Ascension Connection Call – Thursday, February 24, 2022

10am Pacific, 12noon Central, 1pm Eastern, 6pm UTC

CE-5 – The Human Initiated Contact Experience

Guest speaker Lou Angelwolf

Lou is a serious guy… seriously funny!  He is a standup comedian in Florida whose career spans 38 years.  He has performed in over 6,000 shows in thirteen different time zones.  Lou hosts the radio show IMHO.Love which airs live on Facebook most Wednesday nights at 7:30 PM Eastern.  Topics may include, but are not limited to, spirituality & religion, history & current events, and especially, CE-5, inviting contact with advanced extraterrestrial beings through consciousness.  There are a lot of Aha as well as Ha Ha moments.

Lou’s co-host for the show is Mike Murburg, a graduated historian from Princeton University.  He has a successful law practice, and studies concepts such as existence, being, becoming, and reality (ontology).  He is an author working on a book about the Tao and he developed the Princeton Protocols for making contact.  Mike is an original contributor to the book ”Beyond UFOs: The Science of Consciousness & Contact with Non-Human Intelligence.  Both Lou and Mike are contactees since childhood and the ongoing experiences have changed their lives.

There is great diversity in the people who practice CE-5.   The advanced beings we reach out to in CE-5 are blind to what you do for a living, your sex, ethnicity, or religion.  All that is required is a connection to one mind consciousness, a sincere heart, and clear intention.

What is CE-5/HICE-5?

CE-5 is a category of contact with extraterrestrials added to the original three created by J Allen Hynek in 1972.   Author, ufologist, and astronomer, Jacques Vallée added the fourth .  Most will be familiar with Hynek’s work on Project Blue Book while acting as an advisor for UFO studies with the US Airforce.  Both Hynek and Vallée were involved with the making of the movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  These are the categories of contact:

  • Close Encounters of the First Kind: Defined as visual sightings of an unidentified flying object seemingly less than five hundred feet away that show an appreciable angular extension and considerable detail.
  • Close Encounters of the Second Kind: A UFO event in which a physical effect is alleged. This can be interference in the functioning of a vehicle or electronic device; animals reacting; a physiological effect such as paralysis or heat and discomfort in the witness; or some physical trace like impressions in the ground, scorched or otherwise affected vegetation, or a chemical trace.
  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind: UFO encounters in which an animated creature is present. These include humanoids, robots, and humans who seem to be occupants or pilots of a UFO.  This subcategory was made popular by the movie of the same name.
  • Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind: Defined by Jacques Vallee, Hynek’s associate, as a UFO event in which witnesses experienced a transformation of their sense of reality.
  • Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind, AKA CE-5: A classification created by Dr. Steven Greer in 1990. In this category, humans are initiating peaceful, interactive contact with the ETs through consciousness.

CE-5 is the popular term but over the last couple of years has changed to HICE, Human initiated Contact Experience or Human Initiated Close Encounter.  Mike and Lou coordinate a monthly CE-5 meeting at the beautiful Darby Ranch, a sacred piece of ground in West Central Florida that has seen much paranormal activity from the civil war to date.   The spiritual energy of the property seems to attract ET due to the collective energy of the group and the property itself.

Groups meet monthly on the new moon when the sky is darkest.  According to ETLetsTalk, a large global CE-5 Community, there are more than 150,000 CE-5 groups & individuals in more than one hundred countries that participate in a team such as the Tampa Bay Darby Ranch group.  The Teams make coordinated, interactive contact with loving, peaceful extraterrestrial civilizations.

At the Darby Ranch, there is always a friendly bonfire, with invocations and meditations to keep spirits high.  There is never a charge.  As with most CE-5 groups, theirs is highly spiritual and all who wish to attend are asked to read the protocols before participating (attached below).  Any negative thoughts and feelings such as fear can disrupt the energy.  Mike and Lou’s team strives to attract likeminded people who are ready to participate in something larger than themselves.  As they enter their sixth year of CE-5 meet ups,  Lou wants to share his love, compassion, success, and hope for our global CE-5 community.

Join us this Thursday to learn more about Human Initiated Contact, what to  expect and how to prepare.

If you would like to attend this event, please email

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Would you like to learn more before the meeting?  Here are additional resources–

An interview with the Tampa Bay Darby Ranch team members

IMHO.Love talk show with Cielia Hatch and  Corrine Cornish on Global CE-5

A Beginners Guide and Field Manual for CE-5 ET/NHIB Contact  The Princeton Protocols Created by Mike Murburg, Princeton Grad and Team leader for his CE-5 Team at the Florida Darby Ranch

Contact Lou or Mike at: [email protected]

Material from Cielia Hatch The ETContactHub for all things CE-5

A CE-5 Handbook – This book will get you on the ground fast, with everything you need to know to help you see a UFO in six outings (or less).

Would you like to learn more about CE-5, or find CE-5 groups near you? Membership is free. Click to join.


ZOOM CALL GUIDELINES – This meeting will be recorded

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Recording and your Privacy

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