Archangel Michael with Advice for Lightworkers about Being Ready for Change ~ March 23rd 2018

Therese Zumi here; I asked Archangel Michael if He would give me some personal advice for the coming days and weeks so that I could remain in a place of balance as much as possible. I use the I Ching as a place to get advice from my Guides and these are the exact words … Read more

A Valentines Day Love Letter to Your Self

  Therese Z here; On this eve of Valentines Day I felt that probably one of the best ways to bring Peace to Gaia tomorrow would be if we wrote ourselves a Love Letter. We have all heard the words reminding us that to gain peace in the world we must have peace within. To … Read more

Why Should I Forgive?

January 24, 2018 By Steve Beckow TZ here; If we in any way still find ourselves holding any grudge towards anyone about anything that has happened before then this article can truly help us to see that we hurt ourselves more when we cannot forgive ~ which does not mean we are forgetting or excusing … Read more

Needing to Be in a Space of Forgiving at All Times.

It’s easier that way. Instead of wasting time being upset by something someone says or does, and then later coming to the insight that we will need to forgive them why not decide right now to BE always in that forgiving mode. Forgive everyone everything. Now if you react in disagreeing with me here believe … Read more

Dr. Scott Werner M.D. on The Goldfish Report – Part 1 and 2

Learn how to turn on your 24 strand DNA.   Learn about cancer, addiction, vaccination and much more. Published on Sep 13, 2017  –  Part 1  On The GoldFish Report No. 129, Winston Shrout joins Louisa in welcoming Scott Werner, a medical doctor who ended up in a battle with the ‘medical establishment’ over a … Read more

Misogyny and the Healing of the Masculine

TZ here; This article is an important reminder of the enormous need there will be after The Event for compassion, forgiveness and not in least the acceptance of the many that punishment will not solve anything in the end. This article discusses a situation where 2 men have spoken derogatorily about women and the reactions … Read more

Jesus ~ Being In Infinite Forgiving & Forgiveness

Recently on the show Heavenly Blessings on In-Light Radio Jesus Sananda was the guest. The subject that Jesus wanted to discuss was how we must learn to be in the flow of forgiving and forgiveness. Jesus began by pointing out how we continue to hurt ourselves when we cannot forgive. I have decided to give … Read more

Day of the Reset (March 17th, 2015) ~ Cobra Repost

One of the PFC team gave us a reminder of this post that Cobra made last year on March 6th. I just realised it was the perfect link to add to my last article ‘Preparing for The Event – Keep it Simple’ where I suggested that we would speed up this transition of we … Read more

Preparing for The Event – Keep It Simple

No Negativity after The Event As we grow closer in time to The Event I would like to try in my humble opinion to give our readers some thoughts about where we ought to have some of our focus right now. Sometimes people have asked Cobra what kind of protection that they might need now … Read more