In 1994, after a lifelong aversion to politics, I ran for a seat in the US Congress out of the 29th District in Los Angeles. My platform was Health Freedom.

by Jon Rappoport

At the time, the FDA was raiding offices of natural practitioners, and threatening to cut off citizens’ access to a full range of nutritional supplements.

I watched a trial, if you can call it that, in downtown Los Angeles, in which the federal government was prosecuting a young man for selling, and making health claims about, a substance that occurs naturally in the body.

The defendant told the Judge he was prepared to present extensive evidence that the substance was safe and effective. The Judge refused, saying the only issue was: did the defendant violate an FDA rule? If so, he was guilty.

At that point, the trial was over, and indeed, the Judge soon pronounced a verdict and the young man was led away to serve a prison sentence in a federal lockup.

At that moment, I began to construct my case against the State, and consider what Health Freedom was all about.

Let’s start here. The FDA, the CDC, and several other federal agencies have blood on their hands. This blood doesn’t wash away.

On July 26, 2000, Dr. Barbara Starfield, a revered public health expert at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, published a review in the Journal of the American Medical Association: “Is US Health Really the Best in the World?

Starfield concluded that that US medical system kills 225,000 Americans a year. That would extrapolate to 2.25 MILLION deaths per decade. I subsequently interviewed Starfield (2009), and she told me the US government has never made a significant effort to end this ongoing holocaust.

So, when the government talks about FDA rules governing safety and efficacy of treatments, they should be referring to their own crimes, since, for example, FDA-approved medicines are responsible for roughly half the 2.25 million deaths per decade.

On the other hand, natural health treatments kill virtually no one.

And here is where the situation becomes basic. The decision by a responsible adult, to manage his own health, by his own measure, and to seek out any other person to help him in that regard, is not the business of the State.

The State can license anyone it chooses to, as a health practitioner. Who cares? But there is no exclusive monopoly on healing. There is no monopoly on recovery from illness. There is no monopoly on the quality of a life.

The legal aspect of this is clear: contracts vs. licenses. The State has no Constitutional right to turn its licensing procedures into monopolies.

On the other hand, two consenting adults can designate each other “patient” and “healer,” accepting full responsibility, with no future liability attached, for the outcome of their treatment-arrangement (contract).

The State has no Constitutional right to stick its nose into this business.

The State needs to clean up its own act, which is a euphemistic way of saying the State needs to stop killing 2.25 million Americans per decade.

Obviously, the government front of “we can’t let people try to heal themselves apart from licensed practitioners, we must protect the people” is a piece of phony propaganda.

It’s a piece of Nanny-Mommy-Daddy State bullsh*t. This country wasn’t founded on the premise of the government protecting everyone everywhere all the time.

The State has no right to presume it knows, in advance, what will happen when two responsible citizens decide to engage in their own healing contract.

There’s more. If one state in the Union decided to allow this form of responsible contract in the field of healing, people from all over the country would move there—seeking freedom.

As a result, the economy of that State would bloom. Other states, seeing this, would follow suit. There would be a genuine Health Freedom revolution…

And the government of the country could focus on an effort to stop killing people through medical interventions.

As for the people of America, their job is to stop giving in to a reflex-reaction of fear when they contemplate health freedom.

“Oh, we can’t just let people decide, on their terms, which health treatments to choose. That could lead to terrible consequences.”

The terrible consequences are right in front of your face. They’re already here. They stem from the federal government’s attempt to run a monopoly on healing, which turns out to be a killing field.

That’s the result of rules and regulations set by the experts.

People either have freedom to choose or they don’t. They have a right to be right or wrong in those choices, or they don’t.

There is no State Mommy or Daddy decreed by some higher power.

About the author: Jon Rappoport has worked as a free-lance investigative reporter for over 30 years. To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.

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  1. If that were not bad enough, all federal agencies are not lawful. They have no de jure authority to act on behalf of the people, or anyone else for that matter.

    Article I under it’s enumerated legislative powers, are simple/.

    There is no language, nor specifically stipulated authority enumerated by the 1789 US Constitution for the united States Congress to delegate rule making powers to another branch.

    Hence the Executive.
    They don’t exist.
    They try through semantic deceit and rabbit out of the hat whole cloth BS, try to interpret something that is not there.
    But that’s not surprising, did you expect a different result from psychopaths who make up the rank and file power in the Congress, judiciary and Executive?

    Go read Article II, Executive Powers, and show me where the Executive is specifically given legislative power?

    It doesn’t exist.

    It exists in Article I not II.
    You think?

    Hello America!

    This nation is run by a mob, who are treasonous racketeers and genocidal psycho paths, and if you care more about the rule of law, than the law of the jungle, for primitive and barbaric monsters, than do something America that at least shows you honor something that represents compassion and human dignity, and a nation worthy of those who gave their life and honor to serve what was setup as a Republic, not an insane asylum run by the sick and inane monsters that commit genocide and ecocide everyday for power and profit.

    Ask yourself,why do 325 million people keep giving support to what is clearly a cancer that they allow to kill children to the tune of over 4 million every year?

    That’s a crime against humanity committed by everyone’s whose silence allows for one more child to be murdered or maimed, by a psycho given illegitimate and fiat power we do virtually zero to stop it.

    That’s the real; story.

    It’s not like people don’t know this stuff, it’s what they are willing to risk in their mind to help stop it.

    If it was their child…maybe!.
    I mean. let’s not sugar coat this.
    It is what it is.

  2. It’s a simple basic truth.

    The dominators and controllers of this planet are in genocide mode.
    Every human host pathway, in which human intellectual, emotional and spiritual elements that represent the fabric in which our lifespan development to reach our full potential, is under a systemic energetic assault.

    1. From the water we drink that is contaminated with toxic fluoride, including all major brands of advertised spring-water is laced with fluoride.

    2. The food web is largely contaminated with toxins that are designed to diminish our awareness and level of wave frequency vibration.

    3. The air we breathe is now being hammered with high concentrations of nano-aluminum, barium, strontium, and lithium heavy metals,

    4. We are constantly emotionally influenced by thought patterns that are created by induction, to sounds, images, symbols that represent, FEAR, anger, violence and conflict, where love, harmony and balance is hard to be found.

    5. The intellectual literacy rate in America, especially in America is disgusting.
    In 1776, when the Declaration of Independence was published in major newspapers, the level of literacy and reading comprehension was grade level 17 for the average news reader.

    Today its grade 6.
    We have a curriculum setup in a new school we are developing for elementary school children, where by the time they leave 6th grade, will have the intellectual and creative skill sets of someone with a Ph.D.

    The global target on humanity, is to prevent us from achieving a higher state of collective vibration, that comes through a society that lives in peace, love, harmony and balance.

    We are under energetic attack, to diminish what we are fully capable.

    If we resonate a collective wave frequency harmonic that resonates as 528 Mhz, we are resonating with unconditional love.

    That is precisely, their worst nightmare

    It’s self evident why the world looks and feels the way it is as a collective form of genocide/ecocide we support through collective silence by our inability to flip it over, but the last time that we came close in Paris during the summer of 1968, we thought we had em, to where their system ends, and peace, love, harmony and balance runs to raise all of us up, became in May a few months earlier, the largest peaceful demonstration in the history of Western civilization.

    It’s all about human harmonics.

    They are using, full spectrum-dominance,to target and hit us with everything they can, to keep our collective state of being, at a lower wave frequency vibration.

    And FEAR, is on the opposite side of the light wave, than what LOVE IS.

  3. I have been using herbs for forty-years now, I’ve used herbs to heal my-self, my children and my animals. Herbs are healing miracles. Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss is my all time favorite reference book. Learn to heal your-selves, don”t rely on others to do it for you.


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