We are Moving out of 3D Separation Consciousness…

This is a subject that feels timely because much ancient darkness is being released right now from the planetary light grids ad from our energy fields. We are passing through a powerful time in our collective awakening. Light and dark forces have pushed our collective evolutionary process to a crucial point. In the next two years it is likely that many Starseeds on the planet will be called to awaken (2017-2018). We are being pushed to awaken and align with our true authentic light. This process of mass awakening will continue until around 2032. Then we enter a new period of seeding the new earth. Now we are clearing out the ancient darkness. Anything that is not love is being pushed to the surface. Fear and separation consciousness are the hallmarks of the outgoing epoch. Love and Unity consciousness are the hallmarks of the new age of light being birthed on the planet.

This has been an Experiment in Separation Consciousness.

Earth has been a ‘dark’ planet for many thousands of years. We just have to look at what has been going on the past few thousand years to know this. We have been locked in a form of spiritual quarantine and it has been quite challenging until fairly recently to birth much light here. This has been an experiment in separation consciousness that has gone just about as far as it can go. Ask any Starseed (a being who is not native to this 3D-4D dimension of the earth) and they will tell you that there is something very wrong with the way things are done here on Planet Earth. There is something very wrong with the way we treat the planet, with the way we enslave human communities to work for short term gains that in no way enhance life on earth in the long term. Ask any Earthseed (a being who has been stuck in the reincarnational cycle of this dimension of earth for a very long time) and they may say they have no idea what you are talking about. To most people on the planet (currently Earthseeds) spiritual awakening is at best, seen as a self-centred indulgence and at worst something to be feared and blocked.

We are a Genetically Altered Race…

Cosmic interference goes back a long way and it is a truism that we are a genetically altered race. Now this statement has many aspects, both ‘positive’ and ‘negative’. We have been positively assisted in our genetic/conscious evolution here by a number of star groups. We have been helped particularly by our Pleiadian brothers and sisters amongst others. Much DNA material was gifted by our Pleiadian brothers and sisters in the distant past. In our more recent history there has been a more ‘negative’ form of interference and our DNA became spliced with lower frequency (Orion) DNA. This has made the human race more aggressive than was originally conceived. It seems that at a higher level this was a collective decision taken to help humanity collectively explore separation from Source energy. So humanity has both angelic and demonic potential. This no doubt explains much of its history since the demise of Golden Atlantis. Speaking on this decision to explore separation consciousness, who am I to question such a decision. Having walked this earthplane for nearly six decades I certainly ready and willing to do all I can to assist in helping as many as possible move on through this rather painful collective experiment!

This is the Time All the Prophecies Speak About….

There are ‘dark’ forces on the planet that are anti-light and anti-evolutionary. Mostly these forces are hidden though as the energies are shifting they are becoming easier to recognise. This is all part of the great game of growth. Around the year 2000 ‘dark’ forces became aware of what was happening in terms of the planetary shift and decided to do something about it. Please remember this is all part of the game of consciousness evolution even though it can feel more than a little tough for those doing the work on the ground. Before the year 2000 it was a little different. I remember the 90’s as being fairly idyllic with very little interference from the ‘dark’ side. We could manifest our car parking spaces will little trouble. Spirituality seemed light, hopeful and joyful. The world seemed less volatile. The New Age of Light seemed just around the corner. This all seemed to change around the millennium when a plan was put in motion to block the ascension process through all means available. This plan involved utilising both practical physical forces as well as lower energetic astral forces to block the ascension/awakening process. Certain Lightworkers/Starseeds were targeted and attacked. This is how the game has been played out. We are in a time where light and dark forces seem to be battling it out. This is also reflected on the inside with the ego and Higher Self seemingly wrestling to determine which path we will take in future. The path of fear and contraction or the path of love. This is the time of prophecy and so everything has to change. So many prophecies around the world have spoken about this time. From the Mayan calendar to the Book of Revelations, they all say roughly the same thing. We will pass through a time of great spiritual darkness to eventually emerge into a new time of light on the planet.

Much Darkness is Coming to the Surface…

There is so much darkness and manipulation in many of our governing systems that is becoming apparent. There are many Starseeds working to expose the dark. If you want to know who they are just think of those warriors of love – Anonymous and whistleblowers such as Edward Snowden. Some of this darkness seems so gross and ‘evil’ that it seems barely believable. Evidence of very dark practises in high places are slowly becoming revealed to the masses. This is one reason why many old systems are wobbling badly. The real reason they are wobbling is because they are not aligned with the new energies coming in now. Some are ripe for collapse. Some for radical change. The financial system is perhaps key to this process of global awakening since currently it serves to keep most of humanity locked in anxiety, anger, busyness, distraction, insecurity and fear. Capitalism in its current form is highly problematic because it is incompatible with the energies of the incoming Aquarian Age. The new energies are about collective cooperation and unity consciousness whereas our current capitalist system is mostly about serving a very small number of people at the top of the food chain at the expense of the many.

The ‘Dark’ Can No Longer Shut Out the Light…

The ‘dark’ has been trying to hold onto control through various subversive activities. 9/11 which was certainly a last ditch desperate act by the ‘dark’ to keep the earthplane locked in violence, war and enemy patterning (seeing a group of people as the enemy). Western leaders have been persuaded by the ‘dark’ to launch military invasions on the pretence of fighting terrorism. What this is really about is an attempt to control essential resources and strategic footholds as well as making a few corporate chums much wealthier. Most importantly keeping the vibration of the planet artificially in fear. Most of what we see on the world stage is heavily manipulated and designed to keep humanity locked in a frequency prison that restricts our ability to connect with our inner light and the emerging ascension grids within and around the earth. When the vibrations are kept artificially low then it is difficult to know our authentic light. We are kept locked in ‘negative’ ego patterns that help to keep us playing small. The good news is this frequency prison is no longer able to shut out the incoming light. There are just too many Starseeds awakening on the planet and the light bombarding earth now is just too strong. (Since 2012 most souls being born here are Starseed in nature).

Look into a Dark Mirror…

This work of facing darkness must start with ourselves. We are multidimensional beings and we have come through a long reincarnational cycle that involves experiencing both the light and the dark. At a soul level, we choose to know the dark so that eventually we can undo it in ourselves and in our shared reality. I have met many Lightworkers who are afraid to look at the dark. They only want to see what is light bright and beautiful about themselves. I understand the reasons for this totally. When we first come to the spiritual path it can feel so nurturing, affirming and expanding. At a certain point when we have gained enough spiritual strength it is important to look also at our darkness. The intention here is not to reinforce our darkness but to understand the lessons there and to dissipate anything that no longer serves our highest path. When we look into this dark mirror we start to feel and release any stuck emotions. We start to process our unquestioned beliefs and the narrow ways we perceive the world. When we embrace our light and look into this dark mirror anything that is not of the light will eventually be cast out.

Look With Great Compassion…

When we look into ourselves we need to do so with great compassion. The same is true when we look at darkness in the world. We are only triggered by darkness when we have unresolved dark patterns, beliefs that the dark is somehow stronger than light, fear of the dark, hidden vows with the dark and so on. Looking in the dark mirror can be a powerful process. I have been doing this work more intensely since 9/11 which was a powerful wake up call for many. A few years ago i set up a Facebook group called ‘Conscious Media’ which is where I invited others to look deeply into the collective dark shadow. I have had lots of personal processing with issues such as violent repression in countries such as Tibet and Palestine. My heart has ached for the refugees from Libya and Syria. I have processed my issues with corporations like Monsanto (aka Frankenstein Foods) who seem to care nothing about the planet and everything about their annual profits. I have looked at Western Governments becoming increasingly repressive and invasive. The list goes on and I will not bore you with more details. The point is after doing this work for a few years I have burnt out most if not all of these painful triggers. I still see and hear what is going on in the world but it does not rattle me. Now I am able to more fully focus on the light again after this process. I am able to do something of service rather than feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the problems in the world. This the dark mirror can have a freeing effect. The dark mirror can also help us uncover personal karma. All the dark reflections we see in the world, all the abuse, violence, injustice whatever the triggers they all reflect something important back to us. They show where we have been abuser and abused, tyrant and the oppressed, master and slave, killer and the slain and so on. This is why certain reflections hurt more than others. Some of us have had many lifetimes growing through certain challenges and now these patterns are being provoked by the light.

Do We Need Psychic Protection?

Of course, the question is raised, if the world is our mirror why do we need psychic protection. Why not just keep working on cleaning/polishing our own stuff? Because we are multidimensional beings and there are just so many layers to clean and polish. This is like the layers of an onion,. As we clear the top layers only then do the deeper layers reveal themselves. Therefore it is ridiculous to believe that we can clear out our psychic crap in one weekend workshop. When we start the process we clear out something and stir up something up. Like mud at the bottom of a bucket of water that gets stirred up when we start to clean the water. Because of this it is important to know what to do when we unintentionally stir up lower astral stuff. Those who only focus on the light without any awareness of the ‘dark’ are being a tad naive. The ‘dark’ is part of the evolutionary impulse. Yes, they block and challenge and test in order to create the drive and desire to fully embrace the light. Knowing this does not help when we encounter the dark blocking our path. So, I recommend some basic techniques to clear and protect your energy fields until that wondrous day when those techniques are no longer necessary. That time is a little way off at the moment.

There is Much Help Available…

Fortunately we are not alone in this grand adventure of consciousness. We are not here in this ‘dark’ matrix alone. There is much help on the inner planes. We are not alone and when we feel able to connect more fully with our Higher Self, guides, angelic forces and the ascension grids within and around the planet then it becomes much easier to deal with lower astral interference. The light within Gaia herself is there to assist us. Energies from the Central Sun are impacting the earth via the Stargate of our own local sun. There are many Star Races focusing on Planet Earth right now as well as interdimensional beings who are contacting beings open to their messages around the planet. There is just so much help now in clearing out the dark that there really is no need to worry about it anymore. The end game has been decided upon. Those who wish to continue following their soul evolution in a 3D existence can do so, elsewhere. This dimension of the earth is ascending through 4D to 5D and no darkness will be allowed entry therein. If we wish to experience heaven on earth, then we must face the dark and then drop it.

Blessings, Steve Ahnael Nobel




  1. Holohraphic kinetics….. helps
    And been looking into protection
    Got hit hard so much just wanted / forced to give up the cause…im glad that many out there but me working on it…
    Ive been working on survival / dealing with rhe truama ive had imposed upon one.. :/ not cool pleeeeasse event be soon and rescue me.please if i needs it.cant make me something my spirit does not condome… or act in such a manner….give up my role is all i can do to keep myself safe…:) <3

  2. Dear friends,
    shackles down! I wanna praise you, oh Lord, NOW! Nothing is ever going to stop me from living this miracle as I was waiting for eons, so let´s enjoy the ride!!!

    And yes, thanks for this beautiful writing, how true! And yes, once you get out of the darkness and amazingly you are still alive, life tastes f.a.n.t.a.s.t.i.c …

    Love you all!

  3. Thank you, Edward Morgan, for this re-assurance, please call me Marian? I’m my usual optimistic self without worries, for I’m trusting and at ease with how things unfold. I was in a somewhat childish kidding mood yesterday. I know I will be part of and a power for the good in all that is good in life, when we are embraced by the Big Sneeze’s blessings…. uhhm… refreshing droplets. Hatshoo 😉

  4. tunu, I completely agree. Stop blaming yourself…we have been led down a dark path for many years. Time to turn the flashlight on and wave it around.

  5. I agree with Pierre, and sorry for my english too My native language is spanish.
    Of course the Event has to be long before 2032, we could never take so much with so much darkness and so much damage that has been done to humanity and the planet.
    According to Cobra who is the contact of the Movement of Resistance, there is no date exactly, he says that we are very close and that I am inclined to think that it has to be already now in 2017, the astronomers say that a solar explosion is going to happen soon and Obama and the Prime Minister of Germany have already called their people to gather water and non-perishable food
    Russian President Putin has told his people that all who are outside the country, to return as soon as possible.
    There is no doubt that the Event is almost here and that we have to be prepared. Neither humanity nor planet Earth could wait until 2032, just as things are going, I think we will not reach that date.
    I am 60 years old and I am 17 years old as a Lightworker. I feel tired and alone.
    We need the final cleaning of Planet Earth now and I pray for it every day. God bless us all.

    • Valentina, it’s good to clarify something about this site. It’s not a group of LIghtworkers here, we’re all human beings in a large variety of colours, shining or dull. The information offered in this article isn’t suggesting to choose either sides. It’s for everybody to take notice of, or not. I do like your last sentence, for that’s probably very true. I take it that you are one of them? I suggest, be an example and assist us, moving through the dark.

        • Yes, Valeria Valenzubela, I didn’t deny the presence of Lightworkers. It’s just that I like not to use labels, such as “Lightworkers”. For that’s causing arguments like the one that happened here, see?. To me, being a Lightworker is about embracing the dark as well.
          Meaning, allowing it to be, to be present.

          As far as my taste for light goes, we should prevent playing holy for the sake of our definitions and expectations. We can only live up to those that are our own, with good results, I think.

  6. Yes, into the light and love we becoming one. yes, because of this darkness we were able to see the light so bright , waved towards us and we just started to step. Thank you. Victory of the light , love and peace forever more.Namastey

  7. Hello everybody,

    Sorry for my english, i’m not american…

    You mean that the event will not happen until 2032 !? Because I don’t see how people can stay “un-awake” after the event ! This is nonsense with everything you announce lately …

    Corey Goode and David Wilcock announce that the solar flash is imminent. This means that the event is imminent. So you do not agree with what they’re announcing?

    Trump has just provoked Russia about the Crimea and is therefore volt-face with its intentions of agreements with Russia. It is a betrayal for his voters who voted for him hoping to avoid an armed conflict with Russia. I don’t want to alarm you, but with the risks of world war more and more real, there will not be bigger world in 2032 …

    The event must take place in 2017! The victory of light must take place this year! Any other outcome would be a big disillusion for all light workers!

      • It is my understanding that the whole ascension process, in it’s entirety, will be done and achieved by 2032. The Event that Corey and David keep us informed about will be, essentially, the catalyst that ‘kickstarts’ humanity into mass awakening; where there real battle between light and dark begins….. Change of this magnitude after thousands of years cannot happen overnight – I believe we are currently just ‘warming – up’, preparing…. and then when we achieve full disclosure and The Event comes to pass, THAT will mark the beginning of ascension, likely taking 14/15 years to complete. Much love and light to you all, we are all one. ❤️

          • Do not worry Maria, the Event should happen much earlier than that, the Cabal arrests are already starting to happen from the bottom up, when you see the usual suspects like the Bushes, Clintons, Kissinger, Soros, Netanyahu, etc. being rounded up them you’ll know the Event is about to happen!

          • Am sorry that you have misunderstood my post – I would like to clarify that it is my belief that the event will likely happen this year or next. What I was trying to say, is that The Event won’t necessarily mean an overnight change from our current state to Utopia; there would be a transitional period. But this is just my understanding, my belief….. I respect and indeed am interested in everyone’s thoughts and ideas on this. ❤️

      • I’m 99,9 % sure of it Edward Morgan. Maybe not this year, but we’re very close as I perceive it.
        Maybe we all move through personal mini-events appropriate to our state of being, who knows?
        What a party it will be when all the shining ones come together in an almost dazzling light 🙂

  8. I would say, Don’t own the darkness. It’s just a reaction to the artificial conditions of this world. Dissolve them of course, you don’t need that personality shell. But darkness doesn’t belong to us. Stop blaming yourself for things you never did. We’ve been abused and misused for thousands of years. Be a little bit punk for the Source’s sake for once.

    • I like that suggestion, tunu, to” be a little punk for the Source’s sake for once”
      Imagine us with punk hair like plumes of a rooster’s tail, they’re definitely great antennas!
      Tuning in with Source on the rythm of the beat, the rising frequency of the Schumann Resonance.

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