Have you noticed an increase in articles about “conspiracies” such as this one?  Complete dribble and pure echoing of the narrative.  Absolutely no facts or research behind them.  And these people are Emmy winners?  Complete hogwash!

Unravel the mystery of those white lines in the sky and discover if they are something you should be worrying about! 😮 #Contrails #WhiteLinesInTheSky #Airplanes

MSP AIRPORT, MINNESOTA – Have you ever gazed up at the sky on a clear day and noticed long, white lines trailing behind planes? These mysterious clouds are actually called contrails, short for “condensation trails.” But what exactly are they, and how do they form? More importantly: should you be concerned about them? Let’s take a closer look at this fascinating phenomenon.

😮 What Are Contrails?

Contrails are essentially human-made clouds that form behind airplanes. They are composed of tiny water droplets and the byproducts of jet fuel combustion. When the hot exhaust from a plane mixes with the cooler, lower-pressure air at high altitudes, it creates the perfect conditions for contrails to appear.

🌡️ The Role of Temperature and Humidity

The formation of contrails depends on the atmospheric conditions at the plane’s altitude. The air needs to be both cool and humid for these white lines to appear. If the humidity is low, the contrails will quickly evaporate. However, if the humidity is high, the contrails can persist and grow, sometimes stretching for miles and reaching heights of up to 1,300 feet!

🌈 Different Types of Contrails

There are three main types of contrails: short-lived, persistent non-spreading, and persistent spreading. The only difference between them is how long they last, which depends on the weather patterns. Persistent spreading contrails can even start to look like natural cirrus clouds!

🌍 The Environmental Impact

While short-lived contrails don’t cause much concern, persistent contrails might contribute to climate change. They can trap heat that would normally be released, potentially warming up the Earth. But don’t worry – scientists and airlines are already working on ways to reduce the impact of contrails.

😊 The Future Looks Bright

The good news is that there are simple solutions to minimize the environmental impact of contrails. By slightly adjusting flight routes to avoid areas where persistent contrails are likely to form, airlines can make a big difference. In fact, studies show that these small changes could reduce the climate impact of contrails by a whopping 73%! And the best part? It would only cost a tiny fraction of what airlines spend each year.

🤔 The Conspiracy Theory Debate

Some conspiracy theorists believe that contrails are actually “chemtrails” – toxic chemicals deliberately sprayed by the government for sinister purposes. However, there’s no scientific evidence to support these claims. Contrails are simply the result of normal jet engine exhaust mixing with cold, humid air at high altitudes.

While they may have some environmental impact, there’s no secret plot behind these white lines in the sky. So, the next time you hear someone talking about “chemtrails,” you can gently remind them that it’s just science, not science fiction! 😉

✈️ Conclusion

So, the next time you spot those mesmerizing white lines in the sky, you’ll know exactly what they are and how they form. And you can rest easy knowing that smart people are working hard to keep our skies blue and our planet happy. Happy travels!

From Jackandkitty.com

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  1. Poor Jack & Kitty are beyond help, their heads have been stuck in mainstream media so long they actually believe this. Good thing the rest of us broke out of the matrix long ago & woke up. 😅

  2. Worst than spraying like bugs and worse of "Raid" : all are right and more to have learned its demonic use let alone destruction of common weather pattern and other residual deep damages too all eco systems. One can only look to notice of broadcast news clip tv movie show all share blink chem trail and or dead tree skeletons easy to spot once notice to look for it.
    Carnage in the north shares lacking ground regeneration many species burned.n.killed off, reptiles bugs all not much flying as it was. With some sure they are there in such gross reduction in numbers of such, blink and miss it. Added their use of toxic if not industrial chemistry to attack human gnome dna directly. (spike proteins graphene-oxide as ex:)

    GeoengineeringWatch.org has detailed it all in so many years driven of its need to teaching all to wake up of its word spell trickery given thru the 70's onward. The wow of that web site in depths of such wide library of truths and info regarding.

    A reverse to behold as word has its now control, is 'Has' changed hands to calm its continued use for reversing its turmoil, as such start needed to help Mom Earth Gaia recover such horrific treatment. Add anti-venom also being used to ease on those sensitive to such attack affecting their continued use of relief drugs asthma sinus etc respiratory ailment. Toss the 10th of a point. Sensitive types might believe to consider ease since May 1st 2024 here an now as improvements felt. I shall share count 1 as such.

  3. We've collected and tested the powder from those white lines and Aluminum and Barium are not water vapor. The actual water vapor contrails (that dissipate quickly) are from aircraft above 40,000 feet and the spreading contrails are coming from planes much much lower…like 10-15,000 feet so you are being very irresponsible for writing off white lines in the sky as all water vapor. And where were these spreading contrail before the year 2000? They didn't exist and I have lived under major civilian and mil flight paths all 70 years of my life. Denial is one hell of a drug!

  4. This is not the only reason I woke up thinking it was April Fools today. Wow. So much craziness happening. Impossible to keep up.

  5. Hello
    I am shocked that such an article was published!
    Whenever Chemtrails were seen in the sky of my country, a month later a new type of covid spread!

  6. Just more BS…why are we always hearing the same lies, for decades? Watch What are they spraying in the skies? And Why are they spraying this crap in the skies?
    This government will always want you to be stupid so they will feed you with lie after lie. I’ve watched my skies, across this US for decades and have studied the CHEMTRAIL situation. The US government is killing you with the air you breathe. All that have died from Alzheimer’s complications have been poisoned with CHEMTRAILS. Period. Stop the BS and the lies. Both my parents were murdered by this poison. I’ve taught my kids to stay indoors while this crap is in the skies because it falls on you. There’s enough printed now and in videos for you to research yourself. I’m tired of trying to wake up humanity to many US evils. This is just one.

    • Come on people! This is clearly posted as irony and to show examples of how much blatant counter truth is being pushed out there.

        • Folks, i have been posting things to wake, shake and take you out of your comfort zone. Some times with humor, at times with irony (as this one was). I do blow it sometimes as there is so much false and AI driven information out there. I appreciate everyone's feedback and suggestions to keep me in line. Send me your articles to share and i will gladly post. Let's support each other. Thanks for communicating.

  7. Horse shit! That explanation may work for some who have already been fed that story. They are spraying us like bugs and have been for a long time. Crimes against Humanity and Nature!

    Geoengineeringwatch.org tells the truth, not a fairytale.

    • Well put. Thanks for saving me the time to ditto that. By the way, Horse Shit is Exactly the term I had in mind.👍🙏

  8. Is this "contrail" BS meant to be a joke?! If yes, it's a rather bad one. If not, "jackandkitty" are beyond hope…
    But either way, why is it published on this website in the first place?

    • To show you what most people are being fed with….to assist in your understanding of what we are up against.

  9. joker in every crowd. Jackandkitty suggest to watch "The Dimming"

    Even back up too https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/
    and take a few moments to read anything any header and learn more proper. Feel this is an unfavorable form of infoz


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