Therese Zumi here; I asked Archangel Michael if He would give me some personal advice for the coming days and weeks so that I could remain in a place of balance as much as possible. I use the I Ching as a place to get advice from my Guides and these are the exact words that Michael pointed me to. I have been guided to share this advice with my readers. These words of advice are a good compliment to the very detailed message He gave on AHWAA recently about being in sacred union with the entire collective.

“An enlightened person, therefore, operates in good conduct and so elevates the social order.

You can trust fate at this time to bring you together with those who would further you. There is a natural attraction at work here. The atmosphere is liberal, and much can be accomplished. The time is auspicious, indeed.

Do not in any way depend upon your external relationships to gauge your confidence in yourself.

Working with the ‘Collective Force’ requires correct persistence.

Do not become agitated by your sense of an impending problem. If there is one, it is in the future.

Do nothing out of the ordinary”

The Thing Is – We Collectively Have to Join Forces NOW to Fully Anchor the Transition – like Yoda says, “there is no try only do or not do.”

I have asked Archangel Michaels support to guide me to important words which I am putting into bolder text for clarity. The full transcript of this message is provided below.

“You are already in, not only in the Mother’s infinite ocean, the fluidity of time, you are also in the time, the chapter, the sequence, the unfolding, of the new beginning….

Sacred union is also near and dear to each and every one of you, particularly, as lightworker and loveholder. And yet, at moments, it must seem unreachable, unfathomable to you about how this sense of unity—not merely the cessation of war, and I mean that in a generic sense—how can this be achieved, and how can this be achieved in a workable, meaningful, tight timeframe.

First of all let us begin by saying to you, our beloveds, our sacred partners, that the work that you have done, the embrace that you have done, the anchoring that you have done, of sacred union, in your hearts, in your minds, in your lives, in your actions, in your behaviors, in your communities, has a depth and a breadth that perhaps you are not even fully aware of. The work that you have done has been stellar….

But, sweet angels of light, now you are taking it, as the Mother’s implementation team, you are taking it to the next level. And with us, in sacred union with us, in sacred action with us, you’re communicating this in every fiber of your being: in your field, in your body language, in your telepathy, in your written words, in your spoken words.

You are bringing this to the collective, to all seven billion of you, and is this a mighty task? Yes. And it is a task that you are completely capable of and up for….

So, we are not suggesting to you that you are entering into sacred partnership with the collective, but what sacred union speaks to is the desire and the action, the aligned action, of holding, of being, in deep reverence, acceptance, surrender, and union with this entire collective. So, we are not asking you to do this one by one by one by one. That would take too long, first of all; and for your information and for your terminology, the clock is ticking.

Sacred union is the deepest honoring and respect for your own sacred self. And I mean this in the broadest term, for your essence, for your reflection of the Mother/Father/One, for your sacred purpose, for what delights you, what you like to do, and what you do not like to do. Yes, even we have preferences.

Now that does not mean that I am in intimate connection with every angelic throughout the realm. But I do carry that reverence, that depth of honoring. So, whether I was to ever encounter that being or not, there is a knowingness of that essence and of that being. You do not need to meet somebody face-to-face, or energetically, to know them and to honor them, and to have such deep reverence. Because they, like you, are of the Mother.

So, there is an honoring of the Divine perfection and the joy, the excitement, the sweetness of each unique expression of that divinity, of the beyond number ways that there are to serve the Mother, to honor the Mother, and to reflect back to the One and to the collective the beauty and the love of who you are.

…. but I wish to highlight yet again so that the importance of this as Nova Being, which you already are, act as if you are ascended because you are.

Your Nova Being, half of your level of communication, is in your field emanating directly from your heart and your essence. So, think of this, these energetic waves that are emanating from you, just like this broadcast goes all over the planet and far beyond, so do your waves, your electrical magnetic impulses travel, and what do they say? They say “I honor you. I embrace you. I am amazed by you. And I love you, and I know your essence, and I know in that essence what you are truly here for and what you are truly capable of.”

The reason you have come in service to the Mother, to this unique time frame, you are not saying, as you send your love out, because that is what your impulses are, you’re not saying “I give you permission to misbehave;” you’re not saying, “I give you permission to act outside of love.”

What you are saying in fact is “I know what you are capable of. I see you. I know you, and I am willing to share my love with you so that it may ignite you, so that you will fully remember, so that you will fully step forward, so that you will fully know the joy of being in service and alignment with the One.” That is what you are doing.

Archangel Michael: Sacred Union with the Entire Collective

What sacred union speaks to is the desire and the action, the aligned action, of holding, of being, in deep reverence, acceptance, surrender, and union with this entire collective. Michael also tells us that forgiveness is not necessarily re-engagement.

{‘re-engagement’ here means that you do not necessarily have to continue to or to re-start having a relationship again with someone that you have forgiven.}

Before Archangel Michael came in with His advice during this hour long show Linda Dillon explained that she was surprised to find out during her preparation for a free webinar that she was doing on the equinox, that some people are not aware of what their sacred purpose is in being here at this time.

“I’m kind of surprised actually when I hear from people that they’re not really clear on what their sacred purpose is, and especially now as we’re really moving forward, really getting down to the nitty gritty of creating Nova Earth, it’s important for each and every one of us that we’re really clear on why on earth we came.

And that’s related to our sacred purpose and then how we demonstrate it, you know in practical ways, and in workable ways and in creative ways as we go forward…”

I am thinking that if you are reading this now and you do not feel that you understand what your sacred purpose is I would suggest the following. What I would do is sit down and connect to Source – Divine Mother Father One through the portal of the Galactic Central Sun. I would declare that I now require clarity in understanding what my sacred purpose is and to have that verified in some clear way as soon as possible. I am thinking that many people are living their sacred purpose and have no clue that they are in fact doing so. For example, they could be working in a place where their good vibrations and loving truthful way of being affects everyone in that place to do better. They could be the ‘hub’ of Light and Love in their homes or families that gives everyone else the strength to go on and hold on to hope.

This is Steve’s introduction to the radio show after it was recorded:

March 15, 2018 – Archangel Michael joined us to discuss achieving collective unity on An Hour with an Angel today.

“He suggested that many of us may think that such a thing is unreachable. But it is.

Is it a mighty task? Yes, he said. But one that he considers us completely capable of and up for.

Our work in past years creating sacred union has been stellar, he said. Now we are taking things to the next level.

Forgiving the past is a big part of achieving collective unity – forgiving ourselves and forgiving others. Forgiveness does not mean blanket permission to do anything in the future or even to see each other or meet.

Aligned action is holding the other person in deep reverence. It can be extended to holding the entire collective in deep reverence.

The entire Company of heaven is in sacred union. It isn’t how they operate, but who they are.

We discussed the role of payoffs in holding resentment in place: We resent others because it feels good. The results are unfortunate, and we try to minimize them while enjoying the feeling of resenting the other.

He compared resenting to wearing more and more coats in the summertime. At last it becomes unbearable.

It becomes unbearable after the passage of time, I suggested. the chickens come home to roost eventually but, while we’re younger, the future results of our resenting may not be as clear as they become when the chickens greet us when we’re older.

We discussed exactly what forgiveness was and what it was not.

He compared us lightworkers to the person in the orchestra who hits the tuning fork before the performance so that the various instruments can be brought into tune.

It was a rousing discussion. I feel clearer on forgiveness and more willing to let down my guard. lay down my burden and forgive.”

TZ here again. So, I am concluding here that the most important message right now is about you and me and all of us achieving collective unity. It was only now when I looked over Steve’s introduction that I see he used the wording collective unity. You might recall that this line here was part of the personal advice I received

“Working with the ‘Collective Force’ requires correct persistence.”

I have also darkened the line in Steve’s introduction where he says that we the lightworkers are like tuning forks that sets the tone for the other instruments. This is exactly the first word of advice from Michael to me.

“An enlightened person, therefore, operates in good conduct and so elevates the social order.”

In other words, we should now at all times attempt to exist as though we already were ascended beings. If limitation is necessary to avoid conflict or any type of 3D behaviour, it is we who should take it upon ourselves to maintain harmony by limiting ourselves, an example would be keeping a low tone of voice and remaining calm no matter how we might be provoked.

I have to say that I would advise everyone to take the opportunity to listen to this wonderful radio show and listen to my main mentor’s exact words.

If you prefer there is also a transcript already available – “Thanks to Christie for the transcript”

Archangel Michael on Achieving Collective Unity

Transcript ~ Archangel Michael: Sacred Union with the Entire Collective, AHWAA, March 15, 2018

Therese Zumi

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  1. Hmmmmmm………An angel that never mentions God????????? Really?????? References to the self and self glorification. Someone was the creator of these angels. Nowhere is it found, any reference to God and his creative genius. The Eternal unmade God, whom gave existence to all living things. The way this archangel communicates is in no way of Heaven and the Almighty God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
    This archangel is a deceiver, a fallen dark side renegade, whom seeks to denigrate God by leading creation away from its true origins. Angels are supposed to be messengers of God and guide humanity towards fullfilling God’s Divine Will for Creation. Creation only holds together by God holding it precious and good. Creation owes God gratitude for its existence. This is the response which should be anchored in Love. Not in the emotion of Love but rather because Love only has its meaning because God is Love and is the living reality which gives love its meaning. Because God IS Love, totally perfect without fault. We can only Love because we are created in God’s Image.
    You are all being deceived by one who seeks your Spiritual destruction. Turn away from this Evil deceiver whose lying whisperings infer you don’t need God because “You can be as God!” Collectively, is the term used. This deceiver wants your destruction “Collectively!”
    may God take the scales from your eyes.
    I have nothing to gain from my posting
    other than I have warned you here and now
    and by this warning I have fulfilled my duty
    to God, out of love and gratitude to God
    and motivated by love for all here present
    in these posts.

  2. Sahswat pranam, Salaam, namastey, Salute dear Archangel Micheal. In all love . In the collective harmony of love . So be it . So it is. I AM. Vcitory to the light.

  3. Beautiful Therese Zumi, thank you for sharing. ~MUCH LOVE & LIGHT~
    I will reiterate what I have learned for my own self presence.

    Oneness is self IYAM Unity and Unity is also We Huemanns. We are all in this together; each one that IS is and co-creates together, including thyself. To balance within and the without; the ESO and the EXO. To bee together in-tune and in balance.

    To paraphrase Bruce Lee – Sometimes, our history, training, books and our knowledge life experience create a mountain to climb for others to reach; and in doing so, our cup becomes full of its own ‘water’, sometimes forgetting to keep the mind open like the infinite sea.
    We are all Huemann, we all have the image of infinity and prime creation within us. We all hold the light or the torch to make change within and without. We are both a follower AND a leader for each other.

    Sometimes, we forget or mis-take Unity as an “EXO or ESO” only; while in fact, the WE is also about intertwining all essences within our own being aka the “EXO & ESO”; from the balance of One within the “IYAM” presence, we share unconditional love and light with all other “IYAM’s” in the world globally. We are ALL in this together. We are all alive and unique and beautiful in our own unique ways; we all have unique gifts and challenges within (ESO) & without (EXO).
    We have come fourth upon this beautiful world to shine our light in the darkest of four corners to be capable of seeing the truth. We love others as the same as ourselves.
    In the Law of Oneness, the IYAM must learn to bee On3 with self and from the essence of our own IYAM presence, we learn to share love unconditionally with all other Hue’manns on Nova Terra; to bee like a bee, a WE-IYAM.
    Too balance and become in-tune with Mother Earth, our own IYAM presence, and globally (EXO) within the spectrum of all colors of huemanns and life upon the plane we operate within.

    To be on3 globally is the same as being on3 internally. Mother Earth is a prime example of how regeneration and rejuvenation operate within a perfect symbiosis of perfection and balance. If our own body (EXO) is to acidic or too alkaline, we are NOT in balance.
    Another small example is, if our house is dirty, we attract flies and forget why the flies are here in the first place. A fly is a life essence and reflection on Mother Earth. When our house is clean, the flies do not attract to the IYAM presence. If we are to be ‘quick’ about removal of the flies, we sometimes use a fly swatter to hurt that essence, rather than take the time to clean our hOMe. We must understand the root to why the flies even attracted to our hOMe in the first place. If we do NOT understand the root, we repeat until we learn.

    Each moment, each thought, each choice, each action – is always anew now. All essence’s of the IYAM presence reflects outside our life. If we are in-tune, we flow like a river and when we are out of tune, we begin to dam up that river.

    Forgiveness IS very important and as Archangel Michael has stated, forgiveness does not determine a friendship of renewal, but opens up a new adventure. We must understand each IYAM has a mind of its own to make choices for its own beautiful self presence.
    Family is very important, but family also means huemann. We must remember, we are all Huemann, therefore we are all family in the reality of it ALL – including all life on Mother Earth; our DNA Algorithm all evolved from a seed of life essence from the infinite mind of the stars. Both ESO and EXO must be On3 with each other. We all are a reflection of a ripple in the primordial essence like that of a pebble being thrown into the pond. Each life essence is like that of a pebble and from the pebble we share vibration.

    ~Much love, light, and beauty. Thank you again for sharing such a very important message.

    — Anonymous

  4. Good book suggestion is Not-Two Is Peace
    or Prior Unity, The Basis For a New Human Civilization
    by World Friend Adi Da

  5. Has ANYONE Here watched the video series: “The LIE the Vatican Told” (5)???
    There it exposes WHAT “Angels” really ARE…ARCHONS.
    Even COBRA must know about THIS FACT…or DOES HE???


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