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The Suppressed Teachings of Jesus

Hosted by Dave Lemmons

Nearly 2,000 years after the time of Jesus Christ and with an estimated 45,000 Christian denominations worldwide, how do we begin to know what Jesus really taught?  I grew up in a Fundamentalist Baptist church and read the Bible cover to cover when I was 9 years old, but in my early twenties I began to question my religious beliefs and I’ve been searching for the Truth ever since.  I do my best to understand and practice what Jesus actually taught and exemplified through his life, but I gave up on being part of any organized religion years ago.

Although it is admittedly quite a challenge to discover the authentic teachings of Jesus 20 centuries after his death, I still find it meaningful and worthwhile to pursue.  Most of us are quite aware of massive corruption in politics, banking, science, and academia, and so we shouldn’t be surprised to find similar corruption and distortions in major religions and spiritual teachings.  Here are some of ideas and topics that I’ve found that go against the conventional Christian dogma/narratives:

  • The early Jewish tribes were polytheistic for around 1,000 years and followed many gods and goddesses. The worship of the Divine Feminine was only eliminated from Judaism around 400 years before the birth of Jesus.
  • Reincarnation was a central teaching of the church for the first 500 years of Christianity. It was taught by early church fathers such as Clement of Alexandria, Saint Augustine, and Justin Martyr. The Roman Emperor Justinian wanted to end the teaching of reincarnation so badly that he even imprisoned the western pope for 4 years to try to force the change.
  • Mary Magdalene was Jesus’ greatest disciple and his wife, and she was the natural heir to lead the church after the death of Jesus. But the patriarchal attitudes of the Romans and Jews at that time would not allow for a female spiritual leader.
  • There are stories that Anna, the mother of Mary and grandmother of Jesus, was a Celtic princess. This would mean that Jesus was actually ¼ Celtic!
  • Many Christians in the first several centuries after the death of Jesus were Gnostic and later the church declared all the Gnostic teachings to be heresy and undertook extensive efforts to rout it out. But what if the Gnostics followed the true teachings of Jesus and they simply lost out to the Orthodox side, and then most Gnostics were wiped out or were forced to go deep underground?
  • True gnosis is “discovered through the eye of the heart and comes through direct experience or intuitive knowing” (from Return of the Divine Sophia by Tricia McCannon). Gnostics believed that anyone who has a direct encounter with Jesus has the same spiritual authority as the original apostles, which of course was a direct threat to the religious authorities.
  • Gnostics believed the soul is the true person and the body is simply a container for experiencing the physical plane. They also honored both the male and female aspects of the Creator and worked on uniting the feminine and masculine within each of us.
  • The Nag Hammadi Library was discovered in 1945 and contained around 50 mostly Gnostic gospels, apocalypses, and esoteric writings. They have been dated between 60 and 400 AD and include the Gospel of Philip, the Gospel of Thomas, the Secret Book of James, and the Gospel of Mary Magdalene.
  • In the book Talisman: Sacred Cities, Secret Faith, Graham Hancock & Robert Bauval make a compelling case that the Gnostic teachings that were so thoroughly eliminated from Christianity somehow reappeared about a thousand years later in the Cathars of southwestern Europe and the Bogomils of southeastern Europe.
  • The Albigensian Crusades were not about fighting Muslims in the Holy Land but were all about wiping out the Cathars and Catharism. The Papal Inquisition was established in 1233 specifically for the repression of the remnants of Catharism.
  • The Cathars of southern France (and surrounding areas) developed a fairly advanced culture during the 12th and 13th centuries, and some believe that, if allowed to develop unhindered, it could have led to a major Renaissance 2 centuries before the beginning of the Italian Renaissance.
  • A number of original manuscripts were intentionally left out of the bible as they were considered heretical in nature. Many of these can be found in The Lost Books of the Bible by William Hone. It includes writings of Mary, Nicodemus, and the Lost Gospel according to Peter. Missing from this book but available in book stores and online are the Book of Enoch and the Gospels of Thomas. Were these documents left out of the bible in order for the church to maintain control of the history and the people they preached to in church?
Vocation of the Apostles by Domenico Ghirlandaio

So what are your thoughts on these topics?  What were you taught growing up about God and religion that you have come to question or reject?  How have you seen religious narratives being used to manipulate and control the masses?  I agree with the Gnostics and Cathars that we need to go within to find the Truth and not rely on external authorities.  How do you go about seeking the Divine in your life?

This call should last 60 minutes to a max of 90 minutes. Jot down your questions, type them in all caps in the chat to make them easy to find. If you prefer to speak, wait till an appropriate time to raise your hand when the host is done speaking and we’ll call on you.

Please be kind and courteous by keeping your mic muted until you have been called on to ask your question or make a comment.

Thank you very much!

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Rev. Kat Carroll
I've been interested in all things related to metaphysics, parapsychology, spirituality and anything related to space since childhood. I'm the kid who used to let the Jehova Witness and Mormans into the house so I could ask a million questions. I've always wanted to be of service and ended up working as an EMT and later in law enforcement. A family job transfer lead me to Washington State for 5 years where I went back to studying spiritual phenomenon and meeting some fascinating people. I've had several initiations, was taught energy healing and became certified in Reiki III over the final 3 years. I had a larger awakening and understanding of how it Reiki worked, remote sensing and more after returning to CA in 2001. I love researching and now writing and being a spokesperson for benevolent contact with NHIB through the practice of meditation. I experienced a spontaneous healing and not long after the "quickening" of 12/21/2012, began having more paranormal experiences, including seeing the UFOs, and orbs that fly over at night. I'm also a volunteer /Admin for ETLetsTalk and love teaching others how to make that connection that I know will one day lead us out of the darkness and into a brighter future.


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