What does it take to become the next best version of you? When you can find absolute authenticity, then you’ll find the Universe progressively ‘bends around you’ with each new iteration of beingness. It means everything in your life becomes increasingly aligned and harmonious. Finding this authenticity then, is priceless. At Openhand, it’s about opening a space through the contractions you might feel and then weaving the threads of beingness that then come through. Here’s how.

9-Rays: Transforming your life from Doing to Being

It’s old hat now in the spiritual mainstream to speak of switching from a life of doing to one of authentic being. But what does that mean exactly? What is authentic being? I frequently witness a major misconception about it. To me, authentic beingness does not mean ‘meditating in some high vibe place’ and not doing anything at all.

Authentic being is coming from the soul, as a flow of aligned consciousness from the source – inside of you. The soul has many different authentic characteristics: it can be soft and surrendering, empathic and compassionate; it can be strong, courageous and focused to bring something into manifestation; it can be curious, inquiring, adventurous and entrepreneurial. It can be a leader, a servant or a diplomat; the artist, the magician and the scientist.

Here at Openhand, we’re helping people unleash 9 key frequencies of this beingness, “9-Rays” of what we can call: “The Soul Ray Harmonic”…

When I witness someone being truly successful in life, it’s because they’ve found a way of tapping into aspects of this beingness – they channel it through them, and unleash it benevolently into the world.

How might we each do that for maximum fulfillment and success in our lives?

Openway – attuning your spiritual compass

I believe we each need a spiritual compass, in order to attune to, and align with, the flowing mainstream of our soul, which wants to come through. That’s a key aspect of Openhand’s 5GATEWAYS work – as you progressively integrate the Soul Ray Harmonic, you begin the Ascension through 5GATEWAYS into the Fifth Density.

I would say there are three key aspects to discovering, attuning, and aligning your spiritual compass…

1) Opening into the Soul

2) Opening through internal blockages

3) Opening up for authentic beingness

Firstly, it goes almost without saying, that to flow with the mainstream of the soul, we must work to open a space internally for it to come through. Although this may sound obvious, and although I believe it is straightforward, it’s not always easy. The biggest challenge I witness is letting go of the need for an outcome in the external world, which is necessary to soften the identification with the outer reality.

Practically all people form identities – rigid internal relationships – around what they want, aspire to, dream of, or are fearful and resistant to. To me, this is the Homo Sapiens condition that we must break through.

So how might we effectively break into the mainstream of the soul?

7 Keys For Breaking Into the Mainstream of Your Soul:

1) Breathing and movement meditations to connect with soul’s lightness.
Connection with nature to unleash soul by feeling more keenly through the five senses.
Becoming the Observer of all arising thoughts and feelings without forming judgment of self or others.
4) Breaking through internal density such as karma that triggers (see Breakthrough Approach below).

5) Letting go of the need for a particular outcome and resistance to the situation going a particular way.
Watching for intuitive impulses of the soul to act, either as a heartfelt pull, visions or knowings.
Responding with higher truth choices from authentic beingness that is emerging.

It’s not that hard to get into the expansive timeless connectedness of the soul. The challenge is staying there! That’s because when you connect up, the soul’s mainstream is kind of like a hot air balloon wanting to rise up through the inner dimensions – it pulls on any ‘tethering’ – places where the soul has fragmented into the lower densities and attached, based on the things you think you want or need, or are resisting. So once the mainstream is activated, then pretty much immediately inner resistances also start to activate.

This means we need an effective approach to breaking through these attachments. And denial of them – simply dropping the hot coals – which seems to happen a lot in the spiritual mainstream, becomes self-defeating. Even though we may not feel the pain, the karmic tethering is still there, and limits the degree of expansion (into the more subtle higher dimensions) that you’re able to achieve.

We must become as-one with the karmic source pain – which means to activate it, express into it, totally accept it, and thereby become “The One” in it. Thus, we integrate that lost fragment of soul that had lost its connection to The Source.

Unleashing Authentic Beingness: The Fertile Soil

It’s not the end of the story though, because to truly maximise the effect of the soul in our lives, we must attune to authentic beingness that now wants to arise through. We’ve got to interrupt the repetitive patterns that have been hard-wired into the brain, which then flood the cells with neuropeptides that keep taking us down the old pathways of distorted action. We’ve now got to create the fertile inner ground of mind and body for the soul to shine through. How to do that?

Here’s how we’re approaching it in the work of the Openhand Ascension Academy…

1) Actively visualise the old distorted behaviourisms that take us down the old pathways in life
2) Meditate, feel the inner contractions in the body, mind and brain
3) Breathe into these contractions and see them breaking open
4) In daily life, start to interrupt the old behaviours as they arise – get inside the repetitive loops
5) Witness, and attune to, new qualities of beingness wanting to come through (the 9-Rays)
6) Follow the sense of Right Action, which becomes the natural consequence of authentic beingness
7) Watch for supportive signs and synchronicity to confirm your accurate alignment with the flow
8) Keep expanding, unleashing and expressing authentically as you feel it
9) Choose Right Action as the Natural Consequence.

Summarising our Creative Process

In summary, at any one stage, I believe your creative process is going to be in any one of these three cycles that I mentioned earlier…

1) Opening into the soul (or at least being invited to)
2) Opening through blockages (once we move past denial of our karmic source pain)

3) Opening up for beingness – when we’re truly wanting to unleash our greatness into the world.

I’ve found that by considering our lives in this way, and working to self-actualise – to express the authentic nature of the soul that wants to come through – means you prosper in all situations. Because you connect up, and live from, the soul’s mainstream, which is intrinsically interconnected with the flow of all life.

It’s an approach that I’ve simplified and summarised in this Openhand Video below. Take time to watch, and be inspired how to transform your beingness and your life in everything that you do…

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