9-11, JFK and the Global Collateral accounts.

This may or may not be true – read at your own risk.  Some of the info is factual. http://themindunleashed.org/2015/11/the-connection-between-911-jfk-and-the-global-collateral-accounts.html The Connection Between 9/11, JFK and The Global Collateral Accounts Nov 9, 2015 25 164 11k Share on Facebook Share on Twitter The purpose of this article is to shed light on some topics that have … Read more

CIA Threatens 9/11 Researchers Who discover Explosive Evidence

Why is 9/11, even 13 years later still under investigation.  Because the corporate government is covering up something. https://jhaines6a.wordpress.com/2015/10/19/cia-threatens-911-researchers-who-discover-explosive-evidence/ CIA Threatens 9/11 Researchers Who Discover Explosive Evidence Posted on October 19, 2015by Jean Posted on October 14, 2015 by Sean Adl-Tabatabai SOURCE CIA threaten filmmakers after documentary exposing the agency’s involvement in 9/11 airs The CIA have issued … Read more

9 Liberties Lost Since 9/11

http://theantimedia.org/9-liberties-lost-since-9-11/ Carey Wedler September 11, 2015 (ANTIMEDIA) Today and every year, “NEVER FORGET” echoes through the neighborhoods, cities, and Facebook statuses of America. 14 years after 9/11, Americans still bear the cross of a nation victimized and scorned after the brutal attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001. While Americans — and politicians who are … Read more

9-11 Truth Book “Beyond Misinformation” Downloadable for $2.50

http://www.starshipearththebigpicture.com/2015/09/09/9-11-truth-book-beyond-misinformation-downloadable-for-2-50/ SEPTEMBER 9, 2015 by STARSHIP EARTH: THE BIG PICTURE 9-11 Truth Book “Beyond Misinformation” Downloadable for $2.50 As we near the 14-year anniversary of the cabal’s terrorist event known as 9-11, efforts are ramping up to wake a huge swath of the public who believed the government’s lies. In hindsight, the mere date chosen should have … Read more

You wanted to be Luke Skywalker . . . . but instead . . . stormtrooper

http://upriser.com/posts/you-grow-up-wanting-to-be-luke-skywalker-then-realize-you-ve-become-a-stormtrooper-for-the-empire (Very well said Daniel – warning to some – swear words.  I appreciate his candid and honest writing.  War is . . . . no longer needed in our new society. )   Someone asked: POWERFUL STORY: Read this shocking account of how U.S. Iraq War veterans had their 9/11 patriotism crushed & replaced … Read more