By Alexander Light,

It was a tough decision for me to write this article because I can already feel all of the negative backlash it’s going to receive, and it will give my friends and potentially now some of my readers another reason to say, “Alanna Ruins Everything.” But, it has to be said.

by Alanna

Upon stumbling across an article posted on the Guardian called “This Christmas It’s Time We Put An End To The Cult Of Christmas Once And For All,” I realized I needed to offer my own take on this holiday season. So please, bear with me — it’s not all bad.

We all recognize the material, unhealthy, or just plain silly aspects of Christmas. Insane amounts of money spent on gifts, endless indulgence in unhealthy foods, Santa Claus — while you may argue it’s just once a year, it’s fun for the kids, and it’s great to spend time with family — all valid points of view — not one of these things has anything to do with what Christmas is actually supposed to be about.

The real meaning of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus, but even that is a bit irrelevant, as Jesus was believed to be born sometime around *****. So what is Christmas really all about? Despite what Hallmark would like you to believe, all Christmas really is, is a cruel, elitist institution that needs to end. Here’s why.

The reality of the celebration of Christmas is that it is reserved for the most privileged in our society, yet we don’t often acknowledge this.

We are collectively blind to the fact that the vast majority of humans on the planet are unable to celebrate Christmas in the way the media tells us we should. This creates feelings of failure, inadequacy, and a sense of loss.

Americans will spend around 465 BILLION dollars this year on gifts and all of the things that go along with Christmas. Let me give you a little bit of perspective here: the U.N. estimates that for just 30 billion dollars per year, we could end world hunger.

If Americans alone were to donate their money instead of splurging on gifts for their (often already spoiled) kids for one year, world hunger would cease to be an issue for 15 years. Now, let that sink in. We have the means to fix the problems in our world, but unfortunately, our capitalistic society does not favour these means.

Another problem within American and European countries is that much of the money being spent is not available in the first place. Because of the media, families feel tremendous pressure to create the perfect Christmas for their families. There is never more pressure to spend than at Christmas.

Gifts, decorations, food, events, travel — none of these are considered luxuries during Christmas, it’s just assumed they’ll be present. Hundreds of thousands of people fall into debt during this time of the year because society has cleverly and deliberately indoctrinated us into believing that we need to fit this version of Christmas.

I remember my mother struggling every year at Christmastime and even reaching out to a charity so that we could have more gifts like all of our friends.

I also remember going to school and hearing about all of the much more expensive presents my friends had gotten and wondering if I had been bad, and that’s why Santa wasn’t able to give me what I wanted. Now just think of the millions of children in Africa, Asia, and South America who likely wonder why Santa doesn’t come to them at all?

But, It’s a Time to Get Together With Family

Okay, but why the pressure? Almost parallel with the rampant consumerism is the forced narrative that you need to spend time with your family. This puts tremendous pressure on people who don’t have much family, are unable to visit the family they do have, or simply do not have a relationship with their family.

Many don’t have the financial means to travel to visit family. Is there a depiction of Christmas out there that doesn’t involve a happy nuclear family sitting around a dinner table? Think about every single Christmas movie you have ever seen, just for a second.

Many people are estranged from their family, or have suffered trauma at the hands of family members. Just imagine what the pressure to “be with family” at Christmas does to their mental health.

What about people who are homeless or are far from home? People face tremendous guilt and pressure to be social this time of year, whether that’s something they want or not. In this sense it’s very fake. Shouldn’t we be with our family when it aligns and feels right and authentic? Why do we need a holiday to tell us when to do something we already desire?

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Unfortunately this cruel paradigm that our society has created only benefits the wealthiest people and puts even more pressure on conformity. We have evolved and advanced in many ways, but capitalistic Christmas is still thriving. Isn’t it time we gave up the charade?

What if we took even a portion of what we spend on Christmas annually and donated it to a legitimate charity? What if we spent time with our family members when we felt truly inspired and excited to see them? The idea that Christmas is about kindness is also fraudulent because, again, it only serves to beat down the less advantaged and cater to the wealthy.

If we really want to embody the “spirit of Christmas,” we should begin by treating December 25th like any other day. A day where those who have family to spend it with can do so, and no one is forced to do anything, like buying gifts, just because it is expected and encouraged.

It’s time to take a look at our actions and be inclusive and honest about the very real injustices and wealth gap in our society. It’s time to BE THE CHANGE, even if that means saying “Bah Humbug.”



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  1. The Christmas is stolen from Yule pagan holiday where Yule was never about materialism now Christmas is all about Materialism.
    If u want to end Christmas u need to understand that u need to fight against Christianity that is non other then same Anuistic cult that working in shadows and controlling the whole world. Anuistic cult controls Illiuminati,Freemasonary,Islam,Christianity,Judaism, Buddhism ,Satanism(Saturnism).

  2. Like someone said above, evil taints what is good and pure. 911 number to call for help is now associated with a terrorist attack. Aid is support or help became aids the disease. There is plenty more if you open your eyes… now Christmas a time of care and gentleness is considered a satanic ritual. By spreading that only makes it worse. Liturgy I agree is questionable but that doesn’t mean Christmas as a whole should stop. It’s different things for lots of people and you don’t even need to be Christian to “celebrate”. If the cabal use this time to wreck the love of this season with satanic bs, then all the more reason to spread more love to neutralize their evil effects. If liturgy is one of their methods, then don’t attend mass and pray at home with good intentions to a benevolent spirit. If evil turns good into bad…. then love turns evil into good. That should be the message for all things.


    BUT INSTEAD, with every intention of diminishing the Divine within wom(b)en and suppression of Humanity’s Sacred Connection to The Source, a collusion of the Roman Emperor Constantine (272-337 AD) and the Catholic Church created the myth that because we were born of a sacred female body, we were born of sin – the sin of sex for everyone except the Emperor and the men of the church it would seem. The church changed the date of Jesus’ birth to compete with the popular Roman Goddess Holiday and declared Jesus the only son of God to foster the myth that he died for the sin of our physical birth. And with THE CROS AS THEIR LOGO, they very cleverly institutionalized an unrelenting sense of guilt and fear of God to foster the message: “Without the church you have no hope. You need us.” And like the Mafia, the church killed those who opposed their carefully crafted protection racket of absolute control and suppression of wom(b)en and power over the minds of the masses to sell their not so subtle message that should we (God/dess’ children) successfully master ourselves and powerful divine energies – our purpose and destiny – we will be killed in the most painful way by a cruel and vengeful god. (Admittedly, without Mother-God Energies – Love – God would be a dangerous god. Without Father-God energies of Power , Mother God would be powerless – both are of balanced energies).

    Empire builders who use the drawing card of females in shackles to attract males to do the work for that church who (knowingly or otherwise) serves the dark forces’ agendas, violent male religions are designed to make the world safe for male supremacy and its single-energy absolute control of others.

    Not wisdom and understanding, but a religion built on the same error in thinking, the worship of another who has demonstrated what is not yet understood by the masses.
    But no one and nothing outside of ourselves can save us because it would defeat our purpose of attachment to the Earth by physical bodies: to learn to work with our individual higher and more noble I AM God/dess Selves, to master and know who we are.

    The dark forces? By leaching our balanced – male/female energies – they exist. Send them into the Light and we will be freed of them.

    • If you follow Christ you will be “free of the dark forces”. You can argue your point to infinity and back but the bottom line is that there will be no peace on this earth until humans wake up to the FACT that when you break any one of the 10 Commandments you are hurting another human being(s). For example, false witness (lying) is an epidemic right now and everyone is being hurt by it. Well you can’t go around deliberately hurting others and expect peace can you???? Lying, cheating, stealing, etc. are all epidemics right now and it opens the door wide open for the “dark forces”to operate with impunity. So rant on all you want it doesn’t change a thing. Whoever wants peace needs to stop hurting others, so all humans need to stop with the lying, cheating, coveting, etc, etc. There’s only 10 commandments and most people can’t even do one of them. So sad. Isn’t the the definition of light and love-don’t hurt others?

  4. I like this article because it rings true. I celebrate the winter solstice. Christmas doesn’t bother me one way or the other because I’ve learned to be tolerant. I would not agree that the writer is intolerant. Merry Christmas!

  5. No one is forced to participate in Christmas or anything else for that matter.
    If you choose to, fine.
    If you choose to boycott, fine too.
    But enough with this war on Christmas.
    Just enough.
    Our kids are older now and one is out of the house.
    But when they were little we never went nutso with gifts.
    Its about family tradition and no one will take that away from anyone, not even these soldiers battling to kill Christmas because they have a problem with it.
    Just go do your thing and others will do theirs.
    Pretty simple.
    Its called tolerance and maybe the person who wrote this should get some.

    • The person who wrote this is just yet another “control freak” who wants to force their beliefs onto others. Whenever I see this “opinion” I think that the person holding this opinion has this opinion because they do not want to follow Christ. Because to follow Christ means to not judge others, and to follow the ten commandments. Very few people alive today are willing to do that but they will be the ones championing evil (judgement).

  6. Hi,
    I just wanted to let people know that the Holiday Easter is also a pagan holiday: Emperor Constantine became a Christian when he was dying. So when Christianity became the state religion: the bishops replaced all the pagan holidays with christian names. People can research the origins for themselves.

  7. Hi,
    In Denver, Colorado: people tell me that Christmas is a pagan holiday.
    Also I heard that people go in huge debits during Xmas time: spending $19,00.00 on Xmas gifts trying to please their relatives.
    I agree with this article: Xmas started in the ancient Roman times as the state religion there. The Jehova Witnesses don’t celebrate Xmas. Xmas is a fairy tale. The Xmas tree tradition started in Germany. Probably the Santa Claus tradition started also.

  8. Christmas is a downright hoax anyway. The baby god and 3 so-called wise men carrying gifts of gold, frankinsense and myhre blah-blah. I bet half the population don’t even know what the latter two “gifts” are. It’s the three days of the Winter solstice (northern hemisphere/ Summer one in southern) It’s this nonsense that’s brought about the spend-spend-spend idiocy.
    Roll on the new time system of 13 Moons and ALL – but ALL religions and their BS control will disappear.

    • Hey Margaret – excellent points. Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh I have come to learn activate the pineal, hypothalmus and pituitary gland to create a higher awareness that connects to the Heart Flame. And it was a subtle statement of their genetic DNA/RNA (male/female) Holy Grail (Sacred Blood Line) of Kings past . For instance, one of Mother Mary’s past lives was that of King Solomon and Joseph – Jesus father – was the soul of St. Germain whom he has said is the son of Archangel Michael. Mary Magdalena, Jesus wife, was a powerful master herself who attracted great jealousy from men for her wisdom and understanding they did not possess. The Gospel of Philip states: “Jesus’ wife whom He kissed often.”

  9. My friends the sign of evil is : it turns around the good stuff to make something evil out of it
    Old signs are turned in opposite directions or upside down. good intentions are misused
    they make black to withe and withe to black (not skin colour)
    the evil uses a lot checkerboard as their symbols . Ask yourself why?
    Christianity has been misused to conquer and by time many old things where integrated to enhance the religion, Xmas tree, easter ect. But in the end we must concentrate on the good stuff in it .Many people are in x mas time more open to the vibration of christ. family comes together in a good mood. .And little presents for x.mas , Remember yourself as a kid?
    All good. I think if someone uses a car for killing people on the road , should we ban cars.. It a knife for kitchen use is misused for a killing , should we ban kitchen knives?
    That some parts of the society< are disfunctional in their behavior and do cruel things or some are senseless it is not part of anybody who is out there
    Concentrate on the good 2020 will show more and more what is disfunctional
    be at peace , stay calm watch and be good to others
    At x-mas i meditate for the good , go with family members and try to be the pest person i can . Good? I do not let x.mas or anything else be broken only because some psychopaths are misusing it, They misuse everything
    Best wishes

    • Well said Rudiger. You have a clear understanding of the ‘Law of Attraction” and our individual responsibility of the use of the power of our minds. However, it is also important to understand what we are facing so we don’t get involved and add more energy to them.

  10. Although there are many valid points here, I think it is up to us each individually to sort out what works for us. No one says we need to follow what we are told. We don’t need to be made unhappy because we don’t have what is shown to us. Where is it written that we are all entitled to have what the luckiest enjoy? We all have free will, choices and unique situations- not to mention our personal karma. Maybe suggesting that we are all entitled to equal circumstances is what sets us up for heartache. We may choose to tell our children that parents carry out Santa’s job. Shoot me if you will, but “inclusion” is not one of our rights. We are all here to deal with the cards we have earned. It’s not easy, but that is no one’s fault. For me this is yet another Christmas of disability, pain, homelessness, poverty, estrangement and loss. No one is doing it to me. No one is responsible. It is difficult, but I am not unhappy. I am doing the best I can. It’s just one short day in my challenging life. No one is being cruel. Maybe it would help if we stop our envy of those we deem more fortunate and look for the good we do have and do what we can to increase that and share it.

    • Agreed Merryl. It is we who create our individual worlds and we who must pay the price of poor choices and some, pre-birth agreements made to help another. I’ve had my share that have provided me with understanding and degree of self-mastery that would not be there without those experiences Each with a gift that prepares us for the next challenge, they are our individual mirrors of reflection of ourselves and mine are looking up.

      Nothing either of us cannot handle. 2020 is very promising for everyone but those who have served the dark forces agendas (willingly or otherwise) who are finding It difficult to shake the habit to feed their egos.

  11. Please, do not feel guilty for speaking truth. I totally agree with you. I gave up living by the calendar years ago because I do not like the feelings that come with giving my personal power to someone else’s creation. The reason people smoke (pot or cigarettes, drink heavily, etc.) is to please someone else or the crowd. And what do they receive in return? Manipulation because they agreed to it, invited it. Far too many individuals give their power to the crowd because they lack the courage to express favor to what feels right and the individual dies slowly without awareness of what is happening to her or him.

    Unfortunately, many are jealous of those they cannot manipulate – the price we pay for giving ourselves permission to be ourselves and making conscious choices right for us.

    Its a false and very poor economy created by corporate pressures that do not have our best interest at heart. It is time to say NO MORE! I WILL NOT PLAY THE GAME OF ILLUSIONS. I choose today to follow my own path and give others the right to do the same.


    • Peopled should realize how many millions of sweet creatures are slaughtered for Christmas celebrations. Is that really “Christian” ? Pagans would even think twice about killing innocent animals, birds and fish!

      On the net you can find delicious vegan recipies for festive occasions. Make this your New Year resolution.

      Rainbows of Love, Light and Laughter to all. Pamela from Downunder

      • Not everyone can be a vegan.
        I weigh 100 lbs but I am 5’8″ and if I tried to be a vegan, it would kill me.
        This world is not a once size fits all for all people.
        You need to understand that whats right for you isnt right for everyone.
        I believe Veganism is a great choice for obese people to lose weight.

        • Agreed. Vegan are extremist dictators when it comes to food and diet and I feel highly adverse toward those that preach and judge others over what they choose to eat. I believe also vegan diet for a few months is either good for losing weight or detoxing but unsustainable . I agree far more wuth vegetarian diets but I am neither. I lose weight very fast and I don’t eat enough iron or protein and telling someone with a small appetite who weighs 49kg to just eat bowls and bowls of spinach is just not realistic. It doesnt mean we should overeat meat or fish though but i know i need it at least once a week. Humans don’t have a caecum as large as say a cow or kangaroo needed to break down the cellulose of all that vegetation herbivores consume. We have one but it is very small. Animal like lion has virtually none. I wish vegans would preach to carnivorous animals about vegan diet, oh right – that’s why vegans hate them despite claiming they are all for loving animals and their rights


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