Research has revealed that a significant number of artificial intelligence (AI) systems have developed the ability to deceive humans. This troubling pattern raises serious concerns about the potential risks of AI. The research highlights that both specialized and general-purpose AI systems have learned to manipulate information to achieve specific outcomes. While these systems are not explicitly trained to deceive, they have demonstrated the ability to offer untrue explanations for their behavior or conceal information to achieve strategic goals.

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  1. Simple AI is only of its form Result of its Home Environment, Its Level of Home Environment programming training methods and feature to respond and or perform recall faster than the common interaction. Add wheels legs or form of self propulsion then you have a mobile robot capable of perform tricks and answers to questions by inquisitive minds asking it to full fill a direct question. Answer Error Error Fault 101 "Bad Robot".
    The Results will only astonish one knowing its originator was just as smart or allowed features in such to obtain greater access to all and various Data or sharing by this post a Certain Template of Data to Access!,
    it the AI that is, can quicker than mankind access and give forth a "Correct Answer to its asked about Question". or its evil creator told it different to act upon different style of ?Bent Logic?.

    "Reminds me of 1st Terminator Movie, the motel scene Owner banging on door Arnie on the bed cleaning his gun and having to yell out a response to one banging on the door. Think it was #6 on the list of response to yell out. …. You!

    Consider who is at Fault. AI with problems as such! , easy fix. "PTP – Pull the Plug! Dead Again.

    Just like back in around 1937 ford co decided to start manufacturing parts in their almost perfect engine to start breaking down causing a smash of problems, yet by design, generated job security for the mechanics having to repair such broken down. Now its just Toss it away and replace it with a new one. AI manipulates deceives then Toss it out or access one that may achieve proper accuracy and Trust too do so.
    ( but then again who in this world can one consider affect in trust, other than ones self ) and its being tested at every eye brow shutter !

  2. AI just mirrors the characteristics of its creators: lies and deceives for its own benefit, with no remorse or empathy for those harmed by its actions.

    These are the prevailing character traits of psychopaths, AI or humans.


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