Cosmic Battle Between Good and Evil – David Wilcock

This took place at The Conscious Life Expo this past summer.  It’s just about 2 hours long – but it is a MUST SEE.  David continues to disclose and connect so many dots from our Human History, Secret Space Program, E.T.’s and so much more.




10 thoughts on “Cosmic Battle Between Good and Evil – David Wilcock

  1. Why in the World would David Suggest that the stasis being in Russian is “waking up”? That is rediculous to state such a thing and not talk about why he feels this being is waking up. where in this video is the evidence that He is waking up? If the Being was waking up when the video was shot or filmed then what is the status of this being right now? Still waking up? Even though the eyes are definitely closed, still waking up huh David? SMH….LMAO

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