War with Deep State – Speak Project/Life Force

For your discernment: It is apparent that we are in an information war and that we may very well be heading for physical war manifestation soon. There are many viewpoints even within the alternative news communities. We at PFC are presenting the information revealed from Life Force and Kim Goguen here. If what they are … Read more

PFC Breaking News – Potential Imminent False Flag this week

PFC Breaking News – War with the Deep State This is a message that was put out by LifeForce this past weekend. The information continues to come out. Regarding the US inauguration being an opportunity for a false flag. But, Kim’s group has issued a declaration of war on the cabal. Find more information in … Read more

Cobra – July 24th update on Taiwan Conference and Turkey.

Our Ascension conference was taking place in Taipei, the home base of many positive Dragon groups. The Blue, the White and the Black were together with us at the conference and the Plum were aware of our presence. Our group was strong and focused and our physical and non-physical support team was more effective than … Read more

Read This Before the Media Uses a Drowned Refugee Boy to Start Another War

http://theantimedia.org/read-this-before-the-media-uses-a-drowned-refugee-boy-to-start-another-war/ Dan Sanchez September 8, 2015 (ANTIMEDIA) A baby boy turned to flotsam. Washed up on the shore, face down in the mud. His family, refugees from Syria’s civil war, had tried to reach Greece, but their over-crowded raft overturned in the Mediterranean Sea and he drowned along with his brother and mother. The viral image … Read more

America Has Been At War 93% of the Time – 222 Out of 239 Years – Since 1776

I’m exhausted and very saddened by reading this list. http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2015/02/america-war-93-time-222-239-years-since-1776.html     The U.S. Has Only Been At Peace For 21 Years Total Since Its Birth In 2011, Danios wrote:  Below, I have reproduced a year-by-year timeline of America’s wars, which reveals something quite interesting: since the United States was founded in 1776, she has been at war during 214 … Read more

You wanted to be Luke Skywalker . . . . but instead . . . stormtrooper

http://upriser.com/posts/you-grow-up-wanting-to-be-luke-skywalker-then-realize-you-ve-become-a-stormtrooper-for-the-empire (Very well said Daniel – warning to some – swear words.  I appreciate his candid and honest writing.  War is . . . . no longer needed in our new society. )   Someone asked: POWERFUL STORY: Read this shocking account of how U.S. Iraq War veterans had their 9/11 patriotism crushed & replaced … Read more

A Veteran Tells the Truth about War

https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10151968966863908&set=vb.131929868907&type=2&theater   4 min to watch this – Thank you for telling the truth.  I feel there is such a higher percentage of PSTD in our veterans because what they are told to do in these “war for profit” wars – does not make sence to their soul – and they “split” from their heart. … Read more

The Prepare For Change Newsletter is Here! August 25, 2014

Hello, fellow PFCers!  I have been asked by Rob Potter to write a brief update on his behalf.  His life is very, very busy these days – his health is recovering from where he was in late July, he has moved back to Mt. Shasta, and he is preparing vigorously for the MT Shasta Portal … Read more