Your Weekly Soul Truth – December 3 through December 9

By Melissa Deal

The reason Astrology gets a bad rep, in my opinion, is because most people don’t understand that horoscopes and forecasts are pretty general.  For instance, if your sun sign is in Gemini and someone says – “You’re a Gemini, therefore you must be gossipy, aloof, social, chatty, funny, curious, etc.” you may not resonate with all of this information because of the complexity of your natal Chart.  While the Sun Sign is significant, the positions and aspects of other planets in the natal chart may have a more dominant influence on an individual’s personality. A personalized Your Soul Truth reading will give you this insight.

This same issue applies to forecasts. When I write the Energetic Themes each week, I am interpreting the energy for the week, but how it will impact you is very individual. For this reason, some weeks it may resonate more than others. To get a more accurate and detailed picture of how the current energies will affect you, I’ll need to look at this information overlaid on your Natal Chart and do a thorough analysis. This is what I offer in my Your Year Ahead reading.

Don’t get me wrong, the more general forecasts and themes are definitely helpful in understanding the shift in the energies as long as the person reading them knows that that they can’t be taken too literally. I do my best to provide clues, but I can’t provide anything specific unless I see your personal chart.

Energetic Theme for the Week

The week begins with an intensity with your relationships and on what you love and desire. Be careful not to be too possessive or jealous of your loved ones and not to act too irrationally. This intensity slowly turns into productivity mid-week as you find the strength and motivation to accomplish things.

The BIG Celestial event this week is Neptune turning Direct on Wednesday .  Neptune is a very slow moving planet…


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Your Soul Truth

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