I know a lot of you don’t trust her messages but this is too entertaining to ignore so forgive me…

0:00 Introduction 2:07 Sharing Perspective and Channeling Experience 4:31 Understanding Trump’s Sole Contracts 6:19 Channeled Conversation with Kinetic 7:12 Trump as a Plant 8:35 Strategic Actions and Bringing Change 11:10 Humanity’s Choice and Role 12:47 Shifting Focus and Unity 13:12 Closing Thoughts

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  1. Lovely young lady. She recanted on her “totally unbiased, non-partisan” view point when questioning the channeled alien about Trump, and Biden. Asking questions and then answering them to a channeled fabrication has got to be discombobulating. Don’t stress too much dear.
    However, Whatever they’re teaching you in Northern California about channeling skills is in no real way advancing your practical knowledge and wisdom regarding actual dynamics here on the planet, in that, you really can’t afford to be that naive.

  2. as in self ones own inner thought might spill the coffee into a rant of why. "what? Another joined forces in lemming mind set, via effect to jump off the cliff into buffoon land of Nod.
    Life Universe and God. So much work in mysterious ways. Necessary "Eminent Change" one might consider Teething steps towards change this world so desires by Light in mind Wish, 5D density and Unity Freedoms.
    Time for change is the right now. Might ask better questions to progress are we to witness this and the when? be way cool.

  3. a past time a wise teacher in class mentioned wise words supporting, with constructive wisdom worth ''deep thought" to care of its values. "Be very Careful To What you Ask for in Life?" For you may very well receive what you ask by at the least moment in time or expectation. ! (in turn could be the worst thing of effect).

    A tool is a tool, when there is a one time need, that tool can be used in its required reach, provides such need To Work the FIX. Then such tool is worth a million bucks. Maybe not necessary the elephant in the room. when its possibly a large feature, to aid in Balance to a cause and need. Such Elephant is guided to do so. Even if its purple.!
    For A Reason and such reason may not always be seen until the issue is far past for some. Few know of its value to such and some learn along the way by such oddly need.
    Non-Partisan does not take Sides? hmmm. Bringer of Chaos. think of the tool. the 2step forward 1step back analyze.

    Question? any of the multi-'izms of all the actual crimes to chaos in everyday life. Accepted Okay! okay by all! and or just the You in the now!.

    Always since the lies of history, none stop Slave Victims lies to excuse, we all are to never ending Tax increase (money for nothing for whom?) Any government actually do Good for lands or constituents. ??? No Pocketed by your charity commanded to word spell called "Pay your Taxes", Wars murders crimes all good things removed to unBalance virtue and peace in thought to none given. Tax you more. Claimed at birth, born into such rules for chaos and owned without knowing. Where by all bitch of everything and nothing goes fair chance to anyone. Traffic of all things children women Drugs. Fight pits to death for many. Entertainment Bets flourish at the toss of innocents. Many in debt just to live by this system. Think of CBDC's coming to take your all every penny value in life you created here by Age 31 all taken away from your choice, in use and choice to purchase a something maybe food to keep you alive controlled. Used against you and Provided to track every thought you have to build by. ? Use 1 cent more and be charged same or double value You just Spent or more!, Fined just to get back to Point Score stressors! They Set Upon you! ?
    So don't take sides. Words are Spells witchcraft in direct sense know it nor not. Caveat "Buffoon" Ops missed your own value to casting spell of judgement. A side of words is base to the opposite said "A Side". So use your tools/words wisely. Four(4) years next !??? WTF "the Unity of many working in ascension is towards balance love joy happiness Freedoms for every single living thing, for all next turn to change is guided not by evil but by Light of Source and Goodness life to all Living and Love, Oh yes on the entire play board Planet Home.

    No tax no government corporation puppets that only pass down the carnage damage to control all by the mass and polarize "Or Else" Pay fines and follow on. CCP sides with Antagonist repulse Kill Him/Her , Problem solved. A cartel action. Chop into piece toss to the dogs to fight over a leg or arm or chew on a fresh skull. Here Rover I have a nice heart for you! good Boy rover. Man he eats that stuff up quick.
    Next! Is this your agreement to chaos in want. What laws govern thought, you will not have any "Thought" have this current BS carry to fruition of Evil. Your 6th sense abilities channel/RemView will be lead face head caged preventing you to think. For Evil to Triumph is that NO Good man/woman 'U' do Nothing!" Least a try to wonder and remote view. Good purpose to need Question is all your own. Thank U for sharing. Provides some vibe to consider what flavor of the now is.

    Do you want to be chosen next for H-Traffic Act! Raped by, shared by many, heart ripped out of chest eaten along with the rest of self for continue of this life "eyes wide shut". Ask those that have been victims of such evils.
    Don't judge such book by its cover. Other sides to mid nite become the shape shifted reality. In a possible we don't really know by its question to such. Or by your own to 'mr Kinetic'. Good he did not reveal his hand. Some things are kept Also for Reason of Truth.n.Value reason! Life works in mysterious ways does it not! There is no answer to many questions of any part of Life Right now with all the mass Chaos as to said 1 buffoon cast. Do not allow Others to think for you nor follow as others I believe to tossed out quick. if one jumps off the bridge will you follow ?
    A tool maybe to be fighting for something you we have no idea by. Maybe a tool! maybe a string dance for God to hop step and jump around certain energies and frequencies unknown. To cause the Butterfly effect the Mandela Effect.
    Try and keep this as neutral as possible. One does not know Change is on the horizon for a necessary need. Consider the greater possibility to unfold, maybe most all disagree but how does 2500 yrs of a word once shared. In 2000 yrs I shall return. Hmmm tad over due to pick a right time to enter.
    Enter the Dragon! call it 'of Change'.

    The Creators and Masters of this "Sim Prison Planet of Change fate and chaos" Might be terms ending and in any time These More Great Pleaidians and cast of other Superior families, All are all in waiting/watching/eyeing to see "IF" We as so powerful and masters of all things on this planet actually trigger to polarize awakening Hey! "Something is Wrong with this Evil Darkened Picture of Who the F knows any moment might change" But we Should know to decide this is already beyond the Enough is past its Damn well Enough of it all!.
    Word play is it! Scary Nuke the planet and start again. Its a threat none the less by our own not so threat of nice humans. Is this the plan. Not on your life nor for anyone's. Any launch will be stopped be might the thought. Word games Catch all.
    Ones already lost to our family lineages are safe fear not. Yet we all _have personally lost_ Great Peoples from this Current Swamp soak Oil of Dang Right EVIL. Friends parents Relatives to the evil Jab and tragic situation. Did you try one on for the 9th booster all. Bet not. Why afraid it might hurt. Its a bio weapon designed to kill. Read all about it. Pick many posts on this one foundation of notice decide as many have, yeah/neah maybe not, No thank you and move on. Many even share " Just Say No. Least you started with What is Told think the opposite. So Does Just Say NO.

    So Tic Tok and ask for to bring Good news as update, does not matter of the sands of times shifting. Change is eminent and necessary and Lovingly Peacefully Wanted by so many others that one can think for others. Nice for you to have shared such. But We many want to see this FLIP OF SUCH SWITCH Muscled in Months ago. The Flow of Jelly jam talking of such is smearing faith which is our test of The NOW Times. Give People the chance Give Peace a Chance! to wish want the drive of love leading its success of it to become.
    Those care not shall stay in this Board game. Guarantee it will be under different supervisions and able for all to learn in a light supporting evolving manor to learn what was to be. And not be part of a slave Drive merry "Murder Death Kill" go around. Ask next for this and the when. Sure to feel you will not get the answer, you may be to want.

    For I am personally tired of the non-Stop LIES Fabricated criteria that keeps us grounded hung at the hope field, caged into this poisonous swamp gas of shear blasted evil of ROT.

    I'd like my stripes and wings to fly off this Sh.t hole of casting spells to others and following the crowd off the cliffs of life-freedom an slavery eating spiked poison cardboard nor juicy fake bug-steak. And get out of jail card at the closest door exit to the F'n Matrix walls.

    Together We UNITED AS DYNAMIC FREE-HUMANS in Light Love Peace and Harmony We ALL STAND. Divided as we all are – we do not, any longer care to be part of and no longer smitten be FORCED TO FALL AND BEG FOR CHEESE that is tainted and drugged with Sh.t any longer.

    if need re-read until understood.

    Dear Father Grant me the serenity to know of things I can not change. All the powers within me to know all things I can Change. And Provide the Wisdom to knowing the difference.

    in binding Heaven and Light as it is above so shall it be in the lands and path I walk on this Planet Consumed by Light of Source. Have a Lovely Day.

  4. She is half right and half wrong.

    Trump fulfills the role of one of the last SHEPHERDS appointed at the End Time to Bring the "TIMES OF THE GENTILE'S" dominance to an end and safely usher the Whites who can't change off planet to finish their incarnation in space while continuing to feel and think that they are superior.

    Ending Gentile dominance is not a punishment to Gentiles it is an act of salvation. The Gentiles were created and programmed to slowly destroy the earth and themselves in a manner that was undetectable to them by downloading the consciousness virus of the White Superiority Complex which shuts down the upper chakras and prevents ascension and causes them to move forward in error for long periods of time because they cannot accept information that does not support their perception of being superior so they would rather be wrong which is why everything is breaking down and collapsing under mountains of lies used to falsely create a sense of superiority. Trump's role is to help usher off-planet those Gentiles who simply can't accept how they were created and that they are not superior. It is not their fault that they were programmed to believe they were superior and it is too painful to accept their true origins even though the elite have tried telling them to their faces with disclosures such as these.

    Humans share 97% of their DNA with Orangutans
    It is very painful for Whites to accept that the ETs designed Whites by splicing the DNA of an Orangutan with that of an African mother, so that the ETs can retain control over the reincarnation of their spirits.

    Neil deGrasse Tyson Scientifically Explains Why Whites Resemble Monkeys More than Blacks (Part 9)

    The elites are "SOFTLY" trying to tell WHITES that the Story of Yakub as told by Louis Farrakhan is actually true. Whites were created from Orangutans and now we have the DNA evidence to prove it.

    There is nothing Whites could have done to avoid what has happened to them or the destruction they've caused to the world because it was part of an ET experiment over which they had no control. Therefore, it can never be considered their fault, but they are responsible for cleaning up the mess.

    Why did the Fallen Angels splice African human DNA with orangutans to create Whites? So that Whites would possess the following characteristics of Orangutans as they carried out the Fallen Angels plans to destroy the planet.
    • placid – this is why our governments and people remain unemotional while we destroy nations, peoples, their habitat and ourselves.
    • deliberate – this is why our governments and people are so careful with “printed agreements” that depict our “morality” and make us feel righteous while our actions are barbaric.
    • ingenious – this has taken us as far as we can go with the mountain of lies while we have ingeniously used the tool of intellect to dissect the original creation and modify it to destroy it
    • persistent – this is why our governments and people have been tenacious enough to stick with the plan no matter how much reactionary force against it or how much destruction we witnessed with our own eyes thus remaining in denial of the truth.

    A New Group of ETs have come to set us free from this EXPERIMENT which means WHITE DOMINANCE MUST END and TRUMP's ROLE is to gather those WHITES who love feeling SUPERIOR and CONVINCE THEM to Go Off Planet thus fulfilling the Hopi Indian Prophecy of a split in the surface population of Whites as some Whites will agree to CHANGE and Take Melanin supplements so that they can stay on the planet.

    TRUMP is FIGHTING FOR CONTROL with ELON MUSK who also wants to take 80 million people into space. They cannot safely move into space until the Gentile governments stop fighting and give up. Then the ETs will give them the technology they need to safely make the trip.

    The biggest challenge Trump faces is trying to get Whites to forgive themselves and Blacks and other non-whites to forgive Whites. That can't be done unless we know what we are forgiving them for but they don't want to talk about what we need to forgive them for because it causes pain to their psyche. The only way around it is to tell the truth and help Whites understand that they are not at fault. But they can't tell the truth because it makes the ones who feel superior feel bad about themselves. So this is the biggest dilemma Trump faces, getting to forgiveness.

    Moving 80 million White Americans into space will DRASTICALLY reduce the population when you factor in the deaths from the Jibby Jab shot. This is really why Deagle.com showed such a reduction in population.

    Many White Americans will try to kill Trump for agreeing to follow the orders of the ETs and shut down White Dominance. That's why Trump has to play the role of buffoon. But that time is swiftly coming to an end as Whites must depart the planet by 2025 or the incoming photon energies will cause mass die offs in those unprepared to accept those energies.

    Pentagon UFO chief says alien mothership in our solar system possible

    Elijah Muhammad Was Right: Pentagon Says 'The Mothership' May Be Sending 'Seeds' To Earth

    Our Alien Overlords | How We Secretly Serve The Tall Whites


    Mysterious Alien Race Warned Is Returning To Norway To Retrieve Their Nazi “Children Of Shame”

    In 2015, a German man made this confession.
    White people are not human. The original confession.

    In 2014, Forbes published this article.
    Iran Says 'Tall, White' Space Aliens Control America

    Like Q said, everyone will have to make a choice. Face the truth or else.


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