This is a repost from the PFC newsletter By Nova Biscotti

Over the weekend of July 11-12, developments within the Eurozone regarding the now-viral term “Grexit” have made it quite obvious that some history-making changes will be happening in the near future regarding the financial system. Many things are pointing toward this fall – and even if nothing happens this year, the system is being held together by band-aids as the supply of duct tape ran out in early 2015.

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Important Gridwork Information for Sisterhood of the Rose / Event Support Groups

18983_1128023657213982_9023973603022914702_nImportant Gridwork Information for Sisterhood of the Rose / Event Support Groups
Transform the Jesuits-negative-emotions-programming-network!

The newsletter from PFC provided this link which may be vital information for some of those groups and individuals that are now doing Gridwork. Remember that gridwork suggestions are just that suggestions and should not be seen in any way as a necessity for the above groups to participate in. The work we do should all come from the heart and is never a requirement. The following lines are taken from an article I wrote in January 2013 ‘The Veil That Hides the Truth’ I am providing these lines as they might be of support to some readers  to having a greater understanding of the Gridwork suggested here.

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2-22-15 Cobra with Transcript


From Cobra’s first blog entry March 31, 2012      2012portal.blogspot.com

About this blog

We are living in extraordinary times. This is the shift of the ages. The financial system will restructure itself, the matrix will fall apart and new society will be born. Our reality is about to shift and changes will affect everybody. This world is about to enter a totally new dimension, a new reality, an end of linear time. Are you ready? This tour is not just an introduction to preparedness… It  is the ultimate preparation for this extraordinary time. It contains information and guidance about time around 2012 and the planetary dimensional shift, never before revealed on this planet.

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Giant Body Behind Saturn

The video below, 11/19/14 Leaked! Giant Body Behind Saturn Entering Solar System-Coverup, has been on the Internet since November 2014. In spite of this length of time, there has been little follow up about this anomalous object. If you listen to the audio that discusses the large object behind Saturn you realize that the narrator is not including the general heating up or “energizing” of the solar system due to incoming high energy particles from our current location on the other side of the Galactic plane. He does not acknowledge the large number of giant spheres that have move into the solar system either.

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Corey/GoodETxSG Gets Detention on Mars


Joint SSP, Sphere Alliance & ICC Leadership Conference & Tour of Mars Colony on 6.20.2015

From the Sphere Being Alliance

In a post titled “Joint SSP, Sphere Alliance & ICC Leadership Conference & Tour of Mars Colony on 6.20.2015” Corey/GoodETxSG made some very interesting statements on his website,  Sphere Being Alliance, regarding a conference he was asked to attend on Mars as the Sphere Being Alliance Delegate. The trip was part of a negotiation process in which the diplomatic team was to visit the Mars Colony of their choice and bring back a family who resides there for a debriefing. They surprised the ICC Representative with a request to see a colony that they were not supposed to know existed.  Taking the Colony leaders by surprise did not turn out to be a good thing and as they were leaving they realized the terms of the diplomatic agreement had been violated by the Colony Leader and one of their team went to confront him about it, but that did not go well, as they were ordered off their craft and back into the facility. In Corey’s words:

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Summary: Holocaust of US Civilians

By Nina Sidorova

The crime of genocide is defined in international law in the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide thusly:

“Article II: In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: (a)Killing members of the group; 
(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; 
(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; 
(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.”

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Mr Robot – New TV show about the reset hitting mainstream

I was really impressed by the quality, and the clear messages contained in this show ! This is definitely largely coming from the actual Resistance Movement (Cobra explained they are infiltrated in some movie producing networks)

Their website is full of clear messages also : http://www.whoismrrobot.com/

I’ll let you experience it for yourself, watch the full first episode here : http://bestreams.net/4u3vifgvjc16

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5 Grand Illusions that keep us enslaved


If you want to truly live free, you have to first recognize the things that are preventing you from doing that. Life isn’t what it used to be. Being born in our day and age is a lot different than being born 5000 years ago.

Back then, you were born, rinsed off in a river, and grew up learning how to work and hunt. Now when you are born, you are assigned a social insurance number, you have a government authorized birth certificate, you are piled on with cultural programs, launched into a public education system, and you are brainwashed into conforming with societal expectations.

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Victory of the Light Progress Report

Victory of the Light Progress Report

I have been waiting on this article for some time now. I have been longing to see just how much we have achieved in the liberation process all in one place and so I decided to write this article for myself and I hope for many others around the globe who are waiting on it. My goodness Therese Zumi sounds like she has a ‘bee in her bonnet’! What have I written about that could be so coveted or needed now? Well it’s the story of our Victory of the Light, the story of our final liberation process details, in the final days of the ‘battle’ on Gaia.
Wait a minute you say “we haven’t actually been victorious yet?”…. “were still prisoners on this planet which seems to be getting crazier by the moment?” I suddenly had a recall now of something that among others David Wilcock have discussed 2-3 years ago. It’s about how everything just keeps speeding up and how enormous amounts of events take place in shorter time periods like cycles repeating themselves, cycles that earlier took 100 years are now taking place in weeks even days. So we are in those crazy ‘end-time’ days now and it’s going to continue being crazy until the craziness stops forever and we have The Event on our doorstep. This is the time now of the Event Horizon when the Compression Breakthrough energy just intensifies relentlessly. Divine Mother just said a week ago that we are in the 3rd Wave of Her Tsunami of Love and that She knows that we can take this energetic rising that is affecting our very being to the core and raising our dimensional level in all of our bodies. She is preparing us for the times ahead for our mission purposes at the time of and after The Event.

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An Important Call to All Lightworkers + Sisterhood of the Rose Groups

An Important Call to All Lightworkers + Sisterhood of the Rose Groups

The one thing that we are going to need at the time of the Event is CALMNESS + PEACEFUL LOVING HARMONIOUS ENERGY. Because of this the Light Resistance Movement has requested that at the time of the Event all Sisterhood of the Rose groups meet, meditate for a peaceful transition and invoke Goddess energies of Love and harmony. Cobra has explained to us that these groups are working in alignment with the feminine aspect of The Event just as the Event Support groups work with the masculine aspect. It is important to understand the absolute necessity of both of these groups work so that balance will be achieved in our transition period at the time. However most of the Event Support groups gather to meditate and so the Event Support Groups incorporate both the feminine and masculine aspects of the work.

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