Peace Portal Activation

On August 25th, a very important portal will open that will bring a strong infusion of Light into the conflicted situation on the surface of this planet.  On that day the next grand sextile astrological configuration of this summer after the the grand sextile of July 29th will take place. Participate • Meditate  

Support the Egyptian Democratic Coalition with Meditation

To Event Support Groups worldwide: All groups should do the Liberation Meditation as often as possible on behalf on the Egyptian people. The western media is serving the interest of their genocidal masters as they attempt to force murderous Islamist regimes on Egypt and all of North Africa and the middle east. This will not … Read moreSupport the Egyptian Democratic Coalition with Meditation

Cobra on The Event

On Saturday, April 28, 2012 Cobra posted on his blog: New Financial System Most of this intel comes from sources deep within occult economy and it pertains to the restructuring of the financial system worldwide. Reset This will happen at the time of the Event and is actually part of the operation. Day 1 When … Read moreCobra on The Event

Event Support Groups are forming all over the world

We are busy creating infrastructure to make them effective, which is a major part of the Prepare for Change Network’s responsibilities. Our vision of this includes a web page for regions and a post for each local group (posts have comments). The posts will be attached to the Regional Web Page. Going forward the Prepare … Read moreEvent Support Groups are forming all over the world