in the New Testament in Revelation 16:16. The word “kibbutz” (plural “kibbutzim”) means “grouping” or “gathering” in Hebrew. Basically, it’s a community where people voluntarily live and work together on a noncompetitive basis. The first kibbutzim were organized by idealistic young Zionists in the beginning of the 20th century. Below is what it looks like and note how similar it appears to descriptions of Atlantis!

Considering the horrible revelations of child sacrifices in this war and the possible involvement in other countries in the Holy Lands and even by the US, perhaps this will be the war to end all wars.  If it is, I hope it’s short.  But the book of Revelations also holds special promises for those with new eyes to see and ears to hear.

The promise of eternal life:  We already have it but not everyone knows or accepts it. Only our physical body passes away and the spirit lives on and may choose to return to physical form. Earth is our training ground.

The Spiritual Waters – We can go 40 days without food but only a few without water. Water flows through the earth and her seas and rivers. But it is the spiritual waters that are referred to here. If our waters are muddy, they will not sustain us. This means clearing up karma by offering and asking for forgiveness of the trespasses (real or imagined) to cleans old wounds.

Ezekiel also had a vision of pure water in the glorious future temple (Ezek. 47:1-12; see also Zech. 14:8). This living water depicts the Holy Spirit who inhabits the human spirits of believers but is cut off from unbelievers (Rom. 8:9). Many who took the Covid vaccinations (depending on which batch) are now finding they feel cut off from the holy spirit and are wishing they had not made that choice. But you may be redeemed by the following detox protocol articles on the PFC and other websites. Your strong desire to have a connection to Source will help you.

The Tree of Life and Good and evil was forbidden in the Garden of Eden. Original Sin is what took place when Adam and Eve disobeyed the commandments and ate of the forbidden fruit. But it wasn’t entirely their fault. They were tricked by an evil serpent who told them they would not die for eating the fruit and they would have knowledge to make them like God. In other words, the serpent beguiled them, and their egos took over their decisions rather than following their hearts. This is the same sin we see happening in the modern world where scientists want to genetically modify our food, animals, and humans to be more “god-like”. However, some now consider the new god a form of artificial intelligence, and it is cut off from the real Source. AI can imitate personality, but it lacks that spark of human divinity and creativity. The more we give ourselves to artificial intelligence, the more of our own abilities and power we give away and forget how to access for ourselves.

This was also considered part of the fall of Atlantis; when humanity was so spiritually evolved but wanted to become more technological. Without the spiritual waters for guidance, they feel just like the Angels (or extraterrestrials). We need a spiritual connection.

Curse removal: Curses came as a result of man’s sin (Gen. 3:14-19). Life on earth and procreation would become exceedingly more difficult, and humans suffered two kinds of death – spiritual and physical – as a result of their rebellion. Similarly, as a result of drug additions, vaccinations, the pesticides and herbicides sprayed on our food, many are now finding it difficult to conceive, carry to term, or discover they are infertile. Populations have indeed fallen as a result.

In the current conflict in Israel may be the final battle against good and evil. In the New Jerusalem that we hope is to come, the curse is lifted. Mankind will live forever in the presence of God and have no shortage or difficulty obtaining food and water. It will be once again clean and healthy.  In 2005, DARPA was experimenting with delivering a drug via a virus to cut off the VMAT2 receptor in the brain. They called in the FUNVAX, for the religious fundamentalist (fanatics) to stop suicide bombers in the middle east. What happens if you deliver this compound to “normal” (non-fanatic)people? Are we seeing the results in this society with the crazy and violent behavior on the streets?

In the curse, humans are removed from direct access to God, but in the New Jerusalem that access is restored. It has been mentioned in our articles about “The Event” that that the veil will be lifted, we will have direct access to god (or the Akash, whatever you choose to call Source or a supreme being) and information that has been hidden from us.

These are only 4 of the 7 promises that I have explored in contrast to current events. I’ll leave the rest for you to read as it is considered important for everyone to listen or read and heed the words, if so moved. You must discern for yourself what you believe to be truth, and how you would like the world to become. You hold a key to the future of mankind, with the power of creation or destruction within you. If we are in the final battle, which side will you choose? I hope it is the side which embraces love, compassion, and cooperation.

God’s seven promises in Revelation 22

1 John 4:16 God is love, and whoever abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him.

Genesis 1:27: “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them”.

The beginning, generally known among Christians by the name of Genesis, i.e., “creation” or “generation,”

gene come from the word Genesis, from Greek genea “generation, race” (from PIE root *gene- “give birth, beget”).

Consider this. Every story has a beginning, adventures and misadventures, acts of heroism, and an ending or journey home. If we are moving through the book of Revelations, it’s the end of this particular story and our journey on the Procession of the Equinox.  It’s not the end of the world but the end of an old cycle or story. Are you ready to create a new story, a new beginning or Genesis for mankind? Because that’s what’s next!

In love & Light for all.

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