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Taking charge of myself has proven to be another milestone in evolutionary development.

It’s a development in the area of will.

I’m not sure how to explain the impact of what happens when a person takes charge of him or herself.

I’d compare it to someone coming in, taking complete charge of our diet, and revolutionizing what we eat. And we’re thrilled by it.

Or a new boss arriving and presenting a new way of working which is like a dream come true.

Someone has shown up on the scene – this is how it appears to me – whom I’ve been waiting for since forever. I look a mess. Everything is left just where it lies around this imaginary room.  Everything is gathering dust. We’ve all been waiting since forever for the one in command to show up.

And the one in command is me.

It’s hard to describe because the one who’s taken charge is an outgrowth of the whole illusory mental world in which the individual lives.  I am the one who’s taken charge but I’m also the one who was waiting for him.

It’s a little like having a bag with a liquid in it. You can squeeze the bag and have the liquid go to one end or the other. But whichever end it’s at, it remains the same liquid.

Whether I’m the suppressed or the liberator, it’s still me playing both roles.

The will was suppressed but now I’m taking it back.  All of this – suppression and liberation – is happening within my field of experience, field of awareness – whether memory, mind, or heart.

Whether I’m suppressing myself or liberating myself is just part of the ongoing drama I call “my life.” I could be doing something entirely different. Now that it’s up to awareness, I’ll have to see.

All of this is an internal experience that’s happening outside of words. It’s hard to then fit it into words.

Now I know what it means to say a person is “self-possessed.” That’s what taking charge of yourself is. And, yes, Carrie. There’s no room for demons here.

Just as there’s no room for demons in bliss or transformative love.


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