Hard to believe this was two years ago…but still good information.

David Martin, PhD, spoke at the Wise Traditions Conference 2021 on November 5, 2021.

In one of his last speeches at a mass event, Dr. David Martin, who exposed the money trail of treasonous Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Martin produced an exposé with names, clues and tracks of the organizers of the plandemic.

This should lead to an indictment, arrest and prosecution followed by the execution of Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Watch: https://rumble.com/

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  1. heart fully expressing: Making a comment as to Dr Martin misses understandings of law. tad more research of his credentials are more to backing up missing a little in of his all life level creds and knowing the law.
    One would not ever know who is he anyways. only universal words be " God Bless Dr Martin" Consider returning to his 1st interview when this started about March 2020 and pass thru all his credible posts to fill in the gap of missing any mis-understandings per. The House burned down and now you feel to discredit one to make blame. Credentials even listening reading knowing of his words in cry to the knowledge of the all pre works to building such a devious weapon to be released into the veins of every human being easy prey to accepting such more too the pre-pandemic planning of its all build up to the perfect unknowing time by release as too full filling their aspects in step to completing mass genocide.
    Again their is a fire in your fry pan in the kitchen and no one cared to pay attention until the house burned down.

    Do not care to consider in by reality as to thinking to believe anyone else is responsible. 1st off its all government puppet leaders whom all are in the KKK like assembly controlled communistic like feature to command on your sense. Being the ones to whom controlled you for following along. In a Word Spell casting Trance issue to "Follow science our word secret word" Jump the bridge to death! but its okay we'll reward you a free donut or candy free beer for taking the jab. { after you take }
    So does it really matter if the Tell all to a victim before or after one jumps to their death is the who responsible for pushing someone to their death and make sound see like it was voluntary. That was the fine print disclosure given at the 1st experimental sign off do you accept. Remember the one that registered you your dna and all. What about the now would you repeat taking the "…" now that you have learned or maybe learned by now!
    Oh sorry for such but yet it was much the same. "EFFECT" Blame no one but all within of such lack to knowing better. The common terms seem to be Kill the messenger kill the piano player Kill an anything why not kill them all, Jump back to Sept 11th 2001 and the all production of personal Phone and home Video productions as to when 2 Remote controlled planes crashed into NYC 2 Towers. Street level response was all the same.
    Was it Project blue-beam 1st test upon the public view point or was it real. Logic of engineering, Plane make contact to a building house what ever. Its fuel aboard would make the biggest flash the eye could view by contact point. Not Ever take a Earth Quake Proof engineered building to the powder of its all cement content by 1 crash as such. Planed perfect demolition and everyone where sucked into the story lines that followed. Yet the common public response was kill the terrorists when it actually was your own certain gov and other Types to whom planned such act upon the American peoples to take the response and kill more. Over middle east an already war torn test ground to experiment with the latest War Toy!. By quick easy suckers to the bank steal candy from all. They complimented themselves with trillions upon trillions $$$'s to line their pockets jets yachts bank accounts all on your taxes you gave them and continue too. Rumsfeld even expressed publicly just before someone was elected 2016 as to lost 2.3 trillion dollars of your money and yet the iRs failed to know the better. ??? Goes for every loansharke gov compliment free money collectors does not matter what country. Its all the same.
    The anything was 1st administered to each and every one as to following the call to voluntary take accept and follow thru to such action. And now a cry is to blame someone else. The All conditions along the way where much to administer keep to your ethics yet they The All Governments are have and succeeded in such to spell bound the ALL around the globe and make it happen in such uniform synchronization. Hmm did not history refer to a chap on a white horse shout out at a time. Red Coats are coming Red Coats are coming. Just change the words and it all falls into place. And whom is the one to be tricked.
    Greatest sleight of the most evil of hand trick ever pulled upon the all complete grace of humanity. Repeat the new lingo. As many times it takes. The fall out and break down of ethics morals and life standards broken down in our all face. By their Evil plans. Time to Remove all governments and have them take all their own medicine 10x over. Remember too NOT ONE OF THEM Gov employee big pharma etc – WHERE REQUIRED TO TAKING THE SAME POISON!
    This is it ! ?
    WAKE UP. WAKE UP WAKE UP …… plea in a Plea of its all …. they only want to kill you 1st before you learn all our governments only want to kill you dead. Is this enough to learn to know better.
    WAKE UP.

  2. I need to add important points to my comment, so to not seem heartless. I know of several people who took the shot for money, knowing full well it was experimental. Then proceeded to have their teenage children to do the same. No, they did not necessarily need the money.
    This is the true meaning of "sacrificing children (and abortions).
    There is a reason why certain tribes, of all races survived for thousands of years and some who still exist. We need to know when to "hold up & know when to fold."
    Dr. Martin is expecting us to get involve with notifying "law enforcement & make them responsible" (clearly Dr. Martin does not understand our community structures of law).
    It is the right thing to do for the sake of love & truth, for those of us that remained "clean before the Lord/Source" to Strengthen yourselves "Body, Mind & Spirit" & walk away from this mess. Be Happy & Proud. Hold your children tight, they are our future. Keep them pure in their Race, whatever race you are, enough with our arrogance thinking it is O.K. to change what godly source created.
    P.S. my Japanese mother inlaw has two sons that have been stricken with autoimmune disease as well and are suffering for 20-30 years, so again, race mixing causes illness. understandable when we take into account that our blood is different & our diet's & environment are accustomed to such….

    Dr. Martin spends a lot of time in Utah. Utah is busy destroying themselves & their Culture. One of the last strongholds in America!

  3. I've always respected Dr. Martin for his voice in exposure of the "Plandemic" however to ignore the "shooters in the crime scene, the Pharmaceutical's & go after the invisible fall guy, seems to be the same as going after the "get away guy" in a bank robbery & not the shooter in the bank.
    I also would be very concerned about anyone advocating taking down every institution in society, which he was when speaking of owning the cow & milking the cow. I wouldn't want to be dependent on people's honor either.
    Also, no we don't need King's or Pope's, or President's, but we have also been warned about those that are advocating rewriting the "Declaration of Independence" which he certainly was.
    The positive item to take away from this hour video can be found at 37-39 minutes when he speaks about being exempt from all vaccines, put into place by the Federal government back in 1934.
    You see, it is not our institutions that are failing, it is "The People" which he did say. The people are either too tired or too lazy, which allowed for this disaster (my words).
    Get involved with knowing what your "Local" institutions are doing. Judge what you can see & prove. Everything starts at the bottom.
    & Wasting energy worried about people that has or will be lame from this, is taking us off of our future to become healthy. The choices have been made. We need to focus on the healthy by Body, Mind & Spirit, and get back to loving ourselves for being the race we were born into. That woman who advocated in her comment at the end, that "multi racial" doesn't create disease" is B/S. I've married into such & have buried two sister inlaw's because of their bodies rejecting a Japanese mother blood line with a Hispanic from Mexico. Both women died in their 50's from autoimmune disease before covid garbage, while the mother is still alive at 96 & the father lived to be 85. Furthermore, why does Rh-Negative blood reject certain bloodlines and the woman's body will abort a fetus!


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