New World Order America: Satanists Now open city council meetings


Wake Up America! This is what your Satanist NWO government is now pushing down your throat:

19 thoughts on “New World Order America: Satanists Now open city council meetings

  1. Please allow yourselves to laugh at this. I was cracking up the whole time. These are people (all religious sides) playing a game backed by beliefs rooted in distorted history. Laugh it up, fight for freedom and search for truth <3

  2. The blind leading the blind. That city is now cursed. Were in the last days were discernment and reality checks are greatly needed.

  3. Regarding the video, so I’m afraid you not really understand the problem.
    The dude with the fairing on in the City Council, is invoking energy into the video and out to millions of people, where you in some way are helping this dude to spread out the energy to his favor. It Is IMO a planned stunt exactly to spread this energy, as they do many places in private and in hide places public.
    The energy comes with the video..

    If it absolutely must be shown, in terms of “information to the people”, I think you at the same time must take responsibility and shield this negative energy, maybe with help from special trained spiritual people who can heal and shield this kind of energy. Im just helping..

    • As much as polarisation is part of the huge process taking place now, as I see it, that doesn’t mean we should invite these sort of invocations in our virtual living room, so to speak. I agree with you, unicorn62,
      that this place is used for the publication of what ‘s NOT GOOD in the world and ignores what’s GOOD
      in the world, although illusion is part of it due to our old and worn out paradigm. We’re experiencing a most
      unusual situation right now. That is, we’re not only experience nudges to shift our paradigm, in other words, leaving our comfort chair, but we witness a shift of reality in the world around us, with systems that are based on power, crumbling at the top as well as rotting at the roots. There’s a correlation and synchronicity in all of that, these ingredients in the melting pot being stirred ferociously. This mix, as I perceive it, requires our utmost attention and vigilence, so that we’re not fooling ourselves due to being apprentices like Mickey Mouse in Fantasia 😉

  4. I agree with Stacy .. Not the best ever site chosen to announce loudly that “we” need to wake up, and “we” shouldn’t do this and that wrong and that “we” have been, and still is, so wrong ..
    And then write a reproachful long description of very simple information down to us not awakened.
    I would also say it’s simply the wrong place.. And maybe 5 y to late for many places. It will not get me back here to take part in interesting talks.

    I, for my part, have been aware of these things since start of year 2000 and still counting ..

    And it is incredibly far from the original topic from the video.

    For that risen, it seems to me, pasted from a completely other discussion and thrown in here without basis in the thread..
    I could understand if anyone here is telling they love their government and Bush family.

    The situation now is more that we are heading for a very very up-heated stage for the moment, and at the same time, a very uncertain position for a safe, well living and human thrive.

    As the energy and the manipulating are moving right now, at the political stage, we maybe will have to fight viciously for our lives on many different levels, all over the world.
    So it is rather some very hard solution to the situation we are going after, and not basic information about how bad things looks like, from the past. Just a thought..

  5. you’d be better off posting that on a site where no one is awake. that would help more, the majority of us on this site are actually pretty well informed on everything you mentioned.

    • To a degree I share that view with you, stacy, only the way you communicate it isn’t in sync with you being informed to the extent that you can keep your anger at bay and take responsibility for it, instead of throwing it out here. I’m bluntly honest, it’s my Dutch nature, just saying.

      • As a post scriptum I should add that I’m myself familiar with throwing out anger, Stacy. I may have made a mistake in my former comment here, on yours, by not seeing a genuine fire, in the desire that justice will be done, in order to set things straight that have gone horribly wrong. Frustration and impatience, oh yes…. at times, much is pushing our buttons, isn’t it?

  6. I know you mean well but you are insinuating people on this site need to wake up when we are the most awake ones out there. what you are posting has been no secret, we all woke up to that long ago, that’s why we are here on this site. and you lose all credibility when you bring religion into things, religion is what got us in this mess int the first place.

    • This site is not only for the awaken ones but also for those who still need to awake. If a posting is not for you please ignore it. Everyone is on a different level of awakening, some are still totally asleep while others are far beyond fear and ignorance, it is a matter of perspective Gravatar.

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