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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

February 17th-23rd: AN-TAWA Ceremonies with Solara for the Reclaiming of Our Planet! “We have reached the point of ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! It is NOW or NEVER! It is time for us to RECLAIM OUR PLANET and make a huge EVOLUTIONARY SHIFT… I feel that the 11:11 Doorway will finally close this year, probably on November 11 or 22. So the time between February 22 and then is vitally important. February 22, 2022 is the key date for our Ceremonies… the optimal date for those worldwide to join with us.” ~~Solara Anani

Goddess Blessings dear Ones! Happy Full Moon in Leo! Embracing you all right now with so much LOVE. What a week! This next week there’s SO much going on. RISE UP. BE the CHANGE. There is much for you to join your loving energies to.

We heartily invite your participation! But first… Let’s talk about LOVE.  February 14th is now celebrated around the world as the day for LOVE and many think of it as a day for romantic love. We’re coming onto the Leo Full Moon and Leo is about Heart energy, about LOVE. I present to you the concept of Unconditional Love. Rumi said: ’Love is cure. Love is power. Love is the magic of changes.’  More recently Elizabeth Kubler-Ross taught us: ‘The ultimate lesson all of us have to learn is unconditional love, which includes not only others but ourselves as well.’ Loving oneself is important to do well! Self-care is CRUCIAL.

As intense as the incoming cosmic energies feel—the proton flux energies swirling ‘round us, solar flares, and shift energies have a lot of people experiencing strange physical effects. Hang in there. These very high energies can trigger old pains—emotional and physical. Rest as needed, stay hydrated, practice excellent self-care. This is evidence of our continuing upgrades. Some of you are feeling intense activations, especially Heart Chakra activations. The intensity can have you feeling sometimes overwhelmed, so ground. Balance. Breathe. RELEASE.

Unconditional Love is something one can learn to live in with PRACTICE.  And here’s a little something it’s important to be clear about: Unconditional Love doesn’t mean you have to unconditionally accept bad behaviors. Just remember: We came into this world for this dear hearts: to Be LOVE, to hold the Light, to help to raise the frequencies and keep them high, and to assist in the evolution of humanity and this planet that we LOVE.

From February 17th-23rd, there will be ongoing ceremonies at the Heart of AN in the Sacred Valley of the Inkas, Peru, which is an anchor point of the New Reality. Some of us remember beginning this journey with Solara back in 1992, from wherever the world we were. Even back then, Light Workers around the world were busy BEing LOVE. Some of you were not even born yet! Many more Light Workers remember the Mass Meditations we did a few years ago when there were massive wildfires burning around the Heart of An in Peru. We invite and encourage all our sisters and brothers around the world to share in these ceremonies. So many more of us now in various stages of awakening are completing what was begun in 1992, on the 2.22.2022— DO join this Global Network!

Suggested videos:

The Sun•Moon•AN Meditation demonstrated by Solara

Goddess Vortex Meditation in multiple languages

Click this link to go to the Sisterhoold of the Rose web page to see the full article and schedule of meditations.

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